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Some Syracuse lawmakers wary of 5G, challenge claims that it’s safe
USA Created: 9 May 2019
Syracuse’s ambitious plan to emerge as one of America’s first 5G cities has hit a series of obstacles as lawmakers raise concerns about the health risks of the burgeoning technology.

At a Common Council meeting Wednesday, city officials and Verizon representatives tried to assure councilors that a 5G network is as safe as any other wireless technology. But councilors voiced skepticism, asking for evidence and questioning the motives of scientists and federal agencies that have said 5G is safe.

Verizon hammered out a deal with Mayor Ben Walsh’s administration that would give the company blanket approval to install small cell towers needed to build a 5G data network citywide. That deal needs council approval before work can begin.

If the deal is approved, Syracuse would be one of the first major cities in America to roll out a 5G network. Verizon has made 5G available in Chicago and Minneapolis. Last week, the company unveiled plans to begin building 5G networks in 20 more major U.S. cities.

The network allows for increased connectivity across wireless devices and could pave the way for new advances in Syracuse like self-driving cars or improved public transit. Walsh has said 5G will bolster the high-tech economy he is trying to support and make Syracuse more attractive to businesses.

But the new technology has stoked fear among residents who are wary of the unknown risks associated with more wireless signals criss-crossing the city. Councilors said they’ve been flooded with calls from constituents asking them to vote no on 5G.
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Source: Syracuse.com, Chris Baker, 02 May 2019

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