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Class action - Quebec Superior Court - Cumulative EMF effects (humans, fauna & flora) - Montreal May 8 - 10
Canada Created: 6 May 2018
Between May 8 - 10 (possibly May 11), there will be at the Montreal Court House the Superior Court class action cumulative EMF effects lawsuit's trial.


Mahons and Durand vs. Attorney General Canada, Attorney General Quebec and Hydro Quebec et als. concerning the cumulative effects of EMF.

Case # 500-06-000760-153

Hearings start at 9:15, Chamber 17.09

Request has been made to disallow Wi-Fi and cellphones during the hearing.

It is worthwhile for those interested to attend this crucial event!
Kindly make this know far and wide so that those who are concerned about the effects and the many public affairs issues associated with cumulative exposure to electromagnetic fields might be briefed about the issue, in depth.
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Source: PACE, Andrew Michrowski, 06 May 2018

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