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Where are voices critical of 5G?
USA Created: 25 Jun 2019
Big Wireless, including the government, has formed a global alliance to protect and concentrate their profits. Their leaders have organized strategies to buy off politicians through lobbying; and it has captured the regulatory agency, FTC, through revolving door hiring strategies and paid-for media influence through advertising dollars.

They have eliminated competition and investigative reporting, all disguised as a means to protect you from “misinformation.”

The problem is the absence of critical voices on adverse health risks. There are thousands of peer-reviewed studies with established science of the health hazards caused by non-ionizing EMF exposures: radiationresearch.org. It’s the single most important health issue of our time. Ignoring a problem doesn’t change it. It merely increases its scale.

During a February 7, 2019, Senate Commerce, science and Transportation Committee hearing on the future of 5G and its impact, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal raised the fact that there has been no scientific research and data on 5G’s potential health risks.

In April 2019, Sprint was forced to shut down the cell phone tower at a Ripon, California, elementary school after some parents said it may be linked to several recent cases of childhood cancer from harmful radiation.

The problem is that these supposedly safe levels of exposures are based on decades-old studies (1996) and applied to advanced technology. Plus, the exposure time is only six to 30 minutes vs. the equivalent of living next to a tower. In addition, their studies are based on thermal (heat only) and disregards the biological DNA damage caused by non-ionizing microwave radiation. The FCC “safe guidelines” are scientifically unsound and meaningless.

It will be the bane of the mainstream media to hold them accountable for not reporting – especially the exposure later that’s it’s killing people. This conversation should have been held years ago.

Judy Bruce, Simi Valley
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Source: Ventura County Star, Judy Bruce, 25 Jun 2019

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