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New EHS website & forums: EMR Sanctuary
Australia Created: 5 Mar 2019
EMR Aware is pleased to announce a new online forum "EMR Sanctuary" - It is dedicated to the increasing number of persons affected by electro-sensitivity, or EHS.

Included are five membership discussion boards as follows.

General Discussion: Personal stories, appeals. Events, notices, calls to action.

Getaways: Low radiation areas. EMR-free communities, forming. Travel and lodging.

Detection: EMR monitoring, meters, surveys. Tower finding, coverage maps.

Countermeasures: Distance, shielding, architecture. Alternative technologies, hardwiring. Nutrition, lifestyle.

Technical Q+A: Workings of personal devices, hotspots, towers. Community opposition, strategy.

This initiative intended to address prevailing conditions within Australia. However, there are no geographical restrictions upon joining. All that is required is completion of a simple online form. At that time, an anonymous username may be chosen. As always, our subscriber lists will not be used for unrelated purposes.

You are invited to sign up now at www.emrsanctuary.com. Together, we can create sharing and unity of purpose required to successfully promote safer technologies and regulatory standards. Given the arrival of beam-like 5G networks, millions of small cell antennas and thousands of internet satellites, nothing less than the future well-being of humanity is at stake.

Please help spread the word by forwarding this email to as many interested persons as possible.

Best regards,

The EMR Aware Team


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Source: EMR Sanctuary, P Nielsen, 03 Mar 2019

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