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Controversial phone mast plan is thrown out at Appleton
United Kingdom Created: 6 Aug 2021
PLANNING chiefs at Warrington have thrown out proposals for a mobile phone mast in Longwood Road, Dudlow’s Green Appleton.

The proposal by CK Hutchison Networks was for a 20m mast with a wraparound cabinet and associated ancillary work.
The borough council’s development management committee rejected the scheme after hearing there had been 28 objections from members of the public, an objection from Appleton Parish Council and also from local borough councillors.

Officers had also recommended the scheme be refused.

They said the siting and appearance of the mast would be acceptable but that it would be detrimental to highway safety because it could obscure the view of pedestrians using a nearby crossing.

There were also concerns over the impact on nearby protected trees.
Members of the public also objected because of the proximity of houses, overbearing impact because of land levels and harm to the character of the area.

The applicants claimed there was a need to upgrade their network to improve coverage and capacity, mosty notably in relation to 5G services.

They said the site was chosen to avoid interference with other networks.
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Source: Warrington Worldwide, David Skentelbery, 05 Aug 2021

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