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Electromagnetic hypersensitivity named a Challenge for Europe in Digitalisation
Belgium Created: 13 Jan 2022
Social innovation, networking and digital communication.

Rapporteur: Bernardo Hernández Bataller


The scope of the EU Digital Agenda covers research and innovation, including social innovation, i.e. new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations that meet social needs of all kinds, ext end and strengthen civil society. Social innovation is essential for society's development and significantly improves its capacity for action. It involves numerous stakeholders and different forms of
interactions that can be facilitated and enhanced by the use of new ICTs.

Gist of the opinion [1]

The EESC concludes that social innovation and collaborative networks must become tools to boost participation of the public and civil society in general in designing and managing EU policies that
strengthen more dire ct democracy. Social innovation, based on the new technologies, can play an important role in creating new skilled jobs by supporting projects seeking to set up new and
innovative businesses. Strengthening training is also essential, within the educational system for young people as in a form of an ongoing training that qualifies workers to use ICTs on the labour
market. The EESC calls for social innovation and the use of new technologies; social networks and collaborative work for implementing of technical solutions that help people with disabilities.
It furthermore calls on the EU to encourage and finance the framing and implementation of projects, conceived by citizens and implemented via social networks and collaborative working, which
encompass actions of general interest.

The European Commission must launch a clear and concrete policy on social innovation and public access to the new technologies that triggers initiatives bringing shared benefits to the population, in
line with the European Commission' s Social Investment Package. Essentially, a package of investments is needed to strengthen social innovation on the basis of technological development,
the promotion of collaborative research and access to new knowledge, and institutional strengthening through the direct democracy made possible by these new network participation and
digital communication tools.

1 Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on Social innovation, networking and digitial communication (own-initiative opinion).

See page 85 of the linked PDF document:
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Source: European Economic and Social Committee, 12 Jan 2022

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