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Electro-Magnetic Field Conference, California
USA Created: 27 Jul 2019
We are excited to be part of the Electro-Magnetic Field Conference happening September 6th-8th 2019 in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, California (where Stop Smart Meters! was born in 2010). This is the first major EMF conference of its kind in the United States and will bring doctors and EMF experts together from around the world to discuss prevention and ways to heal from injuries caused by the telecommunications and utilities industries.

Full details about the conference are at: https://emfconference.com/ For any questions not answered by the website, you can e-mail info@emfconference.com. Videos of presenters and more information and background is available at https://emfconference.com/blog.

Please share this important information with your doctor and other health care providers, and consider attending yourself. The conference is open to both medical professionals and the general public, and will be held in Scotts Valley, CA at 1440 Multiversity in the redwood trees. Even though yesterday (Friday 7/12) was the official deadline for “early bird discount registration” organizers tell us you can book through tomorrow (Sunday 11/14) at midnight to get the discount, so act fast and please spread the word.

We hope to see you at EMF conference 2019 this September in California!

Josh Hart.

p.s. Olle Johansson!

Josh Hart MSc
Director, Stop Smart Meters!
PO Box 682 Portola, CA 96122
Toll-Free Hotline: (888) 965-6435
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Source: Stop Smart Meters!, Josh Hart, 13 Jul 2019

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