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Go-ahead for Fernhurst mobile phone mast
United Kingdom Created: 31 May 2005
Mobile phone company Vodaphone has won consent on appeal for a 3G mast at Fridays Hill in Fernhurst.
The appeal inspector overruled Chichester District Council's refusal of planning permission for the ten-metre slimline mast, which will be sited on a verge three metres from the edge of the A286, with its equipment cabinet slightly closer.
It will be 400 metres from Fernhurst School and close to four houses.
The inspector said in his report that the main issues for consideration were harm that might be caused to the character of the locality in protected countryside, and highway safety.
Full report in May 19 issue of the Midhurst & Petworth Observer
24 May 2005
Source: Midhurst & Petworth Observer, 24 May 2005

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