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United Kingdom Created: 10 Jul 2005


VODAFONE will hold an exhibition tomorrow about its plans to erect a mobile phone mast in the centre of Morton in Carlisle.

The telecommunications giant wants to put up a 10-metre high mast on the pavement outside Morton Community Centre in Wigton Road to provide
3G coverage.
All 50 parents and staff from Manor pre-school in the community centre will fight the plans because they fear the mast will damage their children’s health.
Vodafone did look at another site near the BP Garage in Wigton Road but changed its mind after public opposition and city council advice.
Vodafone will hold the exhibition at Morton Community Church in Stonegarth between 4.30pm until 7.30pm.
After consultation, a planning application will be made.
Published in News & Star on Wednesday, July 27th 2005

More mums battling over mast

Nursery Mums vow to Fight Mast
MORTON mums have vowed to fight planstions and numerous letters of objections in response to its pre-application consultation for a 10-metre high mast on the Wigton Road pavement outside Morton Community Centre.
All 50 parents at Manor pre-school in the centre have signed a petition to try and stop the mast because of fears that it could damage their children’s health.
Nursery manager Judith Leathers said: “It has not been proven that there would be no detrimental effects to the children.
“It is not just the nursery, there are two schools very close by.
“Staff and parents here will do everything we can to stop this.”
Vodafone recently abandoned plans to site the mast a few hundred metres away behind the BP Garage in Wigton Road after hundreds signed a petition against it.
The company was advised by Carlisle City Council in February that the site outside the centre was the best of the options put forward.
When Val Young, of Wyvern Close, received a consultation letter, she launched yet another petition, collecting 218 signatures from the estate.
She said: “My first thought was for the safety of the children. I am totally against these masts in built-up urban areas.
“When the first site was suggest, I signed a petition against it and now they have moved it to almost opposite my house.”
A spokesman for Vodafone said: “We respect people’s views but at the same time, we have to do our utmost to provide this service to people.”
The mast would bring 3G coverage to the Morton area.
An application for prior approval is due to be submitted to Carlisle City Council,
which will have 56 days to make a decision.

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