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BOLTON: 5G phone mast plans for two sites previously rejected by council
United Kingdom Created: 8 Jun 2021
A TELECOMS firm has resubmitted plans for two 5G phone masts which were thrown put by planners last month when they were described as ‘wholly incongruous’.

Earlier this year, Hutchison UK Ltd applied to install an 18 metre pole at Elgin Street/Shepherds Cross Street, Brownlow Fold, Halliwell, and a second 20 metre pole close to a primary school on Belmont Road in Sharples.

Those plans were rejected but the firm has now said it will reduce the height of both masts to 15 metres to lessen the visual impact.

In documents sent with the application Hutchison said “the height of the poles have been reduced down to the absolute minimum capable of providing the required essential new 5G coverage”.

The proposed site at Elgin Street and Shepherd Cross Street has residential properties to the north, north east and north west and to the south is a play park.

A planning report on the April application said the mast “would be a wholly incongruous and dominant feature, that would be harmful to the mostly residential setting”.

Similar factors were cited in turning down the application on Belmont Road, which is close to to High Lawn primary school.

In the applications Hutchison said the new installations were essential for their customers to access new technology.

Their applications, states: “This specific proposal forms part of an integral requirement for expansion of the 5G telecommunications network within the BL1 area.

“Mobile phone base stations operate on a low power and accordingly base stations therefore need to be located in the areas they are required to serve.

“Increasingly, people are also using their mobiles in their homes and this means we need to position base stations in, or close to, residential areas.”

Hutchison also provided details of locations close to the Belmont Road site which it had rejected due to proximity to other cell sites and residential properties.

They were two other sites on Belmont Road, Andrew Lane, Sharples Hall Drive, the corner of Mackenzie Street/Athlone Avenue and Blackburn Road.

For the Halliwell site they said “there are no other viable locations in the search area to site the equipment”.

After the previous rejections a spokesman for phone network Three, for whom Hutchison is planning the mast sites, said: “Access to 5G has a vital role to play in boosting local economies, helping residents and businesses get faster and more reliable network coverage.

“We are assessing our options for continuing to supply 5G and improved 4G to the residents and businesses of Halliwell and Sharples. We will work with the council to find a way forwards.”
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Source: The Bolton News, Chris Gee, 25 May 2021

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