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Cellphone mast removed from Chatsworth school
South Africa Created: 22 Mar 2019
Durban - A six month battle between residents of Arena Park residents and Crestview Primary School to remove a cell phone mast has come to an end.

On Thursday, the cell phone mast that was erected on the Chatsworth school premises was removed.

Selvan Moodley, Arena Park Civic Association spokesperson, said they had been fighting tooth and nail with the principal of the school and the school governing body(SGB) to have the cellphone mast removed.

"A new SGB was elected in March and from there on we took them on. We gathered petitions and objections to the project. The community owns the school and not the principal. He had not consulted with anyone when he signed off on the deal to erect the mast. They walk all over the community but this time we stood together. The eThekwini municipality also failed us. We had several meetings and through this tiring process triumphed. Together we can make Chatsworth better if we all stand together,"

Tracey-Lee Dorny, the chairwoman of the Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of SA, told Independent Media that there are thousands of papers showing possible links to cancer, and now increasing incidents of attention-deficit disorder, Alzheimer’s and diabetes from cellphone radiation and health effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by cellular base stations.
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Source: IOL, ZAINUL DAWOOD, 22 Mar 2019

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