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Test shows how WiFi in car sends brain activity into frenzy
Germany Created: 27 Jun 2018
The driver is sitting still in his parked car and his brain activity is going off the charts - but it wasn't until he switched on the in-car WiFi (video link below).

In this German test, neuro-scientists examine what happens to brain activity when electronic functions are switched on in a car.

Especially the WiFi function sends the brain into a frenzy - but the driver is largely unaware of this sudden spike in brain activity and only feels what he describes as added stress.

And he isn't even driving yet..!

The scientist running the experiment is concerned that this impairs peoples ability to drive safely and that it may cause burnout.

Watch the video here (with English subtitles):

Link to original video here (in German):
Click here to view the source article.
Source: RTL, 31 Oct 2017

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