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Isle Of Man: Phone mast for Ramsey hospital?
United Kingdom Created: 16 Aug 2018
Phone company Sure has applied for permission to build a phone mast in the grounds of Ramsey Cottage Hospital.

The application (18/00786/B) would see a 12m high structure and equipment cabin located to the rear of the building near to the existing boiler house.

The chimneys for the boiler house are higher than the proposed tower at 15m.

The area surrounding the hospital is predominantly residential, and other than the Grove Museum, where it would have to be 22m high, there is little scope for the development of a phone mast.

The application states: ’Although radio coverage at Ramsey Cottage Hospital is, just for voice calls, is about acceptable, reliable data usage is sporadic.

’With the development of mobile communications moving to a pure IP basis, reliable data coverage is essential.

’With Sure now being the mobile phones service provider to the government, there is now a concentration of mobile devices at the hospital.

’In addition, as the hospital has a high density of customers using their mobile devices while waiting, the network load in this area is particularly.’

The application continues that the mast would assist with the furthering of the government’s Digital Inclusion Strategy 2016-2021 to aid more people access the internet and move more services online.

Sure added: ’To summarise, we consider that this application suggests the optimum location and design for a proposed site.

’The current mobile network plots, combined with the number of customer complains received, demonstrate that there is a definite need for a site in this area to alleviate the extremely poor mobile network coverage in the estate.

’The location and appearance have been carefully considered to best utilise the existing infrastructure to minimise visual impact.

’As such, we believe the development as proposed is in accordance with planning guidance.’

To comment on the plans, visit https://services.gov.im/planning and search 18/00786/B
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Source: Isle Of Man Today, 09 Aug 2018

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