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Correlation found between mobile phone masts and sleep disturbances
Germany Created: 18 Jul 2005
"We have found that people who are very electrosensitive in the evening, do not sleep well in the night". Prof. dr. Norbert Leitgeb of the Technical University of Graz in Austria told it to a journalist of the Grazer Woche. "This could indicate, that mobile phone masts and other sources of radiofrequent radiation indeed have a negative influence on the well being of many persons."

His saying refers just to the result of a pilotstudy, meant to verify the design of a larger investigation to come. Nevertheless the result is spectacular, Leitgeb confirms. Of nine testpersons the more electrosensitive appeared to sleep much better when protected from radiofrequent radiation. Leitgeb does not find this is proof yet. The upcoming research has to confirm the relationship between sleeping quality, electrosensitivity (50 Hz) and the load of radiofrequent radiation by GSM masts, DECT wireless telephones, WLAN wireless networks and other sources. The research will not take place in a laboratory, though at home with twenty people throughout Austria. Results are expected in the beginning of 2006.

Causal relationship

In an article in the magazine Bioelectromagnetics Leitgeb describes the existence of electrosensitivity. It is proven that some persons have a heightened sensitivity for electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. "Though there has not been established a causal relationship yet, the symptoms of some persons are thus severe, that they leave their homes and jobs and try to find release in an environment with less 'electromagnetic pollution'. These persons have a serious problem and need to get help. To find proof of a causal relationship is not just a scientific interest, but the problem also has a socio-economic aspect", says Leitgeb.

UMTS mobile phone masts

In The Netherlands there is a growing stir about the placement of UMTS mobile phone masts. Also the GSM mobile phone masts, DECT wireless telephones and WLAN wireless networks are suspect of causing 'radiofrequent radiation sickness'. A symptom is the heightened electrosensitivity to low frequency electric and magnetic fields (50 Hz), but the sickness also would have other symptoms like sleeping disturbances, palpitations of the heart, high blood pressure, tinglings, concentration and remembrance distortions, dizziness, burning skin, tinnitus, eye problems, lack of energy and many more. In The Netherlands a study by TNO confirmed the correlation of cognitive functional deviations and the radiation of GSM and UMTS. Moreover, the radiation of UMTS appeared to cause tinglings and dizziness.

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Source: Published in Medical News Today, 29 Apr 2005.

Red blood cells lump by mobile phone
Germany Created: 18 Jul 2005
Two students of the Gymnasium high school in Spaichingen (Germany) have investigated the influence of using a mobile phone on the red blood cells.

With a microscope they made 255 pictures of the blood of 51 testees.

The students, Maria Ritter and Wasgan Wolski, received a regional award for young researchers, reports the Schwäbische Zeitung of March 7, 2005.

The testees were not allowed to use their mobile phones for 24 hours.

Afterwards the researchers took blood from a finger tip and earlobe. Then the testees had to use a phone for 20 seconds.

Immediately after that the researchers took blood again and ten minutes later again.

The result: after using the mobile phone it was clearly visible that the red blood cells lumped together in clumps and 'rolls of coins'.

Also ten minutes afterwards the 'rolls of coins' still were clearly visible.

The lumping causes the blood to jam in capillaries and increases the risk of thrombosis; moreover the cells take up and transport less oxygen, report Ritter and Wolski.

The research was directed by their teacher dr. Markus Ziegler.
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Source: Published by, March 2005.

Experts confirm effects of mobile telephone radiation
Germany Created: 18 Jul 2005
Experts confirm effects of mobile telephone radiation. Young and healthy adults have no problem - other groups at risk.

The radiation of wireless communication indeed has effects on the central nervous system, influences the functioning of the brain and causes damage to DNA. That is confirmed by 25 experts who studied the relevant scientific literature of 2000 to 2004. The investigation was done by the working group 'Mensch Umwelt Technik' ( MUT ) of the Jülich research institute in Jülich, Germany. The results were presented to the public on May 9th, 2005. The experts guess that the effects on the central nervous system can not cause health problems, though this opinion has no scientific base. The influence on the brain results in shortened or prolonged reaction times and less or more cognitive mistakes, depending on the parameters of the radiation. The experts think the damage to DNA is not a problem, since it would not lead to cell damage.
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