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Court case of EHS in France
France Created: 20 Oct 2006
A lawsuit was filed by Sabine Rinckel, 42 years old in Strasburg, who rented an apartment from the owner "CUS dwelling".
The location of the apartment was close to a cellular antenna. She suffered symptoms like headaches, ringing in the ears. She used aluminum foil on the window to prevent electromagnetic radiation from the antenna across the street where she lives. She even removed the amalgam fillings becuase of the radiation effects.
She sued the owner of the house because it did not protect her from the radiation exposure, and demanded to have radiation free zone. She could not sue the cellular companies because she could not get a medical document that can serve as evidence in court for a medical problem, as medical doctors did not recognize her symptoms as EHS/ medical problem.
The judge decided that her problem is inherent and was not affected by where she lives, because the "new apartment [to where she moved] did not present any problem". The judge decided that her symptoms are subjective. After the judge's decision was announced, Sabine said to the media that she was disappointed that something which is recognized in Sweden and Britain as handicap is not recognized in France. The judge also based the decision on a report that was presented by the owner of the apartment, prepared by the french agency for environmental and occupational health safety (AFFSET), according to which, magnetic fields [sic] emitted by cellular antennas are not higher than television posts. Sabine said she was also disappointed from the fact that the operators accept that some people are more sensitive, but they say that only dead bodies will be an adequate proof.
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Source: Irsi Atzmon

Téléphonie mobile: la justice n'accepte pas l'électro-hypersensibilité (+English)
France Created: 20 Oct 2006
Réseaux de télécommunications
Le tribunal d'instance de Strasbourg a débouté une femme de la plainte qu'elle a déposée contre son bailleur social CUS Habitat. Elle accusait son bailleur social de ne pas l'avoir protégé des antennes relais de téléphonie mobile dont elle dit souffrir. Sabina Rinckel, 42 ans, affirme être atteinte d'électro-hypersensibilité (EHS), une pathologie reconnue par l'Organisation mondiale de la santé, en Suède et en Grande-Bretagne, mais pas en France. Cette maladie se manifeste par des sifflements d'oreilles, des fourmillements, des crises de tachycardie. La plaignante affirme que ces troubles s'intensifient de jour en jour. Son avocat maître Bénédicte Lagrandé a rappelé le droit à sa cliente «à la jouissance paisible des lieux» et en a renvoyé la responsabilité au bailleur qui a donné l'autorisation de l'installation des antennes. Elle a également rappelé un jugement de 2003 qui avait ordonné le déplacement d'une antenne relais placée à proximité d'une école. Par le biais de son avocat, le bailleur social affirme «avoir fait preuve de compassion» à l'égard de la plaignante en lui proposant des solutions de relogement et assure avoir signé des «conventions-cadres qui permettent de démontrer que toutes les mesures sanitaires sont respectées». Sabine Rinckel réclamait l'obtention d'un logement en zone blanche, c'est-à-dire non couverte par le réseau de téléphonie mobile, le remboursement de neuf mois de loyer ainsi que 5.000 euros pour préjudice moral.

A press release from the AMF (organization of French mayors)

Telecommunications networks
Mobile telephony: justice does not accept electro-over-sensitiveness
The magistrates' court of Strasbourg débouté a woman of the complaint which it deposited against her social financial backer CUS Habitat. It showed its social financial backer not to have protected it from the antennas mobile relay of telephony from which it says to suffer. Sabina Rinckel, 42 years, affirms being reached of electro-over-sensitiveness (EHS), a pathology recognized by the World Health Organization, in Sweden and Great Britain, but not in France. This disease appears by whistling in the ears, swarmings, crises of tachycardia. The plaintiff affirms that these disorders intensify day in day. Its main lawyer Bénédicte Lagrandé recalled the right to his customer "to the peaceful pleasure of the places" and in the responsibility returned to the financial backer who gave the authorization of the installation of the antennas. It also pointed out a judgement of 2003 which had ordered the displacement of an antenna relay placed near a school. By the means of his lawyer, the social financial backer affirms "to have shown compassion" with regard to the plaintiff by proposing solutions of rehousing to him and ensures to have signed "convention-frameworks which make it possible to show that all medical measurements are respected". Sabine Rinckel claimed obtaining a housing in white zone, i.e. not - glaze by the mobile network of telephony, the nine months refunding of rent like 5.000 euros for moral wrong.
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Source: Sylvie

A Black Joan of Arc’ has appeared, to take on the operators of the mobile phone networks ALONE, a scientific journalist.
France Created: 11 Oct 2006
Dear all,
A well known artist, Gillian Wise, with her website at is contacting us to distribute news of an important lawsuit taking place in Paris this month. Can anyone raise press interest?

"Paris Sept 29 2006
A quick note – a big affair* re electronics is happening on the 17th October – Palais De Justice (near Notre Dame).
A Black Joan of Arc’ has appeared, to take on the operators of the mobile phone networks ALONE, a scientific journalist.
Annie Lobe

(See Nextup website and also her personal one)

She’s brought out two books in the last months, with heavy-duty stuff (needs to be translated into English.) (A test of the seriousness of the UK associations). I predict they will try to bury her existence. The operators are going nuts & have her up for two trials (defamation). I went to the first day of the first one – her treatment was pretty disgraceful & amounted to (racial?) harassment. The case was then put off until the 17th.

Meanwhile the Mayor of Paris has posted on the official website – that there are NO harmful effects from antennae & masts END OF STORY.

The Greens’ – (the majority on the City Hall Committee) requested he take that off , he refused. Meanwhile a whistle-blower revealed the neutral experts’,
(who measured the effects) were secretly in the pay of the operators. This was confirmed in Le Monde (this info was buried deep in files – never to be revealed!). This weakens the vicious attacks on Annie Lobe – the information came out 2 days after the adjournment.

She will call 10 witnesses, the operators trawled through years of her articles & found a phrase in 2003; saying people were dying under rooves with antennae.
Most of her witnesses are people with expertise, coming from all over France. The details of the 17th court case are on NEXTUP. The Nextup site is covering her defence costs, they are highly respected especially for the technical information.

Please alert the UK press and/or other media, this story has legs & could go international.

The operators will expend vast efforts (and cash) to suppress reporting .. the usual affair .. is that she will get a large fine (for telling the truth shades of WMD) Perhaps 10,000 Euros.

At some point decent people will have to insist on the truth, NOT the formula of discrediting victims & their defenders.

SO do your best, the website should liase with NEXTUP, I know the director – he is very competent & active with high-level backing.

The lawyers of the operators reduced Annie Lobe to tears – several times – (with malice?). A distinguished Black professional (her African father was in court) Afterwards she was still distraught at the treatment, we all felt outrage. She is a fine person. Mr Nextup promised her every assistance.

Sincerely, Gillian Wise"
ElectroSensitivity-UK (registered charity 1103018) helping the vulnerable minority with radiation sickness’, and reacting with health problems to electromagnetic fields, microwaves, RF etc. all 'electrosmog'.
Rod Read M.Phil.,(Cantab), Dip Psych Couns., Cert.Ed. director
Please support us with a donation, (£10 min.) our only income, to ES-UK as below.
We welcome help from scientists, doctors and health experts in understanding causes and links, diagnosis and treatments. Also all media inquiries, personal accounts of ES in your life, info on what helps and e-mail addresses where possible.
ES-UK Office, Bury Lane, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2BB. Tel: 01353-778151 or at <>;
Also by e-mail at

Trustees: Professor of Human Radiation Effects Dr Denis Henshaw, Dr David Dowson MD., ChB, Jean Philips BA. Scientific advice from: <>; , Keith Jamieson Dip.AAS. Bsc(Hons) RIBA. Inst.Ph., Environmental Consultant and others.
Visit <>;

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Source: Eileen O'Connor

France Created: 27 Sep 2006
Doctor ès-sciences Member of Bioelectromagnetics Society (USA)
Millions of people are using mobile cell phones and hundreds of thousands of base stations antennas generate microwaves (ultra high frequencies) pulsed in low frequencies to make those phones work. Even though official studies say there is no danger in this new technology, the following text presents scientific arguments, which are in opposition and emphasize its harmfulness to health.

N.B. Some of the scientific arguments brought-up in this text have been presented in a paper at the 26th international meeting of Bio electromagnetic Society in Washington D.C.
(R. Santini. The reason for applying the precautionary principle against mobile phone base stations – Abstract book. 2004. Pages 293-294).

Many factors are likely to influence the exposure level to pulsed microwaves near to base station sitings and particularly:
- distance to transmitting sources;
- whether you are located within or outside the main beam emitting from ultra-high frequency
- transmitters"
- the presence of passive relay transmitters made of metallic structures (outside shutters of windows, garage doors, flight of stairs), which can magnify the density of microwaves electrical field at the measuring point (INERIS report, December 2003, p. 22);
- fluctuation of power transmitted by base stations due to the quantity of phones communicating and processed by those;
- presence of other magnetic sources in the environment;
- Operators modifications of antennas quantity and characteristics of a base station
- (R. Santini. Les téléphones cellulaires et leur station relais : Risques pour la santé ? La Presse médicale. 1999 – 28 : 1884 – 18886 – R. Santini et coll. Danger des téléphones cellulaires et de leurs stations relais. Pathol. Biologie. 2000. 48 : 525-528).

In the same way, the phone users’ exposure level is likely to change with :
- length of communication;
- the use, or not, of head phone kit keeping the phone antenna away from the head;
- the user’s age (children’s greater sensitivity due to higher pulsed microwaves penetration);
- technical characteristics of the used device, …
- Phone used in poor transmission conditions in basements, in raining conditions, in fog, …
- (R. Santini et Coll. Electric fields from 900 MHz digital cellular telephones.
- Bio electromagnetic´s . 20th meeting. Florida. Abstract book. 1998. Pages 95-96).

Please read the whole article in Forum:
Or at link:
Translation edited by:
Raoul Treigner (Fr)
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.
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Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir

the International Conference on Environmental Epidemiology & Exposure 2 > 6 September 2006, la Villette Conference Centre, Paris
France Created: 11 Sep 2006
the International Conference on Environmental Epidemiology & Exposure 2 > 6 September 2006, la Villette Conference Centre, Paris
Organized by the afsset equivalent of the hpa in the UK.

Manfred Lörtscher. Swiss Federal Office of Transport, Switzerland
Head of fixed installations, Swiss Federal Office of Transport.

Expert in several working groups of CENELEC.
Whether exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields is causative for cancer or neurodegenerative diseases is still an unresolved issue. The investigation of the various influences of electro-magnetic fields (EMF) on the human body is an ongoing interdisciplinary topic which involves the fields of physics, statistics and medicine. Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) employees - especially the engine drivers - are an appropriate cohort for those kind of studies. First, they are occupationally exposed to quasi-static EMF which are emitted from the electrical system of a locomotive and the overhead contact line (16.7 Hz AC). Second, the SBB keeps an account over each individual employment (starting date of employment, duration etc.), which allows the determination of EMF exposure for each employee.We focused on the physical part of the study, tackling the various EMF emissions which are relevant for SBB employees.We performed measurements in a large variety of SBB rolling stock, covering both historic and actual engines.

In addition we backed up the results of the measurements with simulations, enabling the calculation of historical EMF exposures back to trains from 1919 (start of the train electrification in Switzerland). The study comes to the conclusion that travelling with electrically operated trains is safe in the passenger coaches and even in the locomotive as far as the low frequent magnetic field is concerned as causative for certain diseases. The epidemiological part of the study shows that even the engine drivers which are significantly more exposed to the magnetic fields than passengers on the train have no special association to a higher mortality.
Source: S:

Ces effets des radio-fréquences sur le corps peuvent être une modification de l'électroencéphalogramme
France Created: 11 Sep 2006
PARIS (AFP) -- Les études sur les effets des téléphones mobiles financés exclusivement par l'industrie rapportent moins souvent des effets biologiques statistiquement significatifs que celles bénéficiant d'autres fonds, constatent des chercheurs suisses dans des travaux présentés à Paris.

Ces effets des radio-fréquences sur le corps peuvent être une modification de l'électroencéphalogramme, des sécrétions hormonales, des fonctions cardiovasculaires ou des résultats à des tests cognitifs, selon cette étude de fiabilité communiquée à Paris lors d'une conférence internationale sur la santé et l'environnement.

Après avoir recensé 59 études, dont 12 financées exclusivement par les industriels du secteur, 11 par des organismes publics ou caritatifs, 14 bénéficiant d'un financement mixte et 22 dont le financement n'est pas connu, les chercheurs constatent que seulement un tiers (4 sur 12) des études financées par les industriels ont trouvé au moins un effet physiologique significatif.

La proportion de travaux relevant au moins un effet lié à la santé est beaucoup plus élevé parmi les autres études: 82% (9 sur 11) de celles bénéficiant de fonds publics ou caritatifs, 10 sur 14 pour les financements mixtes, 17 sur 22 aux financements non connus.

Les cas d'études sponsorisées exclusivement par l'industrie sont maintenant devenus "rares", cela appartient plutôt "au passé", précise toutefois Martin Röösli (Université de Berne), co-auteur de cette analyse de fiabilité, ajoutant que les travaux actuels sont de "meilleure qualité".
Source: S:

Are we in a State of right! " Pascal Pouillet, the director of the regional relations of SFR is indignant.
France Created: 14 Jul 2006
Le Parisien SEINE ET MARNE NORD, mercredi 12 juillet 2006, p. 4
Crouy-sur-Ourcq Les habitants font barrage à la nouvelle antenne-relais Victor Santos APRÈS Bouygues Télécom, c'est désormais SFR qui a maille à partir avec les habitants de Crouy-sur-Ourcq. Hier matin, une quinzaine de personnes ont empêché l'installation d'une deuxième antenne-relais dans le village, après celle installée fin 2005 par Bouygues Télécom. « Vers 8 heures, un voisin nous a prévenus qu'un camion-grue remontait le village en direction de la Commanderie.
Du coup, on est tous sortis pour garer nos voitures dans le chemin et empêcher le camion d'accéder au site », explique un membre du collectif qui se bat depuis des mois pour obtenir de la mairie le déplacement de l'antenne en dehors du village. « Plusieurs milliers d'euros de préjudice » pour SFR La gendarmerie et la police municipale étaient présentes pour éviter tout risque de débordements. Elles n'ont pas eu à s'interposer, même si le ton est monté entre le maire, Michel Fouchault, et ses administrés. Ces derniers souhaitent voir inscrit dans le contrat signé avec les opérateurs le seuil de 0,6 volt par mètre défendu par un certain nombre de scientifiques inquiets des effets des rayonnements électromagnétiques sur la santé. « Aujourd'hui, ils (NDLR : SFR et Bouygues) ont toutes les autorisations.
Je n'ai aucun élément pour les affronter. La commune réalisera des mesures contradictoires et inopinées à sa charge », promet l'élu. L'installation de l'antenne a été reportée à un autre jour par SFR, qui chiffre son préjudice à « plusieurs milliers d'euros, voire dizaines de milliers d'euros ». « On est quand même
dans un Etat de droit ! » s'indigne Pascal Pouillet, le directeur des relations régionales de SFR. L'opérateur « se réserve la possibilité de se retourner cont! re ceux qui bloquent l'installation de l'antenne, même si ce n'est pas le but du jeu. C'est la responsabilité individuelle de ces gens-là qui est engagée puisqu'ils sont réunis au sein d'un collectif et pas d'une association », prévient-il.

Le Parisien SEINE AND the NORTHERN MARNE, Wednesday July 12, 2006, p. 4
Crouy-on-Ourcq the inhabitants want to stop the new mast Victor Santos AFTER Bouygues Telecom, it is today SFR which has mesh to leave with the inhabitants Crouy-on-Ourcq. Yesterday morning, about fifteen people prevented the installation of a second mast in the village, after the one installed at the end of 2005 by Bouygues Télécom.
"at about 8 a.m., a neighbor warned us that a van went up the village in direction of Commanderie. We parked our cars in the pathway to prevent the truck from reaching the site", explains a member of collective which have been fighting for months to obtain from the city council the removal of the mast away from the village. "Several thousands of euros of damage" for SFR the gendarmerie and the municipal police force were present to avoid any risk of overflows. They did not have to interpose, even if the tone is assembled between the mayor, Michel Fouchault, and its managed. The latter wish to see registered in the contract signed with the operators the threshold of 0,6 volt per meter defended by a certain number of anxious scientists of the effects of the electromagnetic radiations on health. " Today, they (note: SFR and Bouygues) have all them authorizations. I do not have any element to face them. The commune will carry out measurements contradictory and unexpected with his load", the elected official promises. The installation of the antenna was deferred to another day by SFR, which quantifies its damage to "several thousands euros, even tens of thousands of euros". "One is nevertheless in a State of right! " Pascal Pouillet, the director of the regional relations of SFR is indignant. The operator "reserves the possibility of being turned over cont! Re those which block the installation of the antenna, even if it is not the goal of the play. It is the several liability for these people-there who is committed since they are joined together within a collective and not association", prevents it.

Source: S:

Paris wants wireless Internet access across city
France Created: 5 Jul 2006
PARIS (Reuters) - Paris wants blanket wireless Internet cover by the end of 2007, helping to make it the most connected capital city in the world, Mayor Bertrand Delanoe said on Tuesday.
Under a new plan, the city hopes to set up 400 free WiFi access points next year and allow Internet service providers to install antennae on strategically-located public property.
"We will act fast and firmly... to create the most favorable conditions for Paris," Delanoe told reporters at city hall. "It is a decisive tool for international competition and thus important for the city."
The plan also calls for slashing taxes on companies that lay down fiber optic cables in a drive to have 80 percent of all buildings within the city connected to so-called 'ultra-high speed' fiber optic networks by 2010.
"Sixty percent of Parisian households already have high-speed connections. ... Our goal will be not only to maintain this but also to move a step ahead," Delanoe said.
License fees for fiber optic cables already snaking through the city's sewer system would be cut by 25 percent, and the tax break would go up to 90 percent for the first 400 meters of new cables that branch out to connect buildings currently lacking the high-speed lines.
The free wireless access points -- to be located in parks, squares, libraries, and public areas -- will be set up by private firms that win contracts to be awarded in early 2007.
The project will also experiment with free WiFi access for an entire city quarter by the end of 2007.
Delanoe said he would be submit the plans for city council approval early next week.
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Source: REUTERS, 4 Jul 2006

Les ondes électromagnétiques et la santé
France Created: 3 Jul 2006
L'association «Pour une téléphonie mobile respectueuse de la santé» présentait vendredi soir à la salle de cinéma les effets des ondes électromagnétiques sur la santé. Contrairement à ce que peuvent écrire les trois derniers rapports officiels français, de nombreuses recherches ont déjà mis en évidence les effets spécifiques des ondes électromagnétiques. Dans le cas de la téléphonie mobile ces troubles sont appelés le syndrome des micro-ondes car ils sont multiples et peuvent paraître tout à fait banales. Parmi les problèmes cités il y a les bourdonnements d'oreilles, des pulsations dans le crâne, du prurit au niveau des oreilles, l'impression d'électricité au niveau des obturations dentaires, des fatigues répétitives, des céphalées, des douleurs oculaires, de l'asthénie, des réactions végétatives anormales, l'irritabilité, l'insomnie, une modification de l'électrocardiogramme, la diminution du rythme cardiaque, une hyperactivité thyroïdienne.

Le plus souvent ces troubles nerveux sont considérés comme subjectifs mais les chercheurs ont mis en évidence qu'ils disparaissaient rapidement lorsque l'on s'éloignait de la source électromagnétique. Dans les cas les plus graves les personnes fragilisées par ces troubles développent une leucémie ou une tumeur du système nerveux. M. Rossigneux, représentant des Collectifs de riverains d'antennes sur le Rhône, a donné quelques exemples de témoignages de personnes vivant à proximité des antennes relais. Pour se protéger des effets néfastes des ondes électromagnétiques les chercheurs indépendants ont demandé de ne pas dépasser la dose reçu par le public à 1 Volt par mètre alors que les opérateurs sont autorisés à émettre jusqu'à 58 V/m.

L'association «Pour une téléphonie mobile respectueuse de la santé» se bat pour faire appliquer le principe de précaution.
Le Progrès - Lyon
Rhône, mardi 19 avril 2005

Electromagnetic waves and health
The association "For a respectful mobile telephony of health" presented Friday evening at the movie theater the effects of the electromagnetic waves on health. As opposed to what can write the last three French official reports/ratios, of many research already highlighted the specific effects of the electromagnetic waves. In the case of mobile telephony these disorders are called the syndrome of the microwaves because they are multiple and can appear completely banal. Among the quoted problems there are the buzzes of ears, of the pulsations in cranium, the prurit on the level of the ears, the impression of electricity on the level of the fillings, repetitive tirednesses, the cephalgias, the ocular pains, the asthenia, of the abnormal vegetative reactions, irritability, insomnia, a modification of the electrocardiogram, the reduction in the rate of heartbeat, a thyroid hyperactivity. Generally these nervous disorders are regarded as subjective but the researchers highlighted that they disappeared quickly when one moved away from the electromagnetic source. In the cases the most serious people weakened by these disorders develop a leukaemia or a tumour of the nervous system. Mr. Rossigneux, representative of the Collectives of residents of antennas on the Rhone, gave some examples of testimonys of people living near the antennas relay. To protect itself from the harmful effects of the electromagnetic waves the independent researchers asked not to exceed the amount received by the public with 1 Volt per meter whereas the operators are authorized to emit up to 58 V/m. Association "For a respectful mobile telephony of health" fights to make apply the principle of precaution.
Source: S:

The world has suffered a great loss with the death of Professor Roger Santini. One of the Worlds Greatest Scientists on EMR
France Created: 17 Jun 2006
------------- This message is translated in English and spanish below --------------

Sylvia et ses fils Paul et Alain sont au regret de vous informer que Roger Santini ne pourra plus participer au combat pour une Vie meilleure qu'il menait avec nous tous.

Il nous a quitté le Mercredi 14 Juin 2006.

Si vous voulez lui dire au revoir, vous pouvez vous joindre à nous par la pensée ou rendez vous le samedi 17 Juin - 10h en l'église Marie Madeleine, Place Wilson, Villeuranne -France.

Famille Santini
28 Rue Bonnet - 69100 Villeurbanne - France

----- English ----------

Sylivia and her sons Paul and Alain are sad to inform you that Roger Santini will not fight any longer with all of us for a better Life for all.

He leaved us on Wednesday, 14th of June 2006.

If you want to farewell him, you can join us in thought or meet us on Saturday, 17 th of June - 10h - in the Church Marie Madeleine - Place Wilson, Villeurbanne - France.

Kind regards
Santini Family
28 Rue Bonnet - 69100 Villeurbanne - France

------ Castellano -------

Sylvia y sus hijos Paul y Alain os informan que Roger Santini no seguira luchando a nuestro lado para conseguir una vida mejor para todos,

Se marcho el miercoles 14 de Junio 2006.

Si quereis acompañarle, podeis juntaros a nosotros por el pensamiento o venir el Sabado 17 de Junio - 10 h - en la Iglesia Marie Madeleine - Place Wilson, Villeurbanne- France

Familia Santini
28 Rue Bonnet - 69100 Villeurbanne - France
Source: Agnes

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