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Are Electromagnetic Fields Keeping Your Patients/Clients Sick?
USA Created: 1 May 2018
The Problem: The severe lack of serious, credible, evidence-based education on how EMFs fit in the functional medicine healing puzzle.

The Solution: Just like mold, heavy metals, water quality and air quality, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are an environmental toxin you cannot ignore.

According to Dr. Klinghardt, one of the top pioneers in functional medicine, “the MOST overlooked factor in healing is to create a clean electromagnetic environment for patients/clients.”

Even though there’s no denying the topic is still controversial in medicine, an overwhelming amount of studies have now linked excessive EMF exposure with cancer, autoimmunity, infertility, neurological symptoms, chronic fatigue, and poor sleep.

And for the first time in History, health practitioners have access to focused, evidence-based education on how to add EMFs as an environmental factor in the functional medicine healing puzzle.

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Source: Electrosmog RX, Nicolas Pineault, 01 May 2018

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