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Study: Habits of cell phone usage and sperm quality – does it warrant attention?
Israel Created: 22 Feb 2016
Abstract: Male infertility constitutes 30–40% of all infertility cases. Some studies have shown a continuous decline in semen quality since the beginning of the 20th century. One postulated contributing factor is radio frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones. This study investigates an association between characteristics of cell phone usage and semen quality.

Questionnaires accessing demographic data and characteristics of cell phone usage were completed by 106 men referred for semen analysis. Results were analysed according to WHO 2010 criteria.

Talking for &#8805;1 h/day and during device charging were associated with higher rates of abnormal semen concentration (60.9% versus 35.7%, P < 0.04 and 66.7% versus 35.6%, P < 0.02, respectively).

Among men who reported holding their phones &#8804;50 cm from the groin, a non-significantly higher rate of abnormal sperm concentration was found (47.1% versus 11.1%).

Multivariate analysis revealed that talking while charging the device and smoking were risk factors for abnormal sperm concentration (OR = 4.13 [95% CI 1.28–13.3], P < 0.018 and OR = 3.04 [95% CI 1.14–8.13], P < 0.027, respectively).

Our findings suggest that certain aspects of cell phone usage may bear adverse effects on sperm concentration. Investigation using large-scale studies is thus needed.
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Source: Reproductive Biomedicine Online, Ariel Zilberlicht et al., Sep 2015

Israel Bans WiFi in Kindergartens and Launches Nationwide info campaign
Israel Created: 22 Sep 2015
As of this fall, Israel and Italy are officially recommending schools reduce children's exposures to wireless radiation. The Israeli Ministry of Health has initiated a major public awareness effort to reduce wireless and electromagnetic radiation exposures to children. In similar action, the Italian State Parliament of South Tyrol voted to allow the application of the precautionary principle to replace existing wireless networks whenever possible with wired networks or those that emit less radiation.

The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) recommendations are published in the Environmental Health in Israel Report 201 5 which states that "Precautions should be strictly enforced with regard to children, who are more sensitive to developing cancer."

The Report makes the following points:

Cell Phones : "The MoH recommends sensible use of cellular and wireless technology, including: considering alternatives like landline telephones"

MoH recommendations include: use a speaker or handsfree phone accessory or (nonwireless) personal earphone in order to distance the telephone from the body, reduce the amount and duration of calls, and in areas of weak reception reduce calls because of higher radiation.

Children: MoH recommends: "refraining from installing the base of wireless phones in a bedroom, work room, or children's room."

Schools: Levels of nonionizing radiation were measured in 25 schools nationwide and "based on these findings, the MoEP recommends that students remain at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from electrical cabinets and that use of wireless communication networks in schools be reduced."

Reduce Exposure in Cars: The MoH recommends not using cellphones in closed places like cars or elevators, buses, and trains unless there is an external antenna "due to amplified radiation in such places." "When driving, a handsfree device should be used for calls. It is recommended to install an antenna outside the vehicle and to use a line connection between the telephone and the speaker as opposed to using Bluetooth."

Research: Previous research findings in Israel "clearly indicated a link between cellphone use for more than 10 years and the development of tumors in the salivary glands." Israel is currently a partner in two additional international studies: (1) MOBIKids. a multicenter study involving experts from 16 countries who are examining potential associations between use of communication devices and other environmental factors and risk of brain tumors, and (2) the GERoNiMO (Generalised EMF Research using Novel Methods) project, which uses an integrated approach and expertise from 13 countries to further the state of knowledge on EMF and health.

The Report concludes with a chapter by Linda S. Birnbaum, Director of the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Toxicology Program, who states, "Israel is a world leader in research on the health effects of nonionizing radiation. If some of the studies turn out to be harbingers of things to come, we may have major health consequences from the nearly ubiquitous presence of wireless equipment."

The recently published ISRAEL 2015 RF Safety Report details current actions on EMFS such as:

New Public Education Website: The Israeli government launched the public education website TNUDA ( of the National Information Center for NonIonizing Radiation to guide the public and decision makers on the educated use of technology.

Guidelines for the installation and operation of WiFi networks in schools: Following a petition seeking an outright ban on WiFi in Schools, the government is banning WiFi in kindergartens and restricting hours of use in schools, installing equipment with exposures to be set as low as possible, and monitoring radio frequency (RF) radiation levels.

Government Testing finds that Mobile Phones Violate Manufacturers' Reported SAR: In a study conducted by the Ministry for Environmental Protection and the Holon Institute of Technology, the SAR of 10 models of mobile phones was measured using phantoms. The measured SAR exceeded the SAR declared by the manufacturer, when the phone was held close to the head and in bad reception mode (100% of the maximum power).

ELF EMF limits are recommended at numbers far below international limits. These recommendations were set to account for research showing links to leukemia. "The Ministry of Health (MoH) jointly recommend a threshold of two milligauss on an average annual basis when planning an electrical facility or four milligauss on a daily average." A study performed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and by the Education Ministry has found that in more than 60% of the schools in Israel at least one classroom had magnetic fields exceeding 0.4 ?T. Action was taken to reduce exposure in these schools.

Headsets and safety information required with every new mobile phone: According to a settlement agreement accepted by the Tel AvivYafo District Court in February 2014, cellular operators must inform buyers of new mobile phones about the radiation safety instructions as formulated by the manufacturer, provide a handsfree kit with every new mobile phone, and provide information on the safe use of mobile phones on its website.

National radiofrequency monitoring program: The Ministry of Environmental Protection is operating a national RF monitoring system with stations that continuously measure the entire range of RF and transmit the data to a central computer that analyzes and displays online the results of measurements.

On June 10, 2015, the Italian State Parliament of South Tyrol voted to allow the application of the precautionary principle to cell phones mandating the state government to:

1. To replace existing wireless networks whenever possible with networks that emit less radiation at schools, preschools, hospitals, nursing homes, and other public facilities.

2. Establish a working group whose mandate it is to assess these new technologies and their exposure levels. With regard to wireless communication technologies, mobile Internet access, and public health, the working group shall clarify which technologies emit less radiation and provide sustainable technology options

3. To start an education and awareness campaign that informs about possible health risks, especially regarding the unborn, infants, children, and adolescents and that develops guidelines for a safer use of cell phones, smartphones, and WiFi.

About Environmental Health Trust
Environmental Health Trust (EHT) educates individuals, health professionals and communities about controllable environmental health risks and policy changes needed to reduce those risks. Currently EHT is raising health concerns about wireless in schools and recommending safer hardwired internet connection installations. The foundation's website is the go to place for clear, science based information to prevent disease.

Please visit and on Facebook

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Source: Digital Journal, press release, 22 Sep 2015

Israeli Supreme Court Rejected the Lawsuit to Ban Wi-Fi In Schools
Israel Created: 29 Apr 2015
Today, April 29th, 2015, after 2 years and 9 months after the petition was submitted, the Israeli Supreme Court decided to reject our lawsuit to ban the use of Wi-Fi in schools. This is the bad news.

It felt that the Court was desperate to reject the lawsuit and despite vast and unequivocal evidence that the Government is lying and misleading the Court, it's experts are providing conflicting statements etc, nevertheless, the Court ruled that it can intervene with Government action only when there is proof of extreme unreasonableness on the part of the Government. And since the government established "experts" committees to examine the issue, then the Court cannot rule that its actions are unreasonable.
The Good news is that when it came to Electrosensitivity – the Court stated that if the Government would not adhere to it's statement that the Ministry of Education will deal with every case of a child with EHS on an individual basis, then the Court wrote that "THE DOORS OF THIS COURT ARE OPEN". However, the court ignored the fact that the government has been ignoring these children in the past 3 years.
We shall definitely use these "Open Doors" to sue on behalf of the sick children.

*SNIP* read the entire article via the source link below...
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Source: EHS Fight Back Blog, Dafna Tachover, Esq., 29 Apr 2015

Effect Of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation At Mobile Phone Frequency On Human Thyroid Cells
Israel Created: 5 Nov 2013
Background/Purpose: The aim of this study was to examine the effect of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (NIER) at mobile phone frequency on human thyroid cells.

Methods: We cultured samples of normal thyroid tissue and subsequently exposed the cultured thyrocytes to NIER for 3 hours. NIER effects were evaluated in terms of proliferation using a cell viability assay and immunohistochemistry.

Results: We found that NIER exposure for 3 hours has lead to an increased proliferation of thyrocytes in cell viability assay (p=0.007). This result was confirmed by immunohistochemistry with antibodies against Ki67.

Discussion & Conclusion: In this study we present for the first time an in vitro evaluation of NIER effects on human thyroid cells. Our results suggest a proliferative effect of NIER on human thyrocytes, an effect that may link NIER exposure with potential carcinogenesis.

Hilly, Ohad; Silva, Verónica; Mizrachi, Aviram; Ariel, Ortal; Raiter, Annat; Hauptman, Yirmi;
Hardy, Britta; Feinmesser, Raphael
Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva, Israel;
Felsenstein Medical Research Center, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel; 3Gal Safe Ltd., Or Yehuda, Israel
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Source: 2nd World Congress on Thyroid Cancer, Hilly et al., 11 Jul 2013

Palestinian group files petitions to take down mobile masts
Israel Created: 18 Sep 2013
A group of Palestinians has petitioned the High Court to order the removal of some 100 commercial mobile phone towers across the West Bank, claiming that they are placed on Palestinian-owned or disputed land.

Israeli communications minister Gilad Erdan told the army radio network that he asked defence minister Moshe Ya'alon to designate the antennas as vital to security, thereby blocking their dismantling.

The Times of Israel, which reported the story, adds that the towers in question are largely used by Israeli settlers. They belong to Israeli operators Pelephone, Orange and Cellcom. Palestinian people living outside Israel typically use Palestinian phone companies Paltel and Wataniya Palestine Mobile, although some prefer Israeli ones due to their higher connection speeds.
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Source:, 18 Sep 2013

Is Human Saliva an Indicator of the Adverse Health Effects of Using Mobile Phones?
Israel Created: 30 Jul 2013
ABSTRACT: Increasing use of mobile phones creates growing concerns regarding harmful effects of radiofrequency non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on human tissues located close to the ear, where phones are commonly held for long periods of time.

We studied 20 subjects in the mobile-phone group who had a mean duration of mobile phone use of 12.5 years (range 8–15) and a mean time use of 29.6&#8201;h per month (range 8–100). Deaf individuals served as controls.

We compared salivary outcomes (secretion, oxidative damage indices, flow rate, and composition) between mobile phone users and nonusers. We report a significant increase in all salivary oxidative stress indices studied in mobile phone users. Salivary flow, total protein, albumin, and amylase activity were decreased in mobile phone users.

These observations lead to the hypothesis that the use of mobile phones may cause oxidative stress and modify salivary function.

Antioxid. Redox Signal. 18, 622–627. doi:10.1089/ars.2012.4751
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Source: Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, Yaniv Hamzany, Raphael Feinmesser, Thomas Shpitzer, Aviram Mizrachi, Ohad Hilly, Roy Hod, Gideon Bahar, Irina Otradnov, Moshe Gavish, and Rafael M. Nagler, 16 Jan 2013

Israeli Supreme Court Ordered Israeli Government to Investigate Number of Children Suffering From EHS
Israel Created: 24 Jul 2013
On July 18, 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Israeli Government to investigate how many children in Israel already suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). The Government must submit the result of its investig ation to the court by November 16, 2013.
The Order was issued in response to a Petition to the Israeli Supreme Court to ban Wi-Fi in schools submitted in August, 2012.

This order is the result of an extensive brief written by Attorney Dafna Tachover and submitted to the Court on June 13, 2013. A 65-page brief, supported by 640 pages of appendices, emphasized the problem of EHS and claimed that it is unreasonable to expose children to WiFi when it is proven to cause sickness.

In the Supreme Court hearing, when the Govt. was asked what it would do if a child with EHS attended a school, the attorney for the Gov. answered: “The WiFi will be turned off in the school."

The brief attempted to prove: (1) EHS is an existing illness, caused by EMF; (2) the thermal safety standard was proven false as early as 40 years ago; (3) it is unreasonable to rely on the WHO because it is corrupt; (4) the Govt’s evaluation on the issue was unprofessional and negligent; and (5) the industry intentionally misled the public

Regarding the safety standards the brief claimed that the contention of the Govt. that the existing Israeli standard (1/10 of the Thermal Standard) “Protects with absolute certainty from known adverse health effects” is ridiculous as:

· How can it be protective if people are sick with EHS?

· How can it be protective when thousands of papers prove biological effects?

· How can it be protective when even WHO declared RF a 2B carcinogen?

The brief emphasized the EHS issue to indicate that the damage already exists. Affidavits from 7 professionals with EHS were provided, including an affidavit of a mother both daughters of whom suffer from EHS, supporting scientific evidence was presented. It was shown that the government did nothing to investigate the issue despite ample notice and legal obligation. In addition, the brief attempted to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the claim that the condition does not exist and/or that it is not proven to be caused by EMF’s.

It should be noted that in Ms. Tachover’s correspondence with the Govt. Committee on the issue of Wi-Fi in schools prior to the submission of the lawsuit, the Committee eventually admitted the existence of EHS – the committee in its final report wrote: “If there is a child with sensitivity to RF radiation, the Ministry will provide a solution on an individual basis”.

What next: On Nov. 16 the Govt. must submit its Answer and the Plaintiffs will have to respond 15 days later. The Court indicated that following the submission of these responses, it intends to reach a decision.

Dafna Tachover Esq. (NY, Israel) MBA
Source: Olle Johansen/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Amir B. was in the high court and reported about the WiFi lawsuit
Israel Created: 20 Jul 2013
Amir B was in the high court and reported about the WiFi lawsuit...

In addition he reported in Hebrew additional things that I think may interest:
lawyer Michael Bach critisized the Ministry of Education about the new executive form that was filed in the last moment, he asked whether the whole purpose is to postpone the process while spreading more WiFi. The court said there was nothing wrong with filing the form before the discussion. The new version that was given to the media and to the court several days before the court discussion, contains the same texts like in the former versions, but in a different order. The new addition in this form, is that wireless networks won't be installed in kindergartens, but in first and second grades it will be possible to expose the children 3 times a week for an hour each time, and from third grade - free exposure. According to lawyer Michael Bach, the standards are not protective and if they were protective enough there would be no reason for the precautionary principle. He said that the decision to expose pupils from first grade shows about confusion, lack of seriousness, and just wanting to do the duty for the court. Beyond that, it is not right to treat children non equally. Bach said that the Ministry presented nice contracts but in practice put WiFi and on the Ministry's website there is still guidance about installing wireless network. The representative from the Ministry said that the document is not from the Ministry of Education's website but from the website that shares info by the Government with the public. She said that the lawsuit was filed early, that it is not ripe, and this is the reason for the documents updates, the product of work on the subject. She said that the form is based on opinions of experts from the education, health and environment ministries and the best way is to install wired and when there is no choice, to install wireless under limitations. The judges wanted to know what happens in practice. The representative responded by reading from the form about the exposures conditions, the court asked for numbers - why they did not give numbers what's going on in schools. She said there are 1300 schools with WiFi. Otherwise there aren't unless it was initiated locally. Whoever wants to install WiFi will have to work by the new form.

Court: what will happen next year in schools?

representative: whoever has WiFi will have to work according to the form.

Those who do not have WiFi, will have to install according to the form.

Audience comments: there are no schools with wired network.

Court: schools that have wireless- will they have to install wired?

Representative: "certainly"

audience comments: not true

Court asked to give numbers and said- there are people who are especially sensitive, how many are there? are you acting in order to find them?

Representative: right now it is not known about such cases. A student who has EHS will report to the school principle and they will prevent the exposure.

Court: there are children with EHS in this lawsuit.

audience comment: my daughter

Lawyer Michael Bach presented a parent of the EHS girl, and said: in practice they activate wireless even if there is wired connection. The parent of the girl related to the headaches and sleep disorders of her children since wireless networks have been activated in school. Bach said: in appendix 9.1- 9.13 we see how the Ministry of Education funded, encouraged and pushed the wireless networks in schools. In a correspondence between Avraham Tachover and the city representative from Modiin, the city representative commented that "everything is done according to, and funded by, the Ministry of Education.

Judge: "I have no idea what's going on in practice."

Lawyer Bach repeated after what one of the plaintiffs, Mr. Ran Greenberg, said: that 80 of 240 parents asked to turn off the WiFi in school and they did not turn it off.

Michael Bach said that he read the new executive form several times and he did not understand, what a school's headmaster is supposed to understand from this form, if he/she wants to install computers network.

He said: the Ministry of Education must give clear decision that in all schools wired network should be installed and only in isolated cases when it's impossible then wireless. And in any case, it is possible to install wired, as it is done in the industry, in the army, in governmental offices, and more. Bach asked the court to give this a validation of a decision. He also asked for an approval to hear the parents but was refused.

Court decided:

There is a new executive form. This form will be valid. There is great importance for data about what is going on in practice in schools. The Ministry of Education will give data on how many schools have WiFi, how many schools installed wired network, and the number of schools where there are EHS children.
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Source: Iris Atzmon/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

TV discussion- Israeli and Italian lawsuits
Israel Created: 10 Mar 2013
Orly & Guy morning TV programme:
regarding radiation in protected areas, Sigal Sadezky manager of radiation and cancer unit, Gertner Institute: Our main recommendation is to take the radiation source to distance and to minimize the radiation source, one of our main recommendations is not to talk where the reception is not good:
in a place where there are not enough antennas, surely in a train.
A train and an elevator are also places that increase the radiation to the people around us,

Orly: how dangerous is it, how much is the radiation increasing there?
are there numbers of the cumulative radiation levels, in closed areas, like trains and elevators?

Sadezky: There are no numbers for the risk, there are numbers of how much the radiation increases.
It is our conclusive recommendation, that in places where the reception is not good, do not use cell phones.

Lawyer Danny Sur, expert in medical negligence:
According to the information that was given to me, there was done radiation measurement in the protected room when the cell phone was activated, and at least according to the expert opinions, the radiation level was especially high. From my experience of dozens of years, after I did such agreements, professionally speaking, the two sides acted wisely, each one bought his risk wisely from his own perspective. The plaintiff who had enormous difficulty to prove scientifically and did not know whether the court would accept it or not, received a significant sum of money for the damage that was caused to him, and Partner company did their life deal. Because even if the risk is low and the verdict had been against Parnter, but inside the verdict there would have been scientific valued determinations that could have laid infrastructure for future lawsuits, they would expect to receive a wave of lawsuits. It is not a precedent, because when you arrive at such a settlement agreement like this, you buy the risk, in that you do not have a valued determination which can be used in future lawsuit.
It cannot be used in the future as a precedent, but there is no doubt, that merely knowing this, and that's why they tried to hide it, is highly significant, because the public understands that there is a potential for tort lawsuits, and there's no doubt, that these are the future lawsuits. It is totally clear, it is going there. This is where are we going, with no doubt.

Orly: let go the lawsuits, there is probably potential for cancer.
Sigal Sadezky, you are the expert for me, do you speak on a cell phone?

Sadezky: of course. I have a beautiful retro colorful headset, very nice, I try to use only a speaker and headset, I talk in the car, which is not good from safety reasons although there is no law against it.

Guy: what about a warning?

Sadezky: look, if we compare to the ionizing radiation, and I do not compare the radiation, I compare the length of time, the atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, and only in 1994 they succeeded in proving the association between the radiation and brain tumors, which are very slow.
In the case of the cell phones, the big Interphone study, which is the international study, and since then, there was not given money for research on adults, included users only until 2004, and the user for the longest period of time in this study was 13 years. And this is not enough.
In Israel I am working these days on data that are updated to 2010 but it is local Israeli study and
I hope I will have answers soon.

Guy: What about the Italian court decision, does it not say about the risk?

Sadezky: I would like to separate between what we say scientifically, in science in order to determine causal association we need very solid knowledge, including a period of time that we do not have yet, and between public health, where we make our boundaries more flexible, we do not want to cause harm, on the contrary, we want to take the preventive precautionary principle [Is that why she approved 4G on behalf of the Health Ministry?] and what happens in courts. What the court calls causality, and what science calls causality, is not the same at all, and we saw it in the Kishon story.

Guy: How long did it take regarding cigarettes?

Regarding cigarettes in the '50s it was known that cigarettes were carcinogenic and despite that, cigarette laws entered in the '70. It took 20 years. Also about ionizing radiation, there was a very long time gap, not regarding brain tumors, we knew about leukemias in the middle of '50, solid tumors in the '60, and only in the middle of the '70 ALARA principle was determined to minimize the radiation. In the same years, in 1979 Noble prize was given for the invention of CT, and for 30 years they distributed CT as if there is no tomorrow.

Lawyer Sur: it should not be forgetten that those who stand behind it, regarding cigarettes or cellular, are very powerful corporations who, many times, I do not want to say it in certain, but they surely do not act in order to expose the whole truth to us, and she is right about the courts, it is clear today that if the plaintiff has a burden of proof in the same level like it is demanded in civil lawsuit, meaning, clear conclusive scientific proof, it will never be possible, like in a phase of dozens of years later.
The rejection of the lawsuit is part of the settlement agreement, and the payment too, it is not that the court examined the case itself.
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Source: Iris Atzmon/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Telecom's payment to cancer patient could open floodgates: legal expert
Israel Created: 4 Mar 2013
Partner's payment to the cancer patient may bring a wave of lawsuits, says lawyer Anat Ginsburg, expert in tort and medical negligence.

According to lawyer Anat Ginsburg, it is a dramatic development, and the flood of lawsuits that can be filed in the future against Partner and the other cell phone companies can reach to sums of hudreds millions shekels. "Let's hope that they have good insurances, because in the future, lawsuits can be filed also by cell phone users who got more types of cancer that can be cause as a result of the radiation, for example head, mouth and jaw, throat tumors and so on", she says. More she says that "what is very interesting here is that Partner did not insist that the payment would be secret and the settlement with the plaintiff will be secret. [this is of course not the case, but someone leaked it to the press, it is not known who].

- Can it be that Partner paid the plaintiff 400,000 shekels as "nuisance value", meaning, to save the cost of the legal process and not more than that? "400,000 shekels is not a sum that can be counted as "nuisance value" in tort verdicts, but a sum which points that Partner wanted to save the cost of the legal management process without a verdict." - Meaning, Partner was afraid that the lawsuit would be accepted? "Yes, probably Partner had experts opinion that supported the lawsuit. If Partner's experts had negated completely the claims that were raised against the company in the lawsuit, and negated any causal relationship between cell phone use and cancer, to zero, they wouldn't have paid such sum to the plaintiff."

Is it possible, that the cell phone companies hide from the public information about the relationship between cell phone use and cancer?
"I will put it this way: it is possible that the cell phone companies have studies that support such lawsuits, that the general public is not familiar with".

Also lawyer Iron Pestinger, an expert in tort and medical negligence, thinks that "it is possible that there are studies in the piping, that point to relationship between cell phone use and cancer, and maybe the cell phone companies know about developments in this issue, that the public is not aware of. "

(english translation by Iris Atzmon)

Related news:
Mar 2013, Israel: Cell phone company will pay to head-cancer patient despite winning lawsuit
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Source: Globes, english translation by Iris Atzmon, 04 Mar 2013

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