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One glance at this map and you'll realize we can't leave reductionist physicists (ICNIRP) in charge
Switzerland Created: 28 Mar 2016
You don't even have to understand it - just marvel at its wonderful complexity - and you'll instantly realize that ICNIRP neither can or will ever get something like exposure guidelines right. And that may be the whole point. Their reductionist ideas are just too - reduced! Well, that and the fact that their guidelines don't discriminate between the dead or alive.
Their brilliant idea is: throw enough energy at something, and it WILL eventually heat up.
Come on... Every housewife knows that already...

Behold; the Biochemical Pathway map by Roche:
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Source: Roche, Comments by H.Eiriksson / Mast-Victims, 28 May 2016

WHO admits that Cell Phones cause Cancer (2011)
Switzerland Created: 1 Feb 2016
After years of denial from the cell phone companies and related scientists, linking mobile phones to cancer, the WHO has announced that it has now classified cellphones as a possible carcinogen, similar to lead, DDT and vehicle exhaust.
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Source: Robert Riedlinger/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Petition: World Health Organization: to recognize electromagnetic and chemical hypersensitivities as real diseases.
Switzerland Created: 13 Nov 2015
Why this is important
Following the fifth Paris Appeal congress, which took place on the 18th of May, 2015, the attending European, American and Canadian scientists unanimously decided to create a working group and to write a Common International Declaration to request an official recognition of these new diseases and of their sanitary consequences worldwide.
The declaration calls upon national and international bodies and institutions and particularly the WHO, for taking urgently their responsibility for recognizing electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity as real diseases, including them in the International Classification of Diseases.

This International Declaration also asks national and international institutions to adopt simple precautionary measures of prevention, to inform populations and requires the appointment of real independent expert groups to evaluate these sanitary risks in total scientific objectivity, which is not the case today.

2015 Brussels International Scientific Declaration:
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Source: Robert Riedlinger/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Scientists who said vaping was safe were paid by the e-cigarette firms! (Comments below, this is serious!)
Switzerland Created: 31 Aug 2015
Hi all.
Try to change the Scenario: Imagine it is the harm of the Wireless Microwave Radiation which affects all on this website they (WHO) had actually woken up to!
Well No Such Luck as YET, Sorry ! Even if the IARC/WHO has classified EMR as a 2b carcinogenic agent! The WHO still skate around it, the ghost of Repacholi? I have no idea, fact is they do all they can to resist, like taking years to publish results, skewing results etc. I wonder WHY?
Is it because the Telecoms Industry is SUCH a BIG Donor to the WHO?
But if you look it through the links you will find the Similarities where the WHO still persists to try to tell us, the One Is harmful, but OURS is Fine and full of Vitamins! Like just what the Doctor ordered!
How come??
Could it be because the "Scientists" want a Fat Pension like their "Picture bride" Repacholi?

I am putting this as a Topic in our MV Forum and Please if you have comments give it a go.
Best regards. Agnes

The links to the E-Cig Saga and the WHO involvement:
The World's Top Scientists Just Issued a Surprising Statement on E-Cigarettes
By Tom McKay May 30, 2014
Scientists Shocked After Testing E-cig Vapor in the Lab
'I thought my e-cigarette was a miracle. Turns out, I was smoking the equivalent of 40-a-day'
By Rachael Lloyd
T 27 Aug 2014
Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir

This is NOT the first time, and I am sure it will not be the last time, the WHO is in the "Limelight" for negligence!
Switzerland Created: 19 Jul 2015
In 2007 the WHO were slammed for ignoring evidence when developing "evidence based guidelines":

"When developing "evidence-based" guidelines, the World Health Organization routinely forgets one key ingredient: evidence.
That is the verdict from a study published in The lancet online Tuesday.
The medical journal's criticism of WHO could shock many in the global health community, as one of WHO's main jobs is to produce guidelines on everything from fighting the spread of bird flu and malaria control to enacting anti-tobacco legislation.

"This is a pretty seismic event," lancet editor Dr. Richard Horton, who was not involved in the research for the article.
"It undermines the very purpose of WHO."

Related news:
May 2007, USA: WHO Criticized for Neglecting Evidence
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Source: USA Today / Associated Press, Maria Cheng (w. commentary by A. Ingvarsdottir & H. Eiriksson / MV), 05 Jul 2007

We have known for a Very Long Time that the WHO is totally Unfit for the role they are suposed to play, Now others see it too!
Switzerland Created: 9 Jul 2015
WHO Health chiefs attacked. (By Editor: This is about the Ebola crisis, but exactly the same goes for the much more serious, Long Term and Life Changing Health Threat by the Wireless Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation Industry, which pollution irradiate the planets people as well as the rest of All LIVING THINGS 24/7/365.
The WHO people are so deep in the pocket of the Industry´s, that they even Dis-regard and lie about the cancer classification by the EMF Radiation their own Cancer Institution "IARC" reluctantly had to conclude in 2011.

Now it seems they are equally UNFIT on most other subjects as well.
In the meantime have decided to Re-name them W-I-HO (Namely "World Industry Health Organization"!

But to the article:
"The World Health Organization is unfit to deal with global emergencies, according to a review in the wake of the ebola crisis.
A panel led by Dame Barbara Stocking, former head of Oxfam GB, found issues with the structure of the WHO and its actions.
The epidemic, which began in West Africa in December 2013 and killed 11000 was not declared a public health emergency by WHO until August 2014.

The independent report said that the WHO lacked a “culture of rapid decision-making” and was not protective enough, calling for leadership changes. It said: “The world simply cannot afford another period of Inaction until the next health crisis.”
The WHO said it had already moved forward with some of the recommendations."

Well, We have seen how the Institution is totally on the "Industries" payroll, be it Pharma or EMF and now we ould very much want to know How and With What they have "MOVED WITH Recommendations!
Don´t get your hopes up to early though!

BUT be Vigilant, and if possible write to the WHO and ASK: WHICH STEPS HAVE BEEN TAKEN!"
After all, We are the people who pay their wages, They are supposed to work for OUR BENEFIT!!!
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Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Radio Frequency fields: Environmental Health Criteria Monograph
Switzerland Created: 6 Dec 2014
Consultation on the scientific review for the upcoming WHO Environmental Health Criteria - The consultation is open until 15 December 2014.

The World Health Organization is undertaking a health risk assessment of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, to be published as a monograph in the Environmental Health Criteria Series. This publication will complement the monographs on static fields (2006) and extremely low frequency fields (2007), and will update the monograph on radiofrequency fields (1993).

The draft chapters of this document which contain the scientific content are now open for technical consultation by RF experts. We are seeking comments on the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in these chapters. Please note that the literature searches have been done up to December 2012 (in a few instances to December 2013), so the more recent studies are currently not yet included. While the searches and chapters will be updated before finalization of the document, any suggestions for inclusion of peer reviewed studies are welcomed.

The process used in developing the chapters is described in Appendix X. Note that the chapters 1, 13 and 14 which will provide a summary, health risk assessment and protective measures are not available for this consultation. The drawing of conclusions from the literature and the drafting of these chapters is the remit of a formal Task Group that will be convened by WHO at a later stage in the process.

If you have questions, please contact us at:

To provide comments, please go to
User name: RFconsultation
Password: RFconsultation

Note that individual experts are requested to fill in a Declaration of Interest (DOI)

(download the documents via the source link below)
Click here to view the source article.
Source: WHO EMF project, 26 Nov 2014

The Swiss flats where smoking, painting and mobile phones are banned
Switzerland Created: 8 Apr 2014
Years ago (in 2006) we had a case history by Charles Cavanaugh, which is a front-runner to this case, only Charles NEVER got ANY Help from anyone!, so I suppose he still lives in his car, in the woods and the mountains, as best he can!

But now the Swiss have at least started to wake up to the the on-coming catastrofic health effects of EMR!
Block of flats has been built in Zurich for people who claim to suffer from hypersensitivity to chemicals and electromagnetic radiation
No smoking, no perfume and no mobile phone use – the list of rules at one newly built block of flats in Zurich is so long it is a wonder anyone chooses to live there.
But for those who do, there is good reason.
The 15 apartments have been designed specially for people who claim to have a condition known as “multiple chemical sensitivity”.
Sufferers fall ill when exposed to the slightest waft of perfume or whiff of cleaning products.
Most of the residents in the building in Switzerland's Leimbach say they also become weak and sick when near mobile phones or other wireless devices that emit radio waves or electromagnetic radiation.

While few doctors recognise the affliction, The Healthy Life and Living Foundation, which campaigns for greater recognition for MCS sufferers, convinced the Zurich authorities to provide land for the £4.1 million building.

Christian Schifferle, 59, the head of the foundation, said he had suffered from MCS since being exposed to toxic fumes in his parents’ furniture factory as a young child. He has spent most of his adult life camped in a trailer in the pure air of the Swiss Alps. “All my life it has been like I was only half alive,” he said.

Mr Schifferle said he only realised he was not alone at the age of 35, when he discovered an American book on MCS. “It makes me weak, anxious, I can’t breathe, my lungs hurt, and I get dizzy.”

Swiss officials say the building, which opened in December, is the first of its kind in Europe. They estimate that about 5,000 people suffer from MCS in Switzerland. Many become isolated and say they cannot function in the modern workplace.

Lydia Trueb, a Zurich housing office spokeswoman, said: “We wanted to help these people to have a calm home where they hopefully will be less sick.”

People entering the building are asked to switch off their mobile phones, although they do not work anyway, as the apartments have a built-in shield against electromagnetic radiation which blocks mobile reception. There is no wi-fi, but there are landlines and Internet connections. The few cleaning and personal hygiene products allowed are on display in the lobby.

The block has odourless plaster on the walls, and construction workers were banned from smoking or using aftershave. Even so, Mr Schifferle spends only a few days a week in his flat, as he says he can still smell traces left by the builders.
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Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Massive class action Libel suit launched against WHO EMF-project
Switzerland Created: 1 Apr 2014
Today a major class action suit on behalf of 187456345 plaintiffs was launched against World Health Organisation EMF project.

The association Lab Rats International have launched a campaign to clear their name. Other species of science are also considering joining the class action.

R.O Dent, a lawyer representing the association, stated that rats do accept that they are perceived as vermin, but simply won't tolerate being labelled as crazies, as is clearly implied by the WHOs attribution of biological effects of RF exposures to purely psychological factors.

One member of the association squeaked its frustration at the press conference: "its like everyone now think we be nuts or something... dude! we can do mazes! so we cant be, like, all stupid, eh?".

Mr Dent said that his clients felt betrayed for all their hard work in science and warned that if the WHO did not publicly apologize, they would suffer an invasion from "both the heavens and below" as angry birds and rats have vowed to descent and rise on Geneva in support of the campaign.

The WHO EMF project has not yet responded to requests for comment.
Source: Lab Rats International, via press release, 01 Apr 2014

"Waves Make Me Ill": Testimony of Electrohypersensitivity
Switzerland Created: 31 Mar 2014
Insomnia, dizziness, pain - Godeliève, 37, from Les Ponts-de-Martel, lived three hellish years until she understood the origin of her suffering. It is now one year since she has been given new life, thanks to a “biotuner.”

« It is still difficult to talk about this because the subject is taboo. Many people think it is psychological. They cannot conceive that cell phones, computers and other wireless devices, extremely practical and often tied to the notion of freedom, can be unhealthy. I myself would never have imagined the impact that they could have on health. It took me months of going from one doctor to another before understanding this.”

“It all started in spring 2010. My husband, who is American, and I were in Boston visiting his mother. We share life between the United States and Switzerland. We slept in a room where I had never really felt well. The level of electromagnetic pollution must have been very high there, in part due to the electric lines passing within several centimeters of the walls… My health deteriorated within several days. I could no longer sleep. I was seized by dizziness, suffered headaches and had the impression of being dehydrated. At the Boston hospital, I was diagnosed with a possible virus …

“The days passed and the symptoms grew worse. I started to have trouble breathing, felt tingling in my fingers and toes, experienced difficulty moving my limbs and thinking. My son being six months old, my doctor attributed it to fatigue… But this state continued, transforming my daily life into an obstacle course. I could no longer do anything. I could not drive, for example. Being an actress and co-director of a theater company, I had to cut down on my live performances and our work in schools. The situation was intolerable. I thought of stopping everything. My husband was at his limit. He had to take care of everything: our son, the house, our company.

“For months, I went from doctors to specialists in the hope of understanding what was happening to me in order to find remedies for my ills. Not knowing what I had and not being able to do anything about it were worse than anything, not to mention the lack of understanding of family and friends in the face of the sickness which plagued me. This was a very difficult period.

“I had to consult a kinesiologist in late 2011 in order to hear for the first time mention of the condition of electrohypersensitivity. She recommended a book, “Wireless Radiation Rescue” by Kerry Crofton. I had always thought that electrosmog was unhealthy. But it was at this moment that I realized that it could make one sick to the point of being handicapped. In order to verify whether it was indeed this, we camped outdoors, far from everything. After three days, I had returned to near “normal”.

“A geobiologist measured the electrosmog circulating in our home in the U.S. The levels were in fact elevated. We switched off the wi-fi and talked to our neighbors in order to reduce the waves coming from them. This was complicated to manage. We could have moved. But we had family and friends close by. We didn't have the heart to do this.

“When we returned to Switzerland, we moved into an apartment without wi-fi, on the edge of the village. On the second day, my symptoms increased with a vengeance. I thought I was losing my mind. We once again called in a geobiologist who detected stray electric current. For two months, we lived with electricity only in the kitchen in order to contain the current. This helped me a lot. In spite of everything, my health continued to deteriorate. The effect of waves is cumulative: the more one receives them, the more one becomes sensitive.

“I decided to go to a clinic specializing in integrative medicine. There, at the Paracelsus Clinic near St. Gallen, a check-up confirmed my sensitivity to electrosmog, which was a relief for me. Finally, my sickness was recognized by a professional! The doctor recommended a company making biotuners, a small rectangular casing placed on the fuse box in order to deactivate the harmful information from electrosmog present in the house. Once this was installed, the changes were immediate. I was no longer dizzy, I started to sleep deeply. Finally, I had a healthy place where I could heal.

“For a year, I have been living almost normally. Thanks to this installation, I can work again on a computer. We purchased a corded phone with a speaker so that I can again communicate. I changed my glasses which were metallic and therefore conductive and do not wear any metal jewelry. I take supplements to fortify myself.

“Going out remains a problem. In general, my husband does the shopping. It is difficult to take a train. When I am on the stage, if we manage to install the biotuner – which is transportable - I am okay. We ask the audience to switch off their cell phones. When we are with friends, we do the same. My daily life remains complicated, but in comparison to before, I am living again. I do not yet know how the future will be. I hope one day I will be better. We would like to have a second child and for that, my health must improve.

“I am not giving up. My husband and I are developing a new play with music that will start touring this fall. The purpose of the production, which is titled Innocenzo, is to show the repercussions that electromagnetic pollution can have on health, to break a taboo. To be aware of the problem is already a first step towards partly diminishing electrosmog. And I hope one day to again lead a normal life.”

For more information on Innocenzo :

Original article in French (electronic version: pp. 34-35):
Click here to view the source article.
Source: Mieux Prévenir blog, Meris, 24 Mar 2014

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