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Wessely and his wife Claire Gerada rule HPA and GP advice in Britain, So when was the Uk promoted to a Banana republic?
Ireland Created: 26 Jun 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen,
(Comment by editor: When did important Health considerations become a family interest firm?, no wonder we are now just UK and NOT GB)
The appointment of Simon Wessely as head of the Royal College of Psychiatrists has an important element as outlined by a contact from France who wishes to remain anonymous:
"Until recently Wessely's wife Claire Gerada was Chair of the Royal College of General practitioners. A body largely responsible (if not entirely) for formulating GP policy (through the pyramid/compartmentalisation process again) .

This no doubt explains why most GP's are sceptical when presented with a patient who complains of EHS/CFD/ME/GWS. When a patient goes to a GP and complains of the classical EHS symptoms of lving near a mast -headaches, depression, sleeplessness, nevousness, panic attacks etc they are met with leading quesions such as:

Any thoughts of self-harm?
Any domestic or work problems?
Behavioural difficulties?

By the way if you look up symptoms of 'Stress' they are the same as EHS etc.

Questions that quite obviously have been formulated by psychiatrists.

The use of psychiatry is quite clearly a major tool in the subtle policing/control of anyone who suffers and 'inconvenient' environmentally induced medical condition, or indeed anyone who questions anything. Wessley has even implied that lung cancer is a psychological condition.

Just as the media has brainwashed people to an extent that they believe anything they hear, once non-suffering people are told that EHS is a psychological condition the more they are likely to turn on sufferers calling for them to be locked away. Peoople in Scotland who have been to their GP saying they suffer from EHS have had the GP tell hm 'I've been asked to refer you for psychiatric assessment'. They of course at the time were so shocked, they didn't have the presence of mind to ask 'been asked by who?'

I was told by a GP 'a mast cannot affect you'. Since when was she qualified to make such a statement.

There is no doubt psychology/media manipulation is going to be the major tool to stave off attention from communications radiation health effects."

A second opinion from a psychiatrist:

As a psychiatrist I dare to say that the small article of Wesseley et al is scientific nonsense.They are comparing the ancient hermits/saints with the modern refugees by quoting contemporary descriptions and own declarations. In the case of the saints they do not question them, in the case of EHS and MCS they doubt and do not take the self-descriptions and declarations seriously - they are interpreting them ... that may be helpful in a psychotherapy ( to give a better understanding of himself to the patient, and, in the therapeutic dialogue the patient may refuse it). However it is not allowed (scientifically) to speculate/ to bring some fantasies about the motivation of "modern hermits" without any proof. You cannot prove them neither disprove. Instead of fantasies they should have investigated the literature on MCS etc. Do you know the letter of Martin Pall to the editor?

I trust you can appreciate the power and influence this couple represents to sufferers and the benefits to industry.

Kind regards,

John Weigel
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Source: John Weigel/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

New study requires caution from the outset
Ireland Created: 22 May 2014
New study requires caution from the outset
The following requires discernment. It is important to note that scientific enquiry is often subject to outside influence. This relates specifically to who pays for a study. The following information includes false opinions from the outset. This is further underlined by the funding partnership between a government department and industry.
Investigation into dangers of mobile phones for children
Thousands of London teenagers recruited to study how mobile phones affect their brains
Researchers to study whether mobile phones affect teenage brains
The project is led by Dr. Mireille Toledano and according to Sky News “The project is being funded by the Department of Health, partly using money from the mobile phone industry, and is being led by researchers from Imperial College London.”
Quoted on Digital Healthcare Innovation, the following is how Dr. Toledano characterised the study: Dr Mireille Toledano, Principal Investigator of the study, from the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health at Imperial College London, explains: “This advice to parents is based on the precautionary principle, given in the absence of available evidence and not because we have evidence of any harmful effects. As mobile phones are a new and widespread technology central to our lives, carrying out the SCAMP study is important in order to provide the evidence base with which to inform policy and through which parents and their children can make informed life choices”.
The Toledano study raises three issues:
1) there is a history of professional bullying at the Imperial College of faculty critical of the wireless industry;
2) there is ample evidence of harm (as explained by Prof. Johansson, et al.); and
3) Imperial College, as many other research universities, has a Technology Transfer Office (TTO). These are frequently used by industry as a form of science-on-demand where industry requires answers and research and is willing to pay.

Further, as Dariusz Leszczynski points out in his recent piece, MMF, NHS UK and Cancer Research are living in a 'twilight zone',
“...three studies, European Interphone, Swedish Hardell and French CERENAT, all show that the avid use of cell phone might be associated with the increased risk of brain cancer. They do not prove causality, because they are epidemiological studies. However, all three studies point in the same direction. This warning should not be disregarded because of the spin from the industry ‘experts,’ protecting their own business.”

Thus as an epidemiologist, Dr. Toledano is not expected to prove causality.
John Weigel
By newsletter
Source: John Weigel/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Demonstration at Irish site of historic slaughter Sunday 05-01-14
Ireland Created: 5 Jan 2014
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Tomorrow (Sunday 050114) a hugely significant demonstration will take place at Vinegar Hill in Co. Wexford against massive plans to construct a new interconnector route of power lines and pylons to service the proposed winds farms - the largest in Europe - to the south and west of Ireland.

The Battle of Vinegar Hill, was an engagement during the Irish Rebellion of 1798. On 21 June 1798 over 15,000 British soldiers launched an attack on Vinegar Hill outside Enniscorthy, County Wexford, the largest camp and headquarters of the Wexford United Irish rebels. The rebels numbered 15,000 but the majority lacked firearms and had to rely on pikes as their main weapon against 20,000 British troops. It is one of the bloodiest battles in Irish history. The symbolism of slaughter can not be underestimated.

The demonstration is sponsored by New Ross Against Eirgrid Pylons. Called the Vinegar Hill - Solidarity Walk - No Pylons, the demonstration will be held tomorrow, Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014 at 1:00pm in Vinegar Hill in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

Eirgrid, the electrical power supplier has engaged Dr. William Bailey as it's expert as a product defense consultant. He's testified on behalf of Smart Meters in British Columbia and Nevada as well as being called in to defend Toyota cars when they suddenly accelerated, killing many in California... And now Toyota is recalling 400,000 vehicles in Saudi Arabia. The real suspect is interference by microwaves with the electrical control units of the vehicles. Attached please find "Doubt is their product" about the product defense industry.

For further information about the Vinegar Hill demonstration visit:

The Irish Minister for Health, James Reilly has addressed the issue of magnetism but not the issue of radiation.
He needs support against the influence of the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, and the Minister for Communications, Pat Rabbitte, who have irresponsibly created a wild west environment in favour of the electricity /cell phone / microwave industry.

All three can be contacted at the following e-mail addresses:

James Reilly: minister'
Phil Hogan:
Pat Rabbitte:

Thank you,
John Weigel
Source: John Weigel/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Ireland Created: 24 Dec 2013
You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why:
Vodafone is coming to town!.

They're erecting a tower in your neighbourhood,
Gonna give you 4G service,
Gonna radiate you whether you're naughty or nice.
Vodafone is coming to town!

It radiates you when you're sleeping,
It radiates you when you're awake.
It doesn't matter whether you've been bad or good,
So WAKE UP for goodness sake!

Oh! You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why:
Vodafone is coming to town!

From John Weigel
Source: John Weigel, via email, 24 Dec 2013

Mast erection ‘breached’ planning laws
Ireland Created: 24 Jul 2013
A local council is to write to Environment Minister Phil Hogan amid concerns department officials may have breached planning laws.

Members of Granard Town Council are concerned about the presence of a mobile telecommunications mast in a built up residential area in the north Longford town.

The council wants answers as to how a near 20 metre high structure was given the go-ahead to be constructed within yards of homeowners from nearby housing estate, Denniston Park.

Many of those residents have since hit out at the move, blaming the mast’s presence on a sudden rise in cancer related illnesses in the area.

Cllr Sean Howard said a number of questions still remain unanswered, the main one being why planning permission was sanctioned in such a congested area.

“I would be concerned, which the people down there (Denniston Park) are,” he said. “I don’t think the planning authorities got it right.

“There are plenty of other places around Granard where they could have put that.”

His comments were made after the Labour representative closely analysed correspondence sent from Mr Hogan’s private secretary.

He said after weighing up everything that was put before him, it appeared likely planning laws may have been violated.

“I propose that we (council) write to the Minister and say would they take the mast down in time and erect it away from residential areas.

“It’s my opinion that they (Department) are in breach of planning regulations in Granard,” he claimed.

Cllr Howard was not alone in airing his misgivings. Cllr Tommy Stokes said it was his firm belief scientific evidence in time, would underline just how dangerous phone masts can be.

“The residents down there are very disappointed that it (mast construction) went ahead.

“These masts are harmful to people and it will come out in the next few years.

“But that’s no good to the people who are getting sick down there,” he told last Tuesday’s monthly council meeting.

Fianna Fail’s PJ Reilly was just as critical. He said it was hugely unfair on local residents to live within touching distance of the mast without fully knowing what impact it was having on their health.

Details of the ongoing mast controversy follows reports carried by this newspaper in April which revealed up to ten families living in or close to Denniston Park have been affected by cancer.
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Source: Longford Leader, 24 Jul 2013

Designing the next crash? Hedge-funds to offer "Telecom-infrastructure backed" financial products
Ireland Created: 24 Jun 2013
Windfall due for mast landowners - Landowners with mobile phones masts could be in line for a major cash windfall as an American fund seeks to buy mobile phone leases.

An American hedge fund has set aside €20m to snap up the leases on mobile phone masts across Ireland in order to establish a new investment product backed by telecommunications infrastructure.

The acquisition of the leases will be handled by a Galway-based partnership of Tiger International and Black Dot Capital & Real Estate Group, operation under the name Black Dot Tiger.

The partnership is offering to buy the income rights of the mobile phone masts from landowners for a minimum of six times that annual yield that land owners currently receive.

Tiger International’s managing director Chris McGrath said that the deal will allow landowners to receive an immediate upfront payment.

“The beauty of this model is that the landowner retains the property and realises an upfront income stream straight away. Landlords or landowners can now convert their lease income asset from the mobile telco companies into cash through our new and unique lease purchase programme which is the first of its kind in Ireland,” he said.

There are an estimated 6,000 mobile mast and antennae sites in Ireland with about 3,000 of them situated on private property.

The owners of the land currently receive between €5,000 and €10,000 a year from the mobile phone companies depending on how populated the region is.

Black Dot Tiger will start approaching the 3,000 private landowners and offering to purchase these leases at a premium rate, copying a business model that they have already used in Peru and the US.

Black Dot Capital & Real Estate Group chairman Marc Anthony said: “In the US we have helped thousands of landowner’s release the value of their telecom leases, so we know this model works.”

Due to consolidation of various telecoms companies operating in Ireland the number of masts will decrease in the coming years as mobile phone operators sign agreements to share sites. Already 3 and Vodafone have signed an agreement to share their infrastructure, while O2 and Eircom have signed a similar agreement to form a mobile network sharing arrangement.

Black Dot Tiger say that by purchasing the income rights from landowners they are removing any risk of contract termination for the landowner and turning an illiquid asset into cash.

Once acquired the fund will then pool the newly purchased income rights into a single fund thus opening up a new asset class to investors.
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Source: Irish Examiner, Vincent Ryan, 24 Jun 2013

EMF expert Barrie Trower and his presentation to the Irish Doctors Environmental Association.
Ireland Created: 26 May 2013
Attached please find information relating to the visit to Dublin by EMF expert Barrie Trower and his presentation to the Irish Doctors Environmental Association.Mr. Trower particularly addresses the issue of wi-fi in schools and the very real threat of birth defects and infertility.
I have organized the material into:
1) the full talk;
2) an abridged version; and
3) a Q & A from before his talk.
Kind regards,
John Weigel

Barry Throwers presentation (short version)
Cites end of national sovereignty
Expert tells doctors of impending tragedy from EMF radiation as health of nations laid waste by technology Communications technology is the system and method for the end of nations according to English physics expert Barrie Trower in an address before the Irish Doctor’s Environmental Association (IDEA) at Dublin’s Teachers’ Club.
The IDEA is a voluntary non-governmental organization composed of medical and allied professionals. Each year the group hosts an annual lecture delivered by experts on a range of environment related issues. Speakers at the 2013 annual general meeting included Dr. Barrie Trower, Physicist, South Dartmoor College, U.K. who spoke on the “Health Effects of non-ionising (microwave) radiation” and Dr. Michael Antoniou, Kings College, London School of Medicine, who spoke on the “Sources and mechanisms of health risks from GM foods.”
Due to his knowledge of physics and his background, he was vetted by police authorities before being asked to evaluate the propsed switch to a new communications system using the Motorola-developed pulsed signal of the same name. That request resulted in a secret report, now public and up-dated in 2008 which condemns Tetra. Trower began his presentation by explaining that following WWII it became his responsibility to interview cold war spy suspects who had been irradiates as the military learned to fine-tune microwave frequencies to determine the emotional effects of the particular frequencies on suspected enemy spies.

Christ or Everyman?
An antenna company in Germany has produced an image of Christ to disguise masts and antennae on churches. A source in Scotland commented:
After I questioned the Archdeacon of .... about the Norfolk churches’ decision to allow wi-fi (and hence pornography) in their churches, I was given a scalding (about who was I to make judgments about what the church can/cannot do). He was subsequently elected on to the government’s Communications Committee.
“A part of my job when I left the military because I had microwave knowledge, and they were being used as weapons, was to question captured spies or agents which I did for eleven years and in my defense and, might I please say, that the program, run by Sir William Melville, I never used pain, humiliation embarrassment, drugs, hypnosis, nothing.
I treated the ladies and gentlemen as I would talk to you. It was nothing more than a conversation over a cup of coffee.”
Melville is the real 'M', founding father of MI-5 and the inspiration for Ian Fleming's character in James Bond books and films.
With a bundle of documents tied with string on the table before him, Trower rattled off a list of top secret documents dating from the 1960’s which detailed the pain and damage that microwave frequencies inflict on unwitting victims.
”The damage caused by microwave radiation is irrefutable,” says Trower, “There never is any doubt. There never was.”
After providing ample evidence that microwaves - everything from baby monitors, to cell phones, to communications masts, pulsed signals including Wi-MAX and Tetra are potential carcinogens including the ability to disrupt brain function - Trower turned to the reason why the public is largely uninformed about the dangers. ANother top secret document from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency holds the “the most dangerous lines”
since the declaration of World War II. Trower quoted DIA Report No. DST-181 0S-074-76: If the governments of the more advanced nations of the West are strict in enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavourable effects on industrial output and military effects.
As a result of the know damaging weffect of microwave technnology and the oitential damage of industry and the military, the British government established the so-called Thermal Effect that when the effects of microwaves are felt as heat, then damage can occur.
“And that is still the only standard today,” said Trower, “six minutes of heating. In other words, providing you don’t feel too warm, after six minutes of being near a transmitter or on the phone or whatever, it is deemed safe, that is it. That is the only safety level and today in the U.K. and the United States they’ll have got away with that.” According to Trower, the Thermal Effect standard was enough to satisfy the general public. In terms of linguistics,, once a condition has been given a name, the public will accept is and business goes on as normal. The same hold true for Sudden Adult Death
Syndrome(SADS) in Ireland. Once a person dies the answer invariably comes back that they suffered a preexisting condition. No one in Ireland questions why it is the only country in the world where such a condition is recognised.
Thermal Effects are particularly damaging to childrens whose bodies are developing and have a higher percentage of water. Young girls are particular at risk from microwave radiation which affects ovarian follicles as they develop and the damage they suffered is passed down to subsequent generations.
“The bad news, as most of you will know,” said Trower, “is that the mitochondrial DNA is irreparable. So what we’re saying to your children is if we damage your mitochondrial DNA it is their children and their children and their children. As long as there is a female line you will have this genetic damage. So, by putting wi-fi in school classrooms, what you’re actually doing is sentencing 57 percent of your children to some form of birth defect
forever. This is where the joke stops. It isn’t a decision we have the right to make.” His warning is particularly relevant in Ireland where the Minister for Education, architect and town planner, Mr. Ruairi Quinn, has pushed through plans to put wi-fi in primary schools while in France, Germany, Austria, Russia and North America are removing wi-fi networks.
Trower confronts Minister Quinn and others like him to prove him wrong, “Now I have been right around the world lecturing and in every country in the last however many years,“ he said, “When I appear on television or radio I make a challenge and I say what I want. I want this country’s top scientists, government scientists, industry scientists, I don’t care how many there are...I want them to humiliate me live, on air, and would they please come
and do it. I have one question, just one question. What is the safe level of microwave irradiation for the ovarian follicles of an embryo? Drug companies can tell you if they have produced a drug for a child but to date in all of the years in every country not one person will meet me live on television and tell me, not one And the reason is there isn’t one. I know there isn’t one because there can not be. There isn’t one. My reaction is, well, Why are we putting wi-fi in schools? Simple as that.”
The physicist moves from the effects of microwaves on humans and animals to the contentious issue of bees which he claims are being subjected to
Colony Collapse
Disorder (CCD) by microwave radiation. “ We have birds are affected and it has appeared in Nature for the scientists here - it’s the cryptochrome mechanism in the brain. There have been further state government studies in cattle with birth defects – horses are particularly vulnerable to everything I’ve spoken of, whales, and there is a list here, cats, dogs, hamsters and they cite immune system birth problems, just about every animal there
is on the planet is going to be affected which isn’t surprising because, if you think about it, at the cellular level when you get down to the DNA and the four bases, we are really all the same. And if you’re going to affect human cells you’re going to affect tree cells, buttercup cells, even germ cells,” he said.
In a challenge to the world’s military-industrial complex, Trower observed, “Microwaves are used in microbiological warfare, atmospheric warfare, environmental warfare. It seems that when you have half the world’s scientists engaged by the military, who have nothing else to do but to dream up ‘how can I harm someone else’ it’s not surprising that we have all of these things now.”
Trower told the group of an experience with the Oxford-Cambridge educated king of one of the 27 countries he has visited. “He said, when it gets worse the very countries that bring the cell towers in and cause the damage are the very countries - namely the Americans and the Indonesians - He said they are the very countries, the first in, to offer aid, a very generous package. He said, but there is a price for aid., He said they want mining rights, they want mineral rights, they want land rights and they want immigration rights. It’s a trickle but it’s a non-stop trickle. ‘So I have all of this going out and all of this coming in and,’ he said, ‘I’m going to lose the viability of my country. I might still be king but I will not be king of my country and my people and really that sums it up.’”
ANither gllobal effect is the effect of resultant pollution of the oceans. Trower finds himself at the epicentre of conflict between the Global Warming crowd and the Deniers. “Now you may or may believe in global warming, I’m not going into that here,” he said, “but one thing cannot be disputed. When you have carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and it mixes with rainwater, you have carbolic acid. And the carbolic acid comes down into the oceans. And
again, Scientific American or Nature, have published that the acidity of the oceans has reached critical levels for the photosynthesisers in the ocean and they produce about 50 percent of the world’s oxygen. A lot of people don’t realize that.”
… for the punchline he adds, “We are really running the risk of losing our planet.”
Source: John Weigel/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Mystery of massive rise in those quitting workforce on disability
Ireland Created: 5 Apr 2013
Yet, since 2006, there has been a 37.7pc increase in the number of people who have left the labour force citing a condition that substantially limits one or more basic physical activities.
This is not people who have been unfortunate enough to be born with a disability, but people who have developed a disabling condition. This means 55,000 people – bigger than Waterford, the country's fifth largest city. Between 2002 and 2006, the same figure only increased by 1pc which is less than 2,000 people.

So what has happened from 2006 to 2012 to cause 53,000 extra people to leave the labour force due to physical disability?

Meanwhile, the number of people leaving the labour force citing a psychological or emotional condition has risen even more dramatically – 88,000 people are now diagnosed with an emotional or psychological condition that is bad enough that they can't work. This is a 27,000 rise from the same figure in 2006.
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Source: John Weigel/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Another cell phone victim filmed by Kevin Kunze.
Ireland Created: 5 Apr 2013
In the clip above, Stuart Cobb shows all of the different cell phones he's owned and why he believes the long-term radiation from them might have caused his brain tumor. I drove from my hometown of Stratford, Connecticut up to Portland, Maine twice within a week to film interviews with Stuart, the Cobb family, and then-current Mayor of Portland. This clip is one of my favorite sequences from the film. I hope if you find it meaningful you'll share it with others.

See Disconnect trailer at
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Source: John Weigel/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Brownstown residents win lengthy battle to stop mobile phone mast
Ireland Created: 26 Oct 2011
RESIDENTS of the village of Brownstown, near the Curragh Camp, have succeeded in a lengthy battle to prevent the Meteor telecommunications company from erecting a 42-feet high mast in the rear garden of a local property.

The residents, who formed the limited company, BETTY (Battle Environmental Threats To You), issued legal proceedings against Meteor at the Circuit Court. However, before the case reached the hearing stage, Meteor submitted an affidavit stating that it no longer had any interest in pursuing work at the Brownstown location. The company also moved to undo the work that it had already carried out at the site in preparation for the erection of the proposed mast.

The residents began their campaign 18 months ago, with a petition containing 140 signatures (virtually everyone in the small village) submitted to Kildare Co Council.They also engaged in active protest by blocking the entrance to the site in question with a tractor.

That was back in March of 2010 and shortly afterwards, Kildare Co Council asked Meteor to desist from work on the site while the matter was investigated.

The location for the proposed mast was the backyard of No 4, Duff’s Terrace, one of the older developments in the village. However, the residents complained that although this was being proposed with the permission of the property owner, the development represented a health hazard as the yard in question was very small and the mast would be too close to other occupied homes on the terrace, and to houses in a larger estate located behind the terrace. The homes in question are sited near to the Rising Sun pub in Brownstown village.

At the time, Meteor claimed that, with the permission of pub owner Kevin Cooke, it planned to swap the existing roof-mounted mast on the Rising Sun for the new structure carrying Meteor equipment, to the rear of 4, Duff’s Terrace.

It noted that the height of the new structure would not exceed the height of the replaced structure and would not be more than twice its width. As an exempted development, it did not require planning permission, Meteor said. The company also stated that all guidelines and regulations in respect of health and safety would be closely followed.

However, the residents persisted in their opposition, sending letters to the company and eventually issuing legal proceedings when their protests did not meet with any positive response. They were recently rewarded by the effective withdrawal of Meteor.

A statement issued by the residents noted: ?ollowing our legal action, Meteor have left No. 4, Duff’s Terrace, Brownstown, and declared they no longer have any further interest in pursuing telecommunications development there. Consequently, our legal action against Meteor was wholely justified.”

According to the residents’ lawyer, Ms Barbara Ohlig, Meteor has now left the Brownstown site, having undone the work it initially carried out. This included digging out a pipe it had laid and returning the proposed mast site to its original condition.

“The residents regret that they had to embark on legal proceedings in the first place but they are very satisfied with this outcome,Ms Ohlig stated.
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Source: Kildare Nationalist, 25 Oct 2011

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