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Early literacy: Good in principle, perilous in execution
USA Created: 27 Jul 2018
Yet another clear indication of educator/official unawareness of the extreme health threat of wireless technology has appeared. This time, it’s the “Early Literacy Innovation Zone” (Leominster Champion, May 24) which intends to harness wireless tech to erase the vocabulary disparity between low-income children and their more affluent peers, from birth to third grade.

In the April 26 Champion was a piece titled “Leominster schools get grant for technology improvement,” conveying the rosily delivered message that a Massachusetts grant will enable schools to upgrade tech services, including wireless (Wi-Fi). The ultimate goal, said School Superintendent Paula Deacon, is that one day, the district would “have enough connected devices (in story context, Chromebooks and iPads) for each student in Leominster, starting at the high school.”

Ms. Deacon, please be careful what you wish for.

The literacy disparity is “compounded by the fact that 61 percent of low-income children don’t have any books in their homes.” But is the plan to provide actual books to these folks? Not on your life. It is to provide “equitable access to educational resources by leveraging the cell phones and tablets that parents already own to create an effective distribution system of comprehensive educational apps.”

The claim is that this system will improve brain development, which is 90 percent complete by 5 years old. Leaving the controversial question of the benefits of technology in K-12 education aside, this program threatens serious damage to the physical brains of children exposed to wireless frequencies.

Specifically, radiation exposure breaks down the blood-brain barrier. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of serious health effects being inflicted on kids (and all of us) through society’s oblivious obsession with wireless tech and all its gadgets. The young, from birth to around 20 years, are much more susceptible to health effects.

The truth behind Government lies about wireless (for only one example) can be difficult for some to accept, because the level of ruthlessness behind it all is itself hard to believe. The policies of Government are a response, not of the politicians and officials themselves, but rather of the powers that be, the permanent establishment that orchestrates and controls what is sometimes called the Deep State. The puppets of power, in other words, that operate and coerce Government.

Despite “Industry-Government” denial, there is solid scientific evidence of serious chronic health consequences from pulsed (information carrying) microwave radiation (ICMR), including DNA damage and possibly inhibited DNA repair, sperm damage, miscarriage, endocrine disruption, dysfunction of cell-membrane transport channels, autism, physiological and biochemical changes in the brain (demonstrated by EEG), oxidative stress, altered metabolism, ADHD-like pathology, and cancer. Not to mention eventual destruction of the ecosystem and termination of human reproduction.

Why don’t officials and educators know this? Could be because in their lives and education, they got programmed to become system believers, to follow authority unquestioningly, instead of doing some serious homework. The latter would consist in part of seeking out the science and the many warnings that contravene official pronouncements, such as the egregious lie that wireless systems are safe — even for kids. And the other big official lie, that the scientific literature shows no evidence of harm, as long as exposure guidelines are met.

Whereas, there is a report collating and summarizing 4,000 published, peer-reviewed studies (about 16-20 percent of the number estimated to exist) on various deleterious bio-effects of low-power ICMR: www.bioinitiative.org.

For a story about one educator who did his homework, readers are invited to search and read “Finnish Education Professor’s Warning: Wireless Technology in Schools May Lead to a Global Epidemic of Brain Damages.” And in an article titled “Why Are Finland’s Schools Successful?” except for equipment in a biology lab, technology isn’t even mentioned.
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Source: Leominster Champion, Peter Tocci, 26 Jul 2018

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