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(2020) Man allergic to electricity says it has made him a prisoner in his own home
United Kingdom Created: 14 May 2021
Former bodybuilder Bruno Berrick says the condition, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, left him 'a bag of bones'.

A father of three who claims to be allergic to electricity says he has been left trapped in his own home due to extreme symptoms.

Bruno Berrick, 48, says he began experiencing unexplained burning sensations in his face, popping in his head and lost a massive five stone in weight caused by a reaction to electromagnetic waves.

The former bodybuilder and greyhound trainer from Rothwell in Northamptonshire says it took him years to discover what was causing the symptoms.

He later realised he was suffering from a are and controversial condition called Electrosensitivity - also known as Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Electrophobia, or Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome.

Studies suggest that around 4% of people in the UK claim to suffer from some sort of sensitivity or discomfort to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

However it is still up for debate whether the syndrome even exists - and electromagnetic hypersensitivity is currently not recognised by medical professionals as a diagnosable condition.

In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend that anyone presenting with claims of electrosensitivity to be psychologically evaluated.

His condition mirrors that of Chuck McGill, a high-flying lawyer in the Breaking Bad spin-off series Better Call Saul.

But Bruno, and and partner Lisa Chambers, 34, say his condition is all too real.

Speaking for just a very brief phone call to avoid what he said was "excruciating physical discomfort", he said he was a normal guy until he began to suffer debilitating fatigue four years ago.

He has since spent upwards of £200,000 travelling the world - including stints in Germany and the USA - in a quest to discover what was causing the debilitating symptoms.

He lost five stone and went from being a hard worker and boxer who loved life to spending months stuck in bed without the energy to move.

He said: "I was a builder - Iím not one of these to go off on one.

"I was just your normal everyday bloke you know? I was a greyhound trainer - trained greyhounds for a living, I was working all day, Iíve got three little kids, Iím living proof of what it does to you."

He added: "I've been seriously ill for about four years - nobody could find out what it was.

"I went everywhere, spent about £200,000 trying to find out what was wrong with me. I didnít know what it was, we had the internet in the house, wi-fi, a smart TV, all of this and I went to bones - I was a 15 stone, big , powerful builder and I went to 10 and a half stone.

"I was like a bag of bones. I was in bed for six months with chronic fatigue but nobody knew what it was.

"I had a clicking and popping sensation in my head when there was electricity on, and a burning face when I went outside."

Eventually, he says he started to find answers in the American west coast city of Seattle where he tested positive for pesticide poisoning.

He said: "In 2016 I got poisoned by pesticides because I lived next to a field that they were spraying but nobody knew what it was.

"I ended up about a year and a half later having to go to America, Seattle in Washington and they found it in about two days. They sent a urine sample to Kansas and it came back and said I was full of pesticides.

"Basically, it stripped my immune system. It went down to nothing and I kept getting infection after infection and it's turned into this."

Despite finding answers as to why he had suddenly started feeling different, Bruno still didn't feel sure of what was wrong with him until he met a man by the name of Geoff Simmonds.

Bruno said: "I went to a seminar in Brighton about a year ago and there was a man there who had the same problem as me and he did a seminar on it.

"A load of doctors from around the world came to this seminar and I thought ĎJesus, that sounds like me.í

Geoff told me you will not get better until youíre totally protected - away from wi-fi internet, mobile phones, everything.

Lisa added: "He sent us an EMF reader, he said go round the house and see where it gets the highest.

"We went upstairs into our little girlís room and it was getting higher and higher and we pointed it out the window and there was a phone mast in direct view of our bedroom window."

Bruno says that in his previous home, which was next to a phone tower, he was "shaking physically and trembling inside".

Following the discovery, the family moved into a caravan in a remote part of Rutland to escape the electromagnetic waves. Staying there for six months, away from the house, he said he gained some weight and his energy had started to return.

When the couple moved back they set their sights on their new home which has now been made secure for Bruno.

They have painted the new bungalow in 5G protective paint - which blocks electric and radio waves. He also keeps the electric turned off, which means no lights, no heating, no TV, or his "eyes go black within ten minutes."

And despite being able to keep his symptoms at bay while in his home, Bruno says he is now trapped in his protective house, unable to go outside.

However as the cold weather and dark nights approach, the family need to use the electricity to keep the house warm. So they have now opted to create a low-tech electricity-free protective haven in the garden where he plans to spend the rest of the winter so his family can have the heating on.

Partner Lisa said: "Weíre having a building built in the garden for him because the darker nights are coming now weíve got three kids and we cant put the heating on, we canít put the lights on so heís having a building.

"Weíre getting that all protected for him and putting a wood burner in there and a snooker table so heís got something to do because he can't watch TV and heís read every book under the sun already."

She added: "He cannot leave the house because people are walking around with phones all the time and within five minutes of him walking past them he will be seriously paralysed.

"Itís hard for people to get their head round it but when youíve lived with it for four years its absolute hell really. You know what it's like these days, it's technology crazy."
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Source: Manchester Evening News, Zara Whelan, 16 Mov 2020

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