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Relief as bid for 5G mast in middle of Halesowen housing estate thrown out
United Kingdom Created: 8 Jun 2021
A BID for a "monstrosity" mast in the middle of a Halesowen housing estate has been thrown out after more than 200 objections were received.

Hutchinson 3G wanted to build a towering 18-metre 5G mast at the rear of 7, Cricklewood Drive, on the Abbeyfields estate.

The proposal, which attracted hundreds of objections from residents of roads including Cricklewood Drive, Hamilton Avenue, Carisbrooke Drive, Westdean Close and Hartsbourne Drive, has been thrown out by council planners to their delight.

Councillor David Vickers, who welcomed the news, said it was the first time a mast he had objected to had been thrown out, and he has objected to masts in his ward since 1967.

He said: "I'm very, very pleased.

"It was totally the wrong position, on one of the largest housing estates in the borough and its size and appearance would have dwarfed surrounding properties.

"I totally understand why residents felt it would have devalued their properties.

"This is the first time a mast I have objected to has been thrown out.

"The first one I objected to was in 1967, so this is history making for me."

A report by council planners states: "A fine balance needs to be struck between providing the increase capacity for the mobile technology in such residential area and protecting the impact on residential amenity.

"Whilst mobile phone masts are becoming a common feature of the streetscene not just across the Dudley Borough, but across the UK, it is considered that in this case a 18m high mast located in this wholly residential location is not appropriate.

"By virtue of its siting and size, the proposal would be in an exposed and prominent position in the street scene and would materially harm the character and appearance of this residential area.

"It is therefore considered that this forms sustainable grounds upon which to recommend refusal of the application."

Letters of objection centred around the mast being "detrimental to mental health," it being an eyesore, ruining views and devaluing properties and possible health concerns.

One objection stated: "This is completely the wrong site for this monstrosity, a quiet residential area.

"There is waste land on Manor Way. Mucklow Hill is largely industrial.

"I don't understand why what is literally almost in my back garden should be chosen as suitable.

"I have just retired after 40 years teaching local children, I was going to spend a lot of time enjoying my garden ..... but now...for no good reason it will be ruined.

"I am heartbroken."

The estate of around 500 homes is near Leasowes Park and Manor Way in Lapal.

Councillor Vickers said he is worried where the mast will now go. He said a better spot would be on Manor Way close to the motorway.

Hutchinson 3G have been contacted for comment.
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Source: Halesowen News, Helen Attwood, 01 Jun 2021

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