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Sacramento familiy sickened by nearby 5G small-cell: Fundraising to fight back!
USA Created: 5 Jul 2019
We are organizing a group that is against the private/public relationship between the City of Sacramento and Verizon to build the 5G network. Two years ago Mayor Steinberg and the Sacramento City Council made a deal with Verizon to allow them to install hundreds of cell antennas on top of our city's light poles.



OUR STORY (and why we would be extremely grateful for the help) -

Verizon installed a very powerful cell antenna on a light pole in front of our familyís home at roughly the same height as our second story. The antenna was installed without our permission, without any notice at all. This antenna was installed as part of the 5G testing here in Sacramento. My family started experiencing health problems and wondered if they could be caused by the antenna. We began researching the safety of cell antennas and the radiation they emit.

There are hundreds of studies and articles suggesting a variety of negative health effects associated with cellular (RF) radiation. We shared our findings with the neighbors. We wrote a letter to Verizon requesting they remove the antenna. Verizon denied our request stating the antenna was compliant with FCC guidelines. The FCC told us that their guidelines are safe and that our health problems are not their problem. Upon further investigation of the FCC guidelines and statements, as well as the permitting information for the antenna, we have found that exposure on our property can exceed the FCC limits for safe exposure. https://imgur.com/a/XZCVijC

I brought this new information to Verizon, XGcommunities (the engineering firm that performed the RF compliance report), the FCC, and the City of Sacramento in early May. None of these parties have addressed the specific issue of exposure on our property exceeding the FCC limits for safe exposure or most of our other concerns. Each party has pointed the finger at the other, with no one wanting to address or accept responsibility for these issues.

We need your help in raising awareness about these issues and opposing the cell towers being installed by Verizon. We also need help to keep our local and federal governments accountable to the people, NOT to corporate interests. We are being exposed to a health risk in our own homes AGAINST OUR WILL. We are living in fear that we are being harmed every single day by Verizonís antenna. We are having our properties devalued. This abuse must end. Help us in our fight and help us to set a precedent that WE THE PEOPLE will not allow our rights to be trampled on!
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Source: GoFundMe, Noah Davidson, 02 Jul 2019

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