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The Ministry of Health recommends removing WiFi, basestations and smartphones from school grounds
Russia Created: 29 Sep 2020
The Ministry of Health, the Academy of Sciences and the Russian Committee for the Protection of Non-Ionizing Radiation recommend starting the school year without WiFi, smartphones and cellular base stations on school grounds.

The document "Hygienic standards and special requirements for the device, content and modes of operation in the digital educational environment in general education" which for the first time set out hygienic restrictions to the exposure of schoolchildren by the electromagnetic field of the equipment of the digital educational environment has been published.

The regulations were developed under the methodical guidance of the Medical Sciences Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the participation of members of the Russian National Committee for Protection from Non-ionizing Radiation. The full text is available on the website of the Institute of Hygiene and Child and Adolescent Health of fgaus "National Medical Research Center for Children's Health" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

The text of the document is included in the draft HEALTH AND EXPERIENCE AND LEARNING, REST AND HEALTH AND YOUTH.
Here are some excerpts in the limitation of exposure from electromagnetic irradiation from WiFi, smartphones and cellular base stations:

"3.1. Requirements for a digital educational environment

3.1.2. It is not recommended to use wireless data systems in educational organizations to create a local computer network, internet connection, and to connect PC peripherals. With wireless data transmission, the distance from WiFi to the nearest workplace should be at least 5 m. In classrooms, on floors, in detached buildings for elementary school students, the installation and use of wireless data system, as well as the use of wireless connection of PC peripherals is not allowed.

3.1.4. Smartphones are not allowed to be used for educational purposes (reading, searching for information). The use of personal mobile communications by trainees in an educational organization should be limited if the need is not due to health conditions. The deployment of mobile cellular base stations on the territory of educational organizations is not recommended.

3.2 Requirements for online training at home

3.2.1. Online training should include a personal computer or laptop connected to the Internet. When using a wireless data system, the distance from the WiFi point to the student's workplace must be at least 5 m.

3.2.2. The use of more than two different ESOs for one user (personal computer and tablet, laptop and tablet) is not allowed in the classes.

3.2.3. Smartphones are not allowed to be used for educational purposes (reading, searching for information)"
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Source: Russian National Committee to Protect Against Non-Ionizing Radiation, 01 Sep 2020

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