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Interview with Cindy Sage about the BioInitiative Report
USA Created: 16 Jan 2014
Environmental consultant Cindy Sage, editor of both the Bioinitiative Report of 2007 and the new updated Bioinitiative Report of 2013 unpacks the results of over 1800 new studies showing harm to health from wireless technologies. Special attention is paid to the risks for children and developing fetus.

Listen online, or download:
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Source: Your Own Health and Fitness, Layna Berman, 14 Jan 2014

NSA uses covert radio transmissions to monitor thousands of bugged computers
USA Created: 15 Jan 2014
On Tuesday afternoon, the New York Times reported that the National Security Agency has placed malware on nearly 100,000 computers around the world for offensive and defensive purposes.

Based on information found in NSA documents and gathered from “computer experts and American officials,” the Times confirmed information that came to light towards the end of December regarding several of the technologies that were available to the NSA as of 2008. The NSA's arsenal, the Times wrote, includes technology that, “relies on a covert channel of radio waves that can be transmitted from tiny circuit boards and USB cards inserted surreptitiously into the computers. In some cases, they are sent to a briefcase-size relay station that intelligence agencies can set up miles away from the target.”

The German Publication Der Spiegel published an interactive graphic two weeks ago detailing many of the ways that the NSA uses hardware to spy on its targets, including a “range of USB plug bugging devices,” which can be concealed in a common keyboard USB plug, for example. As with any hardware, though, many of these spying tools “must be physically inserted by a spy, a manufacturer, or an unwitting user.” Der Spiegel writes that the NSA refers to this physical implant as “interdiction,” and it “involves installing hardware units on a targeted computer by, for example, intercepting the device when it’s first being delivered to its intended recipient.”

According to today's Times report, installing malware via such devices is part of a program which is code-named Quantum, and it has only been used against foreign targets; most often the Chinese military but also Russian military networks and Mexican drug cartels, as well as “trade institutions inside the European Union, and sometime partners against terrorism like Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan.”

The NSA, for its part, sees nothing wrong with the practice, which it considers "active defense" rather than offense. As the Times wrote:

In interviews, officials and experts said that a vast majority of such implants are intended only for surveillance and serve as an early warning system for cyberattacks directed at the United States.

“How do you ensure that Cyber Command people” are able to look at “those that are attacking us?” a senior official, who compared it to submarine warfare, asked in an interview several months ago.

“That is what the submarines do all the time,” said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe policy. “They track the adversary submarines.” In cyberspace, he said, the United States tries “to silently track the adversaries while they’re trying to silently track you.”

Objections of a District Court judge

Also on Tuesday, the office of the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), released a letter dated January 13 from Federal District Court judge John D. Bates, who voiced oppositions to some proposed changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

Earlier in the year, the Obama Administration assembled an NSA review panel, which was to examine the Agency's surveillance practices and make recommendations based on its findings. That panel released those recommendations in mid-December, and it was surprisingly generous with concessions to civil liberties advocates. The reforms included things like refraining from exploiting known holes in commercial software for surveillance and changing how judges are selected and serve on the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The president is expected to give a speech this Friday in which he will issue his stance on the panel's reforms.

In his letter this week, judge Bates, who is the director of the Administrative Office of the United States Court and a former presiding FISC judge, wrote that he spoke for himself and “the current Presiding Judges of the FISC and the Court of Review,” who shared his concerns.

Among those concerns, Bates wrote that National Security Letters (NSLs) which federal authorities use to subpoena companies for information on targets without judicial oversight, would be prohibitively difficult to incorporate into the FISC workload. Bates also wrote that, “participation of a privacy advocate is unnecessary—and could prove counterproductive—in the vast majority of FISA matters.”

Bates also asked that the process for selecting FISC judges remain unchanged, with the Supreme Court's Chief Justice having the sole power to appoint a judge to the surveillance court. Such a process, Bates wrote, is both “expeditious and fully confidential.”
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Source: ArsTechnica, Megan Geuss, 15 Jan 2014

11 Reasons To Bring Back Landlines In 2014 (Seriously)
USA Created: 11 Jan 2014
While some are saying that landlines will become as obsolete as horse-and-buggy travel, we say that there really is no time better than now to embrace home phones. Yep, I'm siding with your mother and grandmother on this one. While a home phone can't replace a cell phone (for the obvious reason that you can't take them with you everywhere), it's something you should use at home. Here's why...


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Source: The Huffington Post, Brie Dyas, 01 Jan 2014

FCC Chair Wheeler Hounded By Wireless Health Activists All Day During Visit to SF Bay Area Thursday
USA Created: 11 Jan 2014
Tom Wheeler, chair of the Federal Communications Commission, and former head of the industry Wireless Association for 12 years, got an earful from protesters on Thursday during his visit to the Bay Area.

Organized by Stop Smart Meters! and the California Brain Tumor Association, protesters gathered and expressed their anger at the industry/ government collusion that is failing to warn people about- or even acknowledge- the hazards of wireless technology.


See the pictures and read the story via the source link below...
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Source: StopSmartMeters, 10 Jan 2014

An Inordinate Love of Foxes?
USA Created: 8 Jan 2014
A video illustrates the wonders of nature and teaches us a lesson about the electromagnetic world we live in.

Please watch the video and read our latest story at

Louis Slesin
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Source: Microwave News, Louis Slesin, 08 Jan 2014

EMF Safety Guidelines Tens of Thousands of Times Too High
USA Created: 6 Jan 2014
Danger lies around every corner every minute of the day.
Tomorrow you could walk out your front door and get run over by a bus.
Fortunately the chances of this happening are limited.
Buses aren’t left to run free in the world they are only allowed to run on roads.
People that drive buses need a special license and have to undergo regular medical checks.
When driving on the roads they have to obey certain rules and regulations.
A bus could mount the pavement and very easily run down tens or hundreds of people in minutes in a busy town.
This doesn’t happen because our governments protect us.
The same goes with many other potential dangers, our governments protect us.

Presumably the same goes for EMFs right?

How wrong?
Very wrong.
The video below shows just how wrong.
It’s probably the most instructive 3 minutes you’ve spent this year.

Here’s the video.
“The so-called safety limit is literally tens of thousands of times higher than levels which are known to damage health according to peer reviewed published science.”
The 3D bar chart shown in the video makes things abundantly clear.
That’s how little our governments are doing to protect us.
A runaway bus you could see it and miss it.
EMFs are invisible.
They can’t be seen, felt or heard (by most people).
They are tasteless and odorless.
Deploying wireless technologies puts money into government coffers.
Governments think they can’t afford to jeopardize these revenues by regulating these technologies.
How long before they realize the long term costs to peoples health far outweighs any short term revenue loss?
The video only talks about radio frequency (RF) radiation but the problem is the same with other forms of EMFs, electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity.

That’s why you need to take action to protect your own health.
Education is the key.
It’s the driving force which will enable you to take this action.
- See more at:
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Source: Lloyd Burell. Electric Sense

NSA calls the iPhone using public 'zombies' who pay for their own surveillance
USA Created: 4 Jan 2014
Following up its exposé about the NSA's ability to hack into individual smartphones and decrypt their contents, Der Spiegel today published a new story about NSA spying on smartphones, which includes the following PowerPoint slides.

They are illustrative if only because they demonstrate the degree to which the super-secretive agency has profound disrespect for the public. A particularly classy slide calls iPhone users 'zombies' and makes fun of us for paying for the services that enable the NSA to track our physical locations.

Another slide calls deceased Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs "Big Brother".

The first slide in the series alludes to George Orwell's 1984. Apparently, the joke about the book not being intended as an instruction manual wasn't lost on the NSA.

Der Spiegel also reports that NSA can hack into the Blackberry encryption system, which has led to headlines like this. The following slide shows a communication sent by a member of the Mexican government from his or her Blackberry, decrypted and obtained by the NSA.

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Source: Privacy OS, 09 Sep 2013

Protests To Greet New Fcc Chair Tom Wheeler During His Visit To The Bay Area Next Thursday
USA Created: 3 Jan 2014
Thomas E Wheeler, recently appointed by President Obama as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will be speaking in Mountain View and Oakland, CA on Thursday, January 9 - Join planned protests and speak out against increasing wireless health damage.

Fox in Charge of the Hen House: From 1992- 2004, Wheeler headed the wireless industry lobbying group, the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). During his stint at the CTIA, his own scientists told him that cell phones were causing brain tumors. He buried the data and fired the scientists.

Wheeler buried the truth. Now, we are burying the victims.
Mountain View Event

1) Wheeler will be speaking in Silicon Valley at the Computer History Museum - 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd. in Mountain View. Protest outside starts at 11am, event is from 12-1pm (it is a free Commonwealth Club event and is now open to the general public.) You must sign up in advance at:

Click “register” first. Where it asks for your membership number simply enter “non-member.”

WE NEED YOU TO COME WITH SIGNS AND YOUR VOICES! We would also like to see babies, toddlers, preschoolers, teens, etc at both events. A funeral procession will be held for the victims of wireless technology. Dress in Black! Media will be there and we need to get our message across.

Oakland Event

Wheeler will be speaking at the Preservation Park Niles Hall at 1233 Preservation Park Way in Oakland at 7 pm. We will hold a rally at the main entrance on 12th St. starting at 6pm. Tickets to this free event are sold out but the public is free to attend the rally- more information here:

Again, bring your signs, voices, children, grandchildren and friends. Media will be there also. A funeral procession will be held for the victims of wireless technology. Dress in Black!

What we want:

- adequate health warnings on wireless devices
- a complete ban on wireless radiation in K-12 schools
- a recall on ‘smart meters’
- repeal of the 1996 Telecom Act
- research-based wireless health standards
- Chair Wheeler to step down from the FCC
- Most of all, we want people to be told the truth- WIRELESS KILLS.

Please join us and spread the word to as many as possible. We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions about these events, or you are a member of the news media please call 925-285-5437 or 360-201-3959

Thank you so very much & we hope to see you all next week,

Ellie Marks, California Brain Tumor Association

Josh Hart, Stop Smart Meters!

p.s. please spread the word to everyone in your address book- we depend on grassroots efforts to make events like these a success!

Joshua Hart MSc
Director, Stop Smart Meters!

Stop Smart Meters! is grassroots-funded.
Source: Stop Smart Meters, via email from Josh Hart, 03 Jan 2014

Cell-phones' link to health problems debated
USA Created: 26 Dec 2013
Every weekday morning, Bret Bocook sits in a cozy Starbucks in downtown Los Altos. He sips coffee and reads the paper. But mostly, he watches people as they chat on their cell phones.

Then he walks over to deliver a message.

"I was observing you on your cell phone," Bocook told a woman after she wrapped up a lengthy call on a recent morning. "I used a cell phone and I got a brain tumor."

Startled, the woman politely listened. Bocook tends to command attention, and not just because he has the tall, broad build of a former competitive rower. The 49-year-old Los Altos man limps with a cane, the result of a surgery that removed a malignant brain tumor about four years ago but left him with shaky motor skills.

His right temple is indented where the tumor had once been. It's also, he says, where he held his cell phone when he was a real estate agent, racking up an estimated 1 million minutes over two decades as he talked to clients.

Bocook is now among a growing number of people who believe beyond doubt that cell phones are a life-threatening health hazard. Some medical experts have also begun to raise concerns about the devices.

Scientifically, there is no consensus on whether, or to what extent, cell-phone radiation causes harm to humans. Some recent studies have tied phone use to cancer, decreased sperm count, impaired brain development and other maladies, but other research has found no such evidence.

Bocook needs no further study to convince him of the dangers of cell-phone use. In 2009, he was diagnosed with a cancer known as anaplastic astrocytoma. "As soon as I found out I had a brain tumor in this location," he said, "it was just obvious."

This month, Bocook appeared with a panel of scientists and physicians at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, arguing that phone users should gab with caution. Their point seems to be gaining traction.

The Federal Communications Commission announced this year it would review its maximum Specific Absorption Rate for cell phones. SAR is a measure of the rate of radio waves absorbed into the body of someone using a cell phone. A phone certified by the agency and sold in the United States cannot exceed a rate of 1.6 watts per kilogram, which critics say is possibly too high and based on outdated information from 1996, when the standard was set.

But regardless of whether an SAR is low, an individual's exposure can increase when a phone is held close to the body for long periods of time. Apple now warns customers in its iPhone manuals to keep the device at least five-eighths of an inch away from their bodies while using its phones to avoid risking exposure to radiation that exceeds FCC guidelines. And Green Swan, a Novato company, makes an app that yelps a warning when talkers hold the phone too close to their heads.
'Possibly carcinogenic'

And two years ago, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer classified cell phones as "possibly carcinogenic." The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute say studies have been inconclusive.

The debate particularly resonates in San Francisco, where, three years ago, the Board of Supervisors passed a first-in-the-nation ordinance that would have required retailers to inform customers about cell-phone radiation. The legislation was blocked in court, however, in response to a lawsuit from the CTIA, the wireless industry's trade association.

"The peer-reviewed scientific evidence has indicated that wireless devices, within the limits established by the FCC, do not pose a public health risk or cause any adverse health effects," John Walls, the CTIA's vice president of public affairs, said in a statement.

But Devra Davis, a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley whose 2011 book "Disconnect" warns about the dangers of cell phones, doesn't think "the absence of definitive human harm should be held up as proof of safety."


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Source: SFgate, Stephanie M. Lee, 26 Dec 2013

Something Is Rotten in Denmark - part 2
USA Created: 23 Dec 2013
A few days ago, the Danish government released its latest report on the incidence of various types of tumors.

For the ten years from 2003 through 2012, tumors of the central nervous system increased by 41.2% among men and 46.1% among women. In last year's report, the increases were 30% and 25%, respectively.

So far, we have heard no clarification about the reported doubling of glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of brain tumor, among Danish men.

The new report raises the question: What accounts for the continuing increase in all types of CNS tumors?

The new update is at the bottom of our original story:

Louis Slesin
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Source: Microwave News, Louis Slesin PhD, 22 Dec 2013

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