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Beware of “False Flag” anti-5G demonstrations
Australia Created: 5 Jun 2020
The term “False Flag” is defined as a covert operation designed to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular party, group, or nation being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility.

After looking at a recent (May 10) demonstration against vaccinations/ COVID -19 restrictions/ and 5G conspiracies, etc., which took place in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart (see media reporting below), I’m wondering just who these supposed demonstrators were and who organised the coordinated events.

Rag tag hastily written signs with the usual mixture of radical looking protesters. A real win for the telco industry as it effectively gives the general public the impression that concerns over 5G are in the looney bin, not to be taken seriously.

Now, if I were working for whatever professional PR firm has been tasked by the federal government to spend that $ 9 million budget to convince the Australian public that 5G is safe, this is exactly what I would do:

Set up a “rent a crowd” ( https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/drive/now-you-can-officially-rent-a-crowd/7534346) pay and dress them suitably with crappy signs and a script and then let them loose in front of a prominent parliament building and make sure the media is there in force, for a professional PR firm, working the media is a no brainer!

It is also absolutely vital to contact genuine protest groups and encourage them to join in the “protest” in order to pack out the crowd so that it looks like the real thing. The more radical the better….

Then sit back and enjoy the circus!

It is an unfortunate fact that some genuine protest groups are blind to tactics that can be used to discredit their cause. So, for people concerned about 5G BEWARE.

Essential reading here is my favourite: Toxic Sludge is Good For You: Lies, Damn Lies and The Public Relations Industry by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton


Here’s a spattering of some of the extensive media reporting on the May 10 demonstration:

1) From the Guardian: “Australian anti-vaxxers label Covid-19 a ‘scam’ and break distancing rules at anti-5G protests” https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/may/30/australian-anti-vaxxers-label-covid-19-a-scam-and-break-distancing-rules-at-anti-5g-protests

2) From Perth Now: “Hundreds of anti-vaccination protesters have defied social-distancing measures at rallies across Australia.Protesters claiming the COVID-19 pandemic was a “scam” gathered at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne on Saturday, and carried signs declaring they were against vaccines and 5G technology.Their placards stated “5G — communism“, “COVID 1984” and “our ignorance is their strength”.

3) The ABC News: “coronavirus ‘changes the game’ for the anti-vaccination movement”

4) The Conversation: “Coronavirus anti-vaxxers aren’t a huge threat yet. How do we keep it that way?“

5) The Daily Mail: “COVID-19 is a scam, no mandatory vaccines and 5G equals communism: Inside Australia’s WEIRDEST protest ever where demonstrators flouted social distancing and even the horses had anti-virus protective gear”https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8371699/Bizarre-protests-against-vaccinations-5G-place-Australia.html

6) Again from the Daily Mail: “Protesters clash with cops during wild rally against tough lockdown laws – as frustrated residents are joined by anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists who blame 5G for COVID-19” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8304393/Hundreds-anti-vaxxers-clash-police-protest-Melbournes-CBD.html

7) The Sydney Morning Herald: “AMA urges health education to combat ‘growing’ anti-vaxxer movement” https://www.smh.com.au/national/act-now-ama-urges-health-education-to-combat-growing-anti-vaxxer-movement-20200525-p54w7b.html

8) The Australian: “Coronavirus: Our loony protesters are among the looniest”

9) The Daily Mercury: “We don’t consent’: Dramatic scenes at anti-lockdown protest: Anti-lockdown and anti-vax protesters have caused chaos in Melbourne today.” https://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/we-dont-consent-dramatic-scenes-anti-lockdown-prot/4012592/
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Source: EMFacts, Don Maisch PhD, 04 Jun 2020

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