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Phone mast gets planning from DNPA despite massive protest
United Kingdom Created: 7 Jun 2019
The planners ignored over 184 objections to the mast at Newbridge Hill near Poundsgate, and a petition with 1,500 names against the plan.

The plans were submitted by the Home Office and the network carrier EE and will be part of the G5 Mobile internet. The application was highlighted by local naturalist Nick Baker who said at the time: “Bloody madness. What is the National Park for? It is supposed to be preserving the cultural landscape and wildlife interest.”

The Dartmoor Preservation Society called it a ‘slap in the face to thousands of local people and visitors to Dartmoor’ and Widecombe Parish Council opposed the plan claiming they had not been fully consulted.

The Rev Geoffery Fenton of the parish council said it had been very disappointed about the lack of consultation.

One objector Emily Burville from Ashburton said: “This will be an eyesore and will destroy the look, feel and character of this particular part of Dartmoor. It is not a subtle structure it will be very prominent.”
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Source: The Moorlander, Stuart Clarke, 07 Jun 2019

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