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Head of Swiss Radiation Protection Committee accused of 5G-swindle. Nordic countries deceived, too.
Norway Created: 28 Feb 2020
A few weeks ago, the president of Switzerland and her counsel received a serious letter.

The authors were a number of the world's foremost scientists in the field of radiation protection and health.

The researchers warned that Martin Röösli (picture), the man who chairs the BERENIS committee, a committee responsible for providing the Swiss government with advice on radiation protection guidelines, should be scrutinized for impropriety –or to put it more bluntly –for scientific fraud.

About time, was my initial reaction. Then, I began to ponder: Is Martin Röösli an outright fraudster? Or are his mischaracterisations of the science the result of the application of unreasonable scientific criteria in his search for truth? It seemed to be an interesting topic worthy of reflection...

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Source: Einar Flydal, 27 Jan 2020

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