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Glenwood residents feel effects of cell mast transmissions (2017)
South Africa Created: 9 Sep 2020
THE affects of cellphone masts on the immediate environment is under the spotlight once again. Residents living in proximity to a mast that has been erected in Rick Turner Road raised the alarm after they became aware of symptoms they believe could be attributed to the electromagnetic waves emitted by the mast which was switched on in December.

Resident, Andre van Rooyen, said he has always been sensitive to electromagnetic waves and in early December started to show specific symptoms which he eventually realised he had been exhibiting since the mast started transmitting.

“I really was not feeling myself and was feeling exhausted at night. Usually I work until about 11pm on paperwork, but by 9pm I was asleep on the couch in front of the TV. I was then having restless nights, waking up at 2am and feeling exhausted in the morning. I also noticed my wife was tossing and turning in her sleep. We were also arguing a lot and my wife was experiencing lower back pain and unexplained weight gain,” he said.

After speaking to other residents in the neighbourhood, van Rooyen realised he was not the only one experiencing similar symptoms as neighbours confirmed they were experiencing the same thing.

“I spoke to a woman living over the road who said she had also gained a lot of weight and said her hormone levels had also increased. My wife went to the doctor and a test confirmed her hormone levels had gone stupid! Another resident said her hands had started swelling, and those people who were usually home during the day said all they did was sleep, as they felt so run down,” he said. Van Rooyen said it all became apparent after he went to the Transkei on holiday in December, and had felt perfectly fine again, and his sleep patterns returned to normal while he was away.

It was not only Van Rooyen and his wife who exhibited unusual behaviour and symptoms, Van Rooyen added that his dogs had also started to act strangely one dog, a maltese poodle which had always had a good temperament had suddenly become noticeably agitated.

“My son’s dog is his best friend, but the dog bit him recently, and when my friend visited with his daughter, the dog bit her. I noticed our dogs were also off their food and my neighbour’s dog also stopped eating,” he said.

Once the pieces of the puzzle started to fall together in Van Rooyen’s mind, he went down to the mast and confirmed with a technician on site that the mast was transmitting to a dish on the top of the Pastoral Centre nearby. He mapped the transmission in a straight line over the residential properties to the centre. What he noticed was that the tops of the trees, which fell in the line of the transmission, were all dying. Investigating further, Van Rooyen said after making enquiries with residents living on properties which fell in line with the transmission they all confirmed they were being affected in some way while those living on properties effectively blocked by other houses or situated on the periphery of the transmission, showed no signs of being affected.

When the mast caught fire towards the end of December and had to be switched off, Van Rooyen said residents noted that they no longer exhibited the symptoms and even their pets had returned to normal and were eating again.

Another resident, an educational psychologist, Sylvia Shepherd, said: “I cannot tell you how terrible you feel. They are beaming this transmission straight at us – we are in the direct line of this. You can absolutely tell the mast is not working at the moment. Radiation from these masts stops the functioning of the lymphatics system which affects the glands, and this is probably why residents have started to gain weight. The effects of this is so much greater for children than adults, as their skulls are thinner. That is why in the UK they don’t allow masts in close proximity to schools. In articles on the internet, doctors have stated categorically that there will be an impact on children, and that is why they have taken this problem so seriously in Europe. I am concerned as there are so many schools nearby.”

Shepherd said, as far as she was aware, this was the first time a mast had transmitted so low in a suburb, that it was being beamed at homes.

“There have to be by-laws to protect us from this. This has been foisted upon us, we were given no opportunity to object and as ratepayers, the municipality works for us. It is unacceptable that these masts are so close to houses and schools,” she said.

Van Rooyen said he had approached a technician from a local cellphone company who confirmed that when he worked near these towers his body temperature increased.

“It’s like a microwave and the body temperature increases by a couple of degrees. If there is no scientific proof that these towers don’t cause damage to people living nearby, why is it that this technician has to shut down the tower if he is working within three meters of it?” he asked.

Van Rooyen said he had called on a herbalist at a local shopping centre to for medication to help him sleep and while he was there had spoken to other customers. He was told by another resident that he had been experiencing the same symptoms, but that he didn’t live in the same area.

“I did a drive around and mapped out the masts and cellphone transmitters in the area. I noticed there was an antennae on the top of a nearby building which pointed straight at his house. Another resident living in this same road approached me last week and was shocked when I showed him the antennae, which he hadn’t noticed before,” he said.

Van Rooyen said he had done a lot of research on the topic, and discovered a multitude of articles on this issue. “Something needs to be done to protect the people, especially children, living in the area,” he said.

What the experts say:

In correspondence with Berea Mail, Dr Lauraine Vivian, a medical anthropologist from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town, said there was abundant evidence of increasing numbers of people affected by EMR from cell masts who suffered with symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity which was what these residents were describing.

“Currently, because of monetary gain and poor regulations, the industry and government is able to implement the technology with no regard to people’s distress. It would seem that the practice is that complaints will go away as residents acclimatise to the new environment,” she said.

Dr Vivian said numbers of ‘reports of harm’ or ‘fear of harm’ are needed for action to be taken. “The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection make their estimations by searching publications and conclude no harm, but as we know people feel stigmatised and afraid to come forward and if they do their claims are dismissed as hysterical. It is important to report this issue so people can understand their symptoms and secondly, it breaks the stigma that prevents them from speaking up,” she said.

Tracey-Lee Dorny from the Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of South Africa highlighted an article in the Ecologist, 12 January 2017, entitled Krakow’s bold step to curb electromagnetic pollution reflects growing evidence of harm, by Lynne Wycherley, which mentioned newly published papers in the UK which showed DNA or organ damage to WiFi-exposed animals, raising questions about people’s habitual close exposure to routers and boosters.

The article confirmed Van Rooyen’s opinion that trees in the line of transmission were being affected, as it mentioned a landmark study in Germany in September which revealed progressive harm to trees from the growing microwave radiation.

The article claims that other 2016 peer-reviewed studies on cell towers found genetic effects in nearby residents. The article confirmed Sylvia Shepherd’s statement about the effects on children, and stated that around the world, research showing children’s cell-phone radiation absorption was higher than adults’, especially in the brain and bone marrow, which is continually being overlooked.

An article published on PubMed.gov on 28 August 2015, discussed a cross-sectional case control study on genetic damage in individuals residing in the vicinity of a mobile phone base station.

It revealed that the continuously emitting radiations from these stations had raised health concerns. The article said that in a study conducted, participants comprised 63 people with residences near a mobile phone tower, and 28 healthy controls. The results showed the genetic damage parameters of DNA migration length, damage frequency and damage index were significantly elevated in the sample group compared to respective values in healthy controls.

In response to queries by Berea Mail, eThekwini Municipality said: “As a caring City, eThekwini Municipality prioritises the well-being and health of its citizens. The matter was referred to the relevant Unit for urgent investigation, the outcome of the investigation will determine the necessary action to be taken.”

A health survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/emrrfsa-health-survey has been developed to record numbers of people suffering with EHS or cancer.

“It is important that people in South Africa know about it,” said Dr Vivian.
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Source: Berea Mail, Lauren Walford, 10 Feb 2017

Vodafone court defeat could open floodgate of legal rent-challenges from mast hosting landowners
United Kingdom Created: 30 Aug 2020
Mobile phone giant Vodafone has suffered a defeat in court that could open the door to a wave of legal challenges by landowners that host 5G phone masts.

Operators such as Vodafone pay landowners billions of pounds in rents every year at thousands of sites – but hoped to reduce these under the Electronic Communications Code, which was introduced in 2017.

It was designed to speed up the roll-out of 5G by cutting costs for operators hoping to install the infrastructure quickly and cheaply.

Vodafone alone spent £3.5billion in rents last year across its entire estate and tried to use the law in an early test case.

It wanted to cut its rent bill for a site owned by a Monaco-based property tycoon but lost in the County Court in Manchester.

Judge Martin Rodger QC ruled that Vodafone should pay rent to the landowner, Hanover Capital, based on the value to the operator as opposed to the value of the land itself, which would be much cheaper.

The judge said he came to his decision because four operators use the phone mast in a car park on an industrial estate outside Stockport. Vodafone estimates that only around 10 per cent of its 18,000 UK sites are shared with other operators. Although Vodafone was only hoping to slash a few thousand pounds off this particular bill, it had spent more than £300,000 fighting the case because of the significance for rents at its other phone masts across the country.

Hanover is an Isle of Man-based company owned by Mark Harrison, a property entrepreneur originally from Manchester but now based in Monaco. He also owns property investment firm Praxis. Lawyers for Harrison said the terms Vodafone was offering were 'unfair' and he decided to fight them. They said other landowners would now have a good comparison to help them negotiate a better deal.

It means thousands more landowners could now fight the company on rents.

The defeat for Vodafone comes amid calls for reforms to prevent these rows in order to speed up the installation of 5G infrastructure across the country – which is expected to provide a major economic boost. Critics of the Electronic Communications Code argue there are loopholes that mean it is not fit for purpose.

Operators joined forces last month to establish the Speed Up Britain campaign, which is chaired by the former Digital Minister Ed Vaizey. It is calling for the code to be reformed and argues the UK will fall behind in the race to cash in on the benefits of 5G.

Vaizey told The Mail on Sunday: 'This is another example of the Government's plan to give Britain the best possible mobile networks being held back by grey areas in the law. The changes we're proposing to the Electronic Communications Code can address this and help move us forward at a time when connectivity has never been more important.'

Victoria Dobson from law firm EMW said the outcome was bad for Vodafone and other operators because more landowners will now challenge them on rents.

She said: 'Growing friction between landowners and operators is definitely hindering progress on the roll-out of 5G technology.'

It is unclear whether Vodafone will appeal the outcome.

Vodafone declined to comment on the case.
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Source: Financial Mail On Sunday, Jamie Nimmo, 29 Aug 2020

Cancer Survivors Await Outcome of Cell-Phone Warnings Lawsuit
USA Created: 27 Aug 2020
Cancer survivors are speaking out as they await the outcome of several lawsuits concerning radiation and cell phones.

The suits challenge the Federal Communication Commission's radiation guidelines, the radio-frequency or 'RF' levels from cell phones, and safety notices required by the City of Berkeley.

Courtney Kelley, a young mother who has beaten back breast cancer twice, said she used to keep her phone tucked into her bra - but not anymore.

"I use headphones when I talk, or speaker phone," said Kelley. "I don't sleep with my cell phone near me. I never put my cell phone in a pocket or in my bra. I'm even uncomfortable with it in my purse next to my body, I try to keep it far away."

The cellular industry insists its products are safe, although a 2018 study by the National Toxicology Program concluded cell-phone radiation causes brain tumors in rats.

Orange County surgeon Dr. John West, who wrote a book on breast cancer called "Prevent, Survive, Thrive," said he's seen multiple patients -- with no family history or genetic predisposition -- develop tumors near where they usually kept their phone.

55-year-old Cally Pivano had a fast-growing, softball-sized tumor removed from her left leg. Now, it has metastasized to her lungs, back, right leg and her heart. A doctor told her it might have been caused by exposure to radiation.

"And then I had an epiphany," said Pivano. "My laptop! I put that on my left leg, almost every day, for hours. And then, when I searched for the owner's manual for my laptop, there it was in black and white: 'Must be kept a minimum of eight inches away from your body.'"

And 49-year-old Paul Griffiths, a father of two from San Jose, is fighting a brain tumor above the ear where he said he used to squeeze his phone while taking notes on work calls.

"First thing I thought of is, 'I bet you this thing is right above my ear on my right side,' where I always feared," said Griffiths. "And lo and behold, that's exactly where it was."
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Source: Public News Service, 21 Aug 2020

Landmark Medical Conference to Examine Health Risks of Electromagnetic Fields
USA Created: 20 Aug 2020
With mounting scientific evidence confirming health risks associated with electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, expert physicians and scientists from across the globe will convene for the Electromagnetic Fields Medical Conference on January 28-31, 2021. Connecting EMF scientists with health practitioners and EMF assessment professionals, this novel online event will present the latest EMF science and train health care practitioners in preventing, diagnosing, and treating EMF-associated illness.

"In order for health professionals to provide optimal patient care, it is important that we are informed about the latest scientific developments in this critical area," said Hillel Baldwin, MD, Arizona neurosurgeon and co-chair of the Electromagnetic Fields Medical Conference. "I have personally seen the toll that EMF exposure is taking on patients, families, and communities, and I look forward to joining my colleagues as we discuss the peer-reviewed medical science and the clinical findings that will improve patient outcomes."

The conference is being convened by the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance (ESA), an international non-profit advocacy organization that works to raise awareness of the risks of EMF exposure. This conference has been designated for 16.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

"The importance of raising global awareness about adverse health effects of EMF exposure is vital," said Elizabeth Kelley, MA, executive producer of the conference and ESA executive director. "While this conference will bring together experts to teach and learn, we hope it serves the broader purpose of informing the public about the dangers of EMF exposure so they can take steps to reduce their exposure should they choose to," she concluded.

More than 30 speakers will address topics ranging from wireless technology and brain health, to microwave radiation and oxidative stress, to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. A public policy panel will also be convened to explore the public health implications of EMF exposure.

A Pre-Conference Course, entitled Electrosmog and Electrotherapeutics 101, will be offered, taught by Magda Havas, PhD, an internationally known EMF expert, on October 23 and 24, 2020. The Pre-Conference Course is designed to prepare and equip conference registrants in advance and offers 4 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

For additional information, including details for registration for both the Conference and the Pre-Conference Course, please visit www.EMFConference2021.com.

About the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.
Based in Tucson, Arizona USA, the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance (ESA) is a non-profit organization that seeks to "make the invisible, visible." ESA and its advisors have decades of experience working on public health issues, advising both the public and elected leaders of the potential hazards of non-ionizing radiation. ESA's executive director, Elizabeth Kelley, also manages the International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety, a membership organization of scientists worldwide "that promotes research to protect public health from electromagnetic fields and develops the scientific basis and strategies for assessment, prevention, management and communication of risk, based on the precautionary principle." In addition, Ms. Kelley manages the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations. For more information, please visit www.emsafetyalliance.org

Matt Russell
Russell Public Communications
(520) 232-9840

SOURCE Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.
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Source: Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, 19 Aug 2020

Inspector throws out plans for 5G phone mast in Brighton
United Kingdom Created: 14 Aug 2020
A proposal to put up a 20-metre tall 5G phone mast has been turned down by a planning inspector.

Two mobile phone companies, Three and EE, wanted to replace a 12-metre tall mast with a 5G pole almost twice as high on the corner of Roedean Road and Marine Drive in Brighton.

They also wanted to install nine cabinets to house supporting equipment.

Brighton and Hove City Council refused the phone companies’ planning application in August last year because of its impact on the area.

The council said: “The proposal replacement monopole, by reason of its increased height and bulk, would have a significant harmful visual impact on the surrounding area and the setting of the nearby Grade II listed buildings and the South Downs National Park.

“In addition, the proposed cabinets would have a cluttered appearance that would detract from the open character of the area.”

The mobile phone companies’ agent Beacon Comms said the taller pole would have a “limited impact” on Roedean School and the national park.

But planning inspector John Woolcock backed the council’s decision.

He said: “It was apparent from my site visit that a key characteristic of the locality that contains the appeal site is its openness.

“The open space on both sides of this part of Roedean Road is an important part of the transition from the urban area into the downland landscape of the nearby South Downs National Park.

“The proposed monopole and cabinets would be considerably more prominent than the existing

telecommunications infrastructure.

“The proposal would sit uncomfortably in this context and would significantly erode the sense of

openness that prevails in this area.”

Residents sent 26 letters opposing the original plans which were turned down by officials under delegated authority.
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Source: The Argus, Sarah Booker-Lewis, 13 Aug 2020

US consumers fail to register 5G buzz – analyst
USA Created: 12 Aug 2020
Despite there being aggressive marketing campaigns to drive awareness of 5G, Canalys suggests uptake of the devices has been modest best.

While Apple stormed into the number one spot for smartphone shipments across the second quarter of 2020, Samsung struggled to shift its flagship devices, as 5G failed to blossom in a market dominated by COVID-19.

“As the coronavirus pandemic forced consumers to stay at home, 5G adoption in the US failed to take off,” said Analyst Vincent Thielke.

“Store closures and virus fears limited interaction with demonstration models, tight consumer budgets further constrained spending power, and with scarce 5G network coverage in American suburbia, consumers saw plenty of reasons to buy a 4G device instead.”

The impact of COVID-19 is certainly an interesting one for the telecoms industry to contemplate. Firstly, pressure on consumer spending will be heightened over the coming months, perhaps forcing a delay on any big ticket spend. Secondly, societal lockdown certainly slowed down 5G deployment in the US, a market which has always struggle to evenly distribute connectivity on the same trajectory.

Both of these elements add up to a weakened business case for 5G-compatible devices. 2020 was supposed to be the year of 5G, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the vast expenditure of upgrading. The average selling price of devices during this quarter declined by almost 10%.

According to the estimates, Samsung shipped 59% fewer Galaxy S20 5G series handsets than S10 series models in the same period of 2019. It does appear the case to upgrade is not there just yet, though Samsung’s woes in this market are amplified when put next to the success of Apple. The iPhone SE has proved immensely popular during this period, though it remains to be seen whether this dampens demand for an Apple 5G device which could potentially be launched in September or October.
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Source: Telecoms.com, Jamie Davies, 12 Aug 2020

Chip in 40% of smartphones has at least 400 exploitable vulnerabilities
USA Created: 11 Aug 2020
Over 400 vulnerabilities on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip threaten mobile phones’ usability worldwide.

With over 3 billion users globally, smartphones are an integral, almost inseparable part of our day-to-day lives.

As the mobile market continues to grow, vendors race to provide new features, new capabilities and better technological innovations in their latest devices. To support this relentless drive for innovation, vendors often rely on third parties to provide the required hardware and software for phones. One of the most common third-party solutions is the Digital Signal Processor unit, commonly known as DSP chips.

In this research dubbed “Achilles” we performed an extensive security review of a DSP chip from one of the leading manufacturers: Qualcomm Technologies. Qualcomm provides a wide variety of chips that are embedded into devices that make up over 40% of the mobile phone market, including high-end phones from Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus and more.

More than 400 vulnerable pieces of code were found within the DSP chip we tested, and these vulnerabilities could have the following impact on users of phones with the affected chip:

- Attackers can turn the phone into a perfect spying tool, without any user interaction required – The information that can be exfiltrated from the phone include photos, videos, call-recording, real-time microphone data, GPS and location data, etc.

- Attackers may be able to render the mobile phone constantly unresponsive – Making all the information stored on this phone permanently unavailable – including photos, videos, contact details, etc – in other words, a targeted denial-of-service attack.

- Malware and other malicious code can completely hide their activities and become un-removable.

We disclosed these findings with Qualcomm, who acknowledged them, notified the relevant device vendors and assigned them with the following CVE’s : CVE-2020-11201, CVE-2020-11202, CVE-2020-11206, CVE-2020-11207, CVE-2020-11208 and CVE-2020-11209.

Important note

Check Point Research decided not to publish the full technical details of these vulnerabilities until mobile vendors have a comprehensive solution to mitigate the possible risks described.

However, we decided to publish this blog to raise the awareness to these issues. We have also updated relevant government officials, and relevant mobile vendors we have collaborated with on this research to assist them in making their handsets safer. The full research details were revealed to these stakeholders.

Check Point Research is committed to making technology and products around the world safer and will cooperate with any security vendor that requests for a collaboration. In a proactive move, we have also offered organizations that could have been affected by these risks 20 free SandBlast Mobile licenses for their management mobile devices to protect and prevent any potential damage in the upcoming 6 months from the publication of this research.

What is a DSP anyway?

A DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is a system on a chip that has hardware and software designed to optimize and enable each area of use on the device itself, including:

- Charging abilities (such as “quick charge” features)

- Multimedia experiences e.g. video, HD Capture, advanced AR abilities

- Various Audio features

Simply put, a DSP is a complete computer on a single chip – and almost any modern phone includes at least one of these chips.

A single SoC (Software on Chip) may include features to enable daily mobile usage such as image processing, computer vision, neural network-related calculations, camera streaming, audio and voice data. Additionally vendors can optionally use these “mini computers” to insert their own functionality that will run as dedicated applications on top of the existing framework.
A new attack vector

While DSP chips provide a relatively economical solution that allows mobile phones to provide end users with more functionality and enable innovative features– they do come with a cost. These chips introduce new attack surface and weak points to these mobile devices. DSP chips are much more vulnerable to risks as they are being managed as “Black Boxes” since it can be very complex for anyone other than their manufacturer to review their design, functionality or code.
What did we do?

Check Point Research believes such an ecosystem may be a fertile ground for critical vulnerabilities that might have severe impact on millions of people around the world, and that fixing them requires a long chain of communication between many vendors, manufacturers and resellers. For this reason, we decided to review and perform a deep dive on the security posture of one of the most common chips available today – Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

Due to the “Black Box” nature of the DSP chips it is very challenging for the mobile vendors to fix these issues, as they need to be first addressed by the chip manufacturer. Using our research methodologies and state-of-the-art fuzz testing technologies, we were able to overcome these issues – gaining us with a rare insight into the internals of the tested DSP chip. This allowed us to effectively review the chip’s security controls and identify its weak points.

We hope this research will help build a better and more secure environments for the DSP chip ecosystem, as well as provide the necessary knowledge and tools for the security community to preform regular security reviews for these chips in order to strengthen the security of mobile devices.

To learn more about this research watch our presentation at the DEFCON virtual conference.

We strongly recommend organizations protect their corporate data on their mobile devices by using mobile security solutions. SandBlast Mobile provides real-time threat intelligence and visibility into the mobile threats that could affect businesses, and provides complete protection against the risks detailed in this blog, associated with the Quallcomm vulnerabilities.
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Source: Check Point, 06 Aug 2020

Council Urged to Restrict Location of Wireless Antennas
USA Created: 6 Aug 2020
A non-profit advocacy group is urging the City of White Plains to restrict locating wireless telecommunication facilities in only commercial or industrial zones.

5GAlert Westchester, a group of residents dedicated to educating the public about the risks of 5G antennas and offering solutions to protect communities, is circulating a petition calling on the White Plains Common Council to enact protective amendments to the city’s Wireless Cell Antenna Code.

“It is imperative to act immediately in order ‘o promote the safety of life and property,” the petition states in part. “We are neighbors from across White Plains. We are all seeking a safe place to live and a decent quality of life for ourselves, our children and our community.”
In March, city officials approved the installation of 5G cell antennas in the downtown business area.

However, 5GAlert Westchester members maintain existing code regulations give the telecom industry “free rein” to install wireless antennas in residential neighborhoods, adjacent to houses, apartments, schools and play areas.
“These cell antennas would expose us, involuntarily, to constant wireless radiation, making our homes and schools and the entire City of White Plains unsafe, and would diminish our quality of life,” the petition contends.

Telecom industry experts have long maintained the technology is safe, but 5GAlert Westchester argues, “There is a large body of peer reviewed science that shows significant biological effects from exposure to wireless radiation, including ‘clear evidence’ of cancer, heart abnormalities, neurological, reproductive and cognitive damage.”

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not updated its exposure standards since 1996, which factors thermal effects, but not other biological impacts. Hundreds of medical and public health professionals have called for a moratorium on the 5G wireless technology rollout and for the FCC to develop rigorous standards for wireless devices and infrastructure.
Meanwhile, 5GAlert Westchester is also requesting the Common Council reinstate Citizens to be Heard sessions at meeting currently being conducted on Zoom. The Common Council has obliged, scheduling a session for citizens to speak in the city chambers on Monday, August 3 at 7 p.m.

Attempts to reach to the council about the petition were unsuccessful.
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Source: The Examiner News, Rick Pezzullo, 21 Jul 2020

Farmers warned against hasty mobile phone mast agreements
Scotland Created: 6 Aug 2020
FARMERS have been warned not to rush into signing new telephone mast deals until a key Scottish legal ruling is decided.

According to land agents Galbraith, over recent weeks mobile phone operators have been urging farmers to commit to lease renewal terms for existing mast sites on their properties in Scotland, in advance of a pending Lands Tribunal decision that could prohibit the contract terms they are proposing.

Galbraith warned that mobile operators are offering significantly lower payments than the current rents received from these sites, as well as their standard terms, which often change many aspects of the agreement in their favour. However, they are offering one-off inducement payments, often in excess of £10,000, to property owners on condition they sign these agreements soon.

This timescale is likely to be prior to an expected Lands Tribunal for Scotland decision on whether the mobile operators can legally demand a replacement lease under the new Electronic Communications Code, which is aimed at modernising the UK’s telecommunications system.

The firm's head of energy, Mike Reid, urged caution: “Our advice is, seek independent advice and don’t rush into anything. The Scottish Lands Tribunal is due to decide on a case that could have a direct bearing on the agreement proposed by the mobile operators and generally speaking, farmers could agree better terms than the terms being proposed by the mobile operators.

“Any delay in agreeing new terms with the operators won’t affect mobile coverage or connectivity in the area as the mobile operators are already operating from these sites with the protection of the Code. The proposals received can also be quite misleading implying that the new Code rights are required for the operation of the site, which is often not the case.”
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Source: The Scottish Farmer, Gordon Davidson, 02 Aug 2020

Ukraine to increase permitted level of electromagnetic radiation ten times: What does this mean?
Ukraine Created: 6 Aug 2020
The government has instructed the Ministry of Health to increase the permitted level of electromagnetic radiation 10 times to improve the business climate. What does this mean, how will it affect the lives of ordinary people and is there any reason to talk about the danger of such decisions?

On July 1, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine instructed the Ministry of Health to increase the maximum permissible level of EMR for high (30-300 MHz), ultra-high (300-3000 MHz) and very high (30-300 GHz) frequency bands by 10 times - from 10 μW / cm2 to 100 µW / cm2, by making appropriate changes to the order of the Ministry No. 239 dated August 1, 1996. This decision was made for the development of 4G and, in the future, 5G in Ukraine.

In May 2017, similar changes were already made to the sanitary norms and rules for protecting the population from the influence of electromagnetic radiation, then the permissible level of EMR was increased 4 times (from 2.5 to 10 μW/cm2).

At the same time, the petition "to ban the introduction of 5G due to its extremely negative impact on health" received more than 25 thousand signatures, which indicates a high level of concern among Ukrainians about the safety of such changes. Moreover, interest in the government's decision is fueled by official statements of the World Health Organization, which in 1995 (and this is long before the advent of 3G and 4G) recognized that the problem of pollution caused by electromagnetic fields is one of the priority problems that threaten the health of all mankind.

Are such changes justified and how will they affect the well-being of Ukrainians?
What is EMR and how does an increase in its level affect the business climate?

Before considering the reasons and possible consequences of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, let us recall the physics of the senior grades and figure out what the topic of increasing electromagnetic radiation is in general and how it affects the life of an ordinary citizen.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are alternating electric and magnetic fields that propagate in space in the form of waves at the speed of light.

Such waves are emitted not only by radio, television, radar and telephone antennas, power lines, wireless (Wi-Fi) networks, mobile phones or Bluetooth devices, which radiofrequency fields range from 10 MHz to 300 GHz. But also other household electrical appliances familiar to us: electric shaver, hairdryer, iron, personal computer, microwave oven, electric kettle, refrigerator, washing machine, and any other devices connected to the power supply line. For example, even a TV remote control emits electromagnetic waves in the form of an infrared spectrum.

The higher the voltage at which the devices operate, the more negative impact they have on human health. The most dangerous of the emitting devices are high-voltage power lines, laser welding machines, transformer substations, and mobile base stations (towers).

Mobile communication is carried out precisely with the help of such towers, which are raised as high as possible so that they provide direct visibility to the receivers of this radiation (mobile phones). Due to the fact that this radiation is reflected from some objects, radio communication is possible even in the absence of line of sight (but this is an unreliable option - with a weak signal).

"There are areas with poor communication, which means that there is no such tower nearby, it is somewhere far away and there is no direct visibility of this tower from the place where you are," explains the associate professor of the Department of Physics at the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Cherkasy National University Anatoly Vinogradov.

In order to explain the link between an increase in the level of EMR and an improvement in the working conditions of business structures, let's find out the origin of the term "cellular (mobile)", which comes from the word "cell".

"Bees build honeycombs (wax cells of bees - ed.), where they put honey. Around each tower there is a honeycomb-collar, where communication is provided. If the towers are very far from each other, then these honeycombs do not touch each other and form "dead zone", where there is no connection at all," explains Anatoly Vinogradov.

Related: Radiation level in Ukraine could grow due to nuclear accident in Russia

The expert also notes that the size of such a collar cell depends on the signal level, so it is in the interests of businesses to increase the signal level in order to increase the cell size and thereby reduce the number of towers (each tower is a lot of money). Thus, by increasing the permissible level of electromagnetic radiation, the state increases these cells’ power, which is cheaper than increasing the number of towers.
Is there a danger to human health and in what case?

According to WHO experts, the influence of electromagnetic waves for a long time can really cause the development of cancer, changes in behavior, memory problems (until it is completely lost), Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, sudden infant death syndrome and an increase in the level of suicidal tendencies.

The systematic effect of high and ultrahigh-frequency EMR on the human body (over several years) is the greatest danger, because as a result of such exposure, both acute and chronic lesions, disturbances in the functioning of systems and organs, functional disorders of the activity of nervous mental, cardiovascular, endocrine and other systems appear in the human body. Such manifestations are most often found in people working under the influence of excessive electromagnetic radiation, and without proper protection or improvement of working conditions, this turns into an irreversible process.

In any building, electrical equipment poses a relative danger, namely: cable lines that supply electricity to apartments, switchboards and transformers.
Short-term irradiation (within a few minutes) can cause a negative reaction only in hypersensitive people or in patients with certain types of allergies. Pregnant women and children are also sensitive to the influence of EMR.

If there is a mobile communications tower near the place where people live, then the level of the radio wave signal is higher in this place. The dependence looks like this: when the distance from the tower changes, the signal decreases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance - the distance doubled, and the signal decreased, the distance increased three times, and the signal decreased.

"If, say, your apartment is at a distance of 100 m from this tower, then the signal is quite strong. If at a distance of 1 km, the signal decreases 100 times. If it is 10 km, then, accordingly, 10 thousand times. Signal decreases if the distance from this tower changes, "explains Anatoly Vinogradov.

But one should not blame the famous towers for everything. Experts argue that since today every home has a TV, microwave oven or any other technology that is related to the consumption of electricity, this means that you are already receiving radiation levels significantly higher than that of the towers.

For example, researchers from the United States and Sweden have established such a fact that children develop tumors when exposed to magnetic fields of 60 Hz for several days or even hours (such fields are emitted by a TV set). The results of observations of people who regularly used an electric drill indicate the unfavorable effect of electromagnetic fields with a frequency of 50-60 Hz (while in Ukraine the frequency ranges from 50.0 Hz to 300.0 GHz - is a requirement for the safety of working conditions in manufacturing, operation, maintenance and repair of equipment, during which constant magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation occur).

In general, the topic of the harmful effects of radiation on human health causes a lot of discussions. Thus, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) indicates that subject to the established permissible level of EMR, exposure to electromagnetic waves from 100 kHz to 300 GHz, regardless of radio technology, does not harm human health, namely: electrical activity of the brain, neuroendocrine system, cardiovascular system, the nervous system, thermoregulation, the immune system, does not lead to a change in the composition of the blood, and also does not increase the risk of developing cancer.

WHO notes that according to the results of numerous studies carried out, no harmful effects on human health have been identified with wireless radio technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. The conclusions are based on studies carried out across the entire radio spectrum.

However, it is also noted that in prolonged exposure to radiation with an intensity of about 20 μW / cm2 (recall that the government increases it to 100 μW / cm2), a decrease in pulse rate is recorded, blood pressure decreases. At an intensity of 6 mW/cm2 changes appear in the gonads, in the composition of the blood, there is a clouding of the lens of the eye, in the future - changes in the ability of blood to clot, in conditioned reflex activity, pathological changes in the cells of the liver and cerebral cortex, then - an increase in blood pressure, rupture of capillaries and hemorrhages in the lungs and liver.

Radiation with the intensity of up to 100 mW / cm2 causes persistent hypotension and functional changes in the cardiovascular system, bilateral cataracts. Further irradiation has a noticeable negative effect on the tissues of the human body, causing pain.

Why are these indicators significantly different? The fact is that the degree of the biological effect of electromagnetic fields on the human body depends on a number of factors: on the intensity and duration of exposure, physical characteristics of various frequency ranges, as well as on the functional state and resistance of the body to the effects of various factors, adaptation possibilities (negative manifestations of exposure can take place at a very low intensity of EMR, which slightly exceeds the hygienic standards).
Is it possible to minimize the negative effects of radiation?

It is possible to minimize the risk of negative effects. For this, it is necessary to use special protective equipment (for workers who deal with electromagnetic radiation), as well as special clothing, paints, or materials (which absorb electromagnetic energy). Shielding of the radiation source and the workplace is also effective.

To prevent the negative impact of EMR on human health at home:

Place the lounge furniture at a distance of 2-3 m from the distribution boards and power cables.
When installing an electrically heated floor, choose one that provides a low magnetic field.
When buying household appliances, pay attention to the mark on the compliance with ISS "Interstate sanitary standards for permissible levels of physical factors when using consumer goods in domestic conditions."
Place the microwave backside (area of ​​greatest radiation) against a wall or window, the same goes for the monitor.
Talking on the phone, use a hands-free headset, place its antenna in the geometric center of the car roof (remember the main rule regarding carrying mobile phones - do not carry it near vital organs).

You should also remember the safe distance from household appliances and the recommended duration of its use (especially for pregnant women and children). For example, the most dangerous in the house are the microwave oven, TV, laptop, and smartphone.

The first, even despite shielding, emits 8 μT at a distance of 30 cm, which is dangerous to human health. Therefore, experts advise staying at a distance of 1-2 m from the microwave.

It is safe to watch TV at a distance of 1.5 m (for TVs of 29 inches and more - the distance should be increased to 2 or more meters). Keep your laptop at least 80 cm away. As for the smartphone, experts advise to refrain from long calls and use Bluetooth or a headset with headphones.

It is better to stay at a distance of 30 cm to 1.5 m from a working electric kettle, refrigerator, or electric stove. It is better to stay at least 60 cm to the vacuum cleaner and washing machine.

The country's policy in the production of household electrical appliances should also be aimed at reducing the level of exposure. For example, in the United States, a number of companies produce electrical devices that are safe in terms of EMP radiation (bifilar-wound irons, non-radiating computers, etc.).

Today in the world, in fact, there are no unambiguous norms limiting the effects of EMR with a frequency of 50 Hz. Therefore, setting the appropriate restrictions and norms, most countries use the recommendations of the leading international organizations in this area - IRPA, ICNIRP, CENELEC, and WHO.

At first glance, the government's proposed standards for the permissible voltage of the electromagnetic field for the population are even more stringent than the current international standards. Of course, de jure this sounds beautiful, but will Ukraine be able to de facto keep the norms in the specified range, given the fact that the saturation of industrial, administrative, and household premises with powerful electronic and electrical devices is constantly increasing?
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Source: 112 Ukraine, Iryna Shostak, 28 Jul 2020

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