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Agnes, founder of Mast-Victims.org has passed away
United Kingdom Created: 24 Dec 2018
She lost the battle against microwave radiation sickness and finally, cancer.

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Despite her health problems, Agnes brought people together for the cause. She tracked down EHS sufferers, EMF activists, scientists and researchers and made sure people got connected across the world. Tirelessly, the Icelandic lady worked full-time in the family business at day and helped people fight the global wireless industry blitz at night.

In 2003 my parents were poisoned by microwave radiation from a mobile-phone mast installed only 28 meters from their home. The main-beam of radiation was pointed straight into the house. A full-on assault that devastated their health. By the flick of a switch they went from virtually never having a sick-day, to having severe health problems and becoming highly sensitized to the radiation.

We sued the Telecom and in 2005 the case went to High Court. It was proven that the Telecom had lied and falsified evidence to the point of "editing" their own expert witness's statement (highly illegal) and somehow, the Judge still ruled in their favor. With the nationwide rollout of "3G" beginning we realized that this had gone all the way to the top and that our case was slaughtered for political reasons. Death of Justice. Now we face an onslaught of "5G".

Reports of similar cases of injustice worldwide spurred the birth of Mast-Victims dedicated to the victims of people who seemingly wield injustice as a tool towards their self-serving goals.

Agnes was hit hardest by the radiation exposure. She never regained her health. It just kept declining no matter what, making clear that wireless radiation can damage the immune-system beyond repair.

Goodbye mom! We miss you so desperately!

Please honor Agnes' memory by continuing the fight against the radiation pollution of the wireless industry and Governments. Don't give up! Unite. We are so close to winning.

If you wish to be notified of the funeral and where to send your condolences, please send an email with subject-line: "Agnes" to webmaster@mast-victims.org. Thank you.
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Source: Henrik Eiriksson, Mast-Victims, 24 Dec 2018

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