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Unluckiest school in Britain: Boycott amid fears of DANGEROUS radiation levels
United Kingdom Created: 9 Jul 2018
PARENTS have withdrawn their children from a new £7million school after it was rebuilt – amid fears it is still too dangerous. Dartington primary, dubbed Britain’s unluckiest school, was billed as “zero carbon” and “visionary” when it originally opened in 2010.

But it was soon closed after water started leaking into the buildings. Teachers and 300 pupils were forced to have lessons in temporary accommodation.

Then in 2016 diggers and dumper trucks turned the school into rubble – and started building again.

The school reopened a few months ago, but parents recently staged a one-day boycott over the siting of a new mobile phone mast 50 yards from the classrooms.

Parents at the school in Totnes, Devon, claim radiation levels are 40 percent above the safe level in the playground and entrance area. And they insist the 33-foot Vodafone mast be removed. Chloe de Sousa, who has two children at the school, pointed out that the mast was also only yards away from Bidwell Brook special school and a college.

“We want the mast taken down,” she said.

We want it moved to another site that is not near housing or a school.”

Vodafone had originally wanted to put a 50-foot mast on the site but it was refused and they scaled down the request.

Governors have declared their opposition to the mast being set so close to the school.

In their latest newsletter, they say: “Our school community continues to be very proactive about voicing objections to the phone mast which has been placed so near to our school.

“This is something that we are all joining together to oppose and we are very grateful to everyone who has lodged their objections.”

A protest group has also been formed that says for many parents and grandparents, the mast has “shattered our confidence in frequenting the heart of the village where we educate and play with our children”.

County councillor Jacqi Hodgson, who took part in the protest, said: “I absolutely support the parents in their protest. The fact that this mast is in such close proximity to these schools is outrageous. It is highly intrusive and presents a huge health risk.”

Vodafone said customers expect to be able to use their mobiles and devices where they live, work and travel. A spokesman said the base stations are compliant and below the required radiation limits and there is “no evidence of adverse health effects”.
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Source: Express, Camilla Tominey, 08 Jul 2018

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