Mast & Tower finders

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Canadian Celltower sites Map of Celltower sites in Canada
AntennaSearch Get detailed information on existing & future towers and antennas in the U.S.
SiteFinder UK Get detailed information on existing & future masts and antennas in the United Kingdom.
Mastedatabasen Search existing & future mobile phone masts in Denmark

Anti mast radiation campaigning groups & individuals

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No Radiation For You (NoRad4u) This site will include a lot of information about Electro-magnetic Hyper sensitivity (EHS) and Electro-magnetic Radiation (EMR), lots of videos and pictures, and a lot of personal stories of EHS persons.
The Valhalla Wilderness Society, Canada We are an environmental organization engaged in a battle against the installation of a cell phone tower in our town
Ban The Tower, New Zealand New Zealand campaign group to stop mast near Atawhai childrens play centre
Der Mast Muss Weg German anti-mast campaigning group "The Mast Must Go!"
Diagnose Funk Swiss anti EMF radiation campaign group "Umweltorganisation zum Schutz vor Funkstrahlung".
Jersey Mast Concern This site has been set up by a number of concerned Jersey residents. Its purpose is to provide information on the health concerns of wireless technology and in particular, mobile masts.
Mast-Action Mast Action UK - National Campaign for the Sensible Siting of Masts
Mast-Sanity National organisation opposing the insensitive siting of mobile phone and Tetra masts in the UK.
S-C-R-A-M S.C.R.A.M is an organisation originally set up by residents who were concerned about irresponsible siting of mobile phone masts and the possible health implications of this form of technology.
Bürgerwelle Germany One of the largest information sources concerning mobile phones, mobile radiocommunictions and electrosmog. Danish petition to remove cellphone masts from residential areas Glynn Hughes, former Voice and Data telecom Consultant, now the Proprietor of, has turned from poacher to gamekeeper.
Vores Børns Fremtid Danish website of concerned parents against mobile phone radiation
Wireless Action Network Blog of Wireless Action Network, New Mexico, USA.
Vågbrytaren Vågbrytaren - mot hälsovådlig elektromagnetisk strålning - är en rikstäckande ideell och obunden förening som har bildats för att bryta den aningslösa fartblindheten i den skenande utvecklingen mot det trådlösa samhällets oöverskådliga hälsokonsekvenser.
San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna-Free Union SNAFU seeks to change the process by which wireless antennas are sited, constructed and modified in the City and County of San Francisco and to ensure the fullest possible public participation in this process.
Elettrosmog Volturino description coming soon
Netzwerk Risiko Mobilfunk Zusammenschluss mobilfunk-kritischer Initiativen in Deutschland
Funkturm Eschborn German community against monstrous transmitter tower.
ARA Association Romande pour la non-prolifération d'Antennes de téléphonie mobile
Puls Schlag Risiko Mobilfunk site
AVAATE Asociacion Vallisoletana de Afectados por las Antenas de Telecomunicaciones
EMF DK EMF Denmark
GRAM Goldsworth Residents Against the Masts (Woking, Surrey, UK)
Dr. Roi Kwabena Dr. Roi Kwabena, cultural anthropologist and former Senator of Trinidad & Tobago is running a blog to raise awareness of the dangers associated with Masts.

Independent scientists & consultants

Site / resource Description
PSRAST Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology main mission is to protect DNA, the "blueprint of life", from being seriously damaged or altered.
Electric Forester Investigations Ltd. Independent Electromagnetic Surveys & Investigations
Electric Forester specializes in the assessment of environments that are subject to levels of electromagnetic exposure well below current safety standards.
StarWeave Dr Grahame Blackwell's website
Tetrawatch TETRAWATCH: a research based campaign against TETRA Airwave Website of Biochemistry Professor and EMF researcher Sianette Kwee
Prof. Giancarlo Spadanuda, EMF expert. I am a specialist in EMF. I work against electrosmog for Justice, Towns,and the People. I am well known in Italy.
Coghill Research Laboratories We are a small vibrant company with our finger on the pulse of hazards and therapies from new and existing bioelectromagnetics technology.
PowerWatch UK Powerwatch has been researching the links between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and health risks for about 17 years, and is completely independent of government and industry.
EMF Interface Consulting Website of former NASA research engineer Jim Beal.
He has initiated EMF Interface Consulting to supply services to individuals, researchers, public utility companies, industry, and the legal profession.
Services include information networking, writing, and lecturing about EMF effects on, and from, living systems.
Safe Wireless Initiative If you believe you have been harmed by your cell phone or other source of electromagnetic radiation, please help by telling us about your circumstances confidentially.
Dr. George L. Carlo's website.
Shivani Arjuna's website The purpose of this site is to help you become informed about the causes and health effects of electrical pollution and electrosmog, and get started with steps to protect yourself and those you care for from these ubiquitous toxins.
Milieuziektes Milieuziektes means Environmental Illnesses or Diseases.
Purpose is help, advise and information for people, who suffer in their living- or working places from the devastating health effects from influences of the environment. These may result from elektrical- magnetic- of electromagnetic fields, dust particles or gasses in the air, fungus or other damaging substances.
Valdemar Gisli Valdemarsson This websites theme is EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and possible health hazards for people in connection with these forces. The website is mostly in Icelandic and contains links and articles which I have written on this subject for various magazines and newspapers.
Juristfirman Unité Miljö- och hälsoskyddsrätt
El- och strålskyddsrätt
The Bioelectromagnetics Society The Bioelectromagnetics Society promotes the exchange of ideas to advance the science of natural and applied electromagnetic fields in biology and medicine.

EHS groups

Site / resource Description
3Genare Website for large Swedish group of mast-victims (site in swedish) FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive
EL-ALLERGI DK Foreningen af el-overfølsomme i danmark
ElectroSensitivity UK ES-UK is the association for the electrically hypersensitive (EHS).
We support those made ill by electromagnetic fields/RF/microwaves and campaign for recognition of this illness.

Protection shielding, devices etc.

Site / resource Description
For EHS by EHS "For EHS By EHS" site was created in order to offer and deliver products to EHS (Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people and for people how wish to reduce their exposure to EMF/EMR (Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation).
EMF Clothing Ltd Emr Protective Clothing, Shielding and Earthing Products for Today's Environment.
Electrical Pollution Solutions Information and solutions to health problems from exposure to "dirty electricity".
Electro Smog Shielding a UK distributor of YShield Products, specializing in retailing electroconductive coatings and paints for protecting humans and sensitive high-technology equipment against electromagnetic radiation (EMR). We are constantly updated with new products for special applications and changing market needs. Our products are the first choice of leading experts in the field of protection from elecrtromagnetic radiation (EMR) in Europe, the home of "Building Biology".
RayFence RayFence is an efficient EMF protection shield against mobile phone radiation and any other electromagnetic radiation. Our bio products have already given many users a significantly better quality of life.
Aulterra Neutralizer Cell Phone Users Shield Yourself - Aulterra Neutralizer acts as a cell phone EMF shield, protecting against cell phone radiation, DNA damage and radio frequency radiation.
Stay Wired! In the light of the introduction of so many wireless devices I have adopted Stay Wired! as my mantra. I'll give you tips on how to continue in a Wired World...
Hubbel Wiring Devices Devices, connectors, junction boxes to stay wired.
Less EMF Action You Can Take Against the Body Penetrating Effects of Electromagnetic Fields.
Safe Living Technologies Our products are thoroughly tested in laboratories, and surpass the highest global EMF safety standards. The Safe Living Technologies technical staff are experts in the field and look forward to passing our knowledge on to you.
YShield Radiation Protection YSHIELD is an innovative company specializing in development and production of electroconductive coatings and paints for protecting humans and sensitive high-technology equipment against electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
Swiss Shield Shielding fabrics. An efficient solution for safe protection from the effects of electromagnetic radiation.
emf-solutions emf-solutions specialise in high quality EMF radiation shielding for the home.
EMFields Screening Products Bobbinet material, screening paint, bed canopies, headnets, detection equipment etc.
Bekaert weld mesh
Bekaert light meshes
Screening mesh
Electro Smog RF & EMF detectors. High precision & sensitivity, EMF broadband antennas for electric and electromagnetic fields and radiation. For private use, authorities, building biologists and industrial use. Screening technology, Mains Disconnection Relays, shielded cables and magnetic field screenings.
Subtle Field Technologies Subtle Field Technologies is a cutting edge company that specialises in the design and development of protection from electro magnetic/pulsed radiation with neutralising devices. EHS (electro hyper-sensitive) compatible.
Felt Fri Feltfri's kompetenceområde er problemstillinger omkring el- og elektromagnetisme samt mobilstråling.
Vor mission er at at skabe sundere og mindre belastede arbejdspladser og boliger.
Feltfri oplyser om de seneste forskningsresultater på området, rådgiver, opmåler og eneforhandler en række produkter til afskærmning.
Radiation Relief Jersey in Jersey has been set up to provide affordable products which relieve you of the radiation emitted from electromagnetic appliances, so you can still use them but without the harmful zapping they do to your bodies' cells which can lead to sleeplessness, hypertension, headaches, memory loss and worst case scenario, cancer.

News sites & weblogs

Site / resource Description
Keraies A greek information blog that operates from December 2007, raising awareness on the topic of cell phone masts. It includes two full cases against cell phone masts, a pdf guide containing the legal actions necessary for successful removal, a pdf guide on how to find hidden cell phone antennas, many photos of cell phone masts (especially hidden), articles, parodies of cell phone carriers' pubs, news etc.
Electromagnetic Pollution A blog from Greece about electromagnetic pollution from wireless technology. Weblog of Australian researcher Don Maisch
Microwave News EMF expert Louis Slesin's weblog
Electromagnetic Hazard & Therapy Is the only independent, regular news report in the United Kingdom, covering the research and debate on the health hazards of electromagnetic fields related to powerlines, VDUs, mobile phones/masts and microwave sources, such as radar, as well as their positive uses in orthodox and complementary medicine, including electro- and magnetotherapy.
Het Bitje onafhankelijk maandelijks e-zine met artikelen over DTP, tekenprogramma's, simulators en ELEKTROSMOG. Israeli news site
ElectroSmog News German site covering Electrosmog news.
EMF news Research Center for Wireless Technology


Site / resource Description
3GPP The 3rd Generation Partnership Project. Here you can find all the 3G technical specifications.
PUBLIC EXPOSURE DVD The filmmakers reveal what the communications industry won't - how exposure to radiation from wireless communications technology poses a major health threat to you and your loved ones.
SAGE SAGE - Stakeholder Advisory Group on Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation
Introduction to cellphone radiation and EMF The widespread use of cell phones and other types of handheld wireless communication devices has led to increased concerns about the long-term health effects. It has been scientifically established that the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and MW (Microwave) emissions from cell phones are capable of significant biological tissue interactions, hence biological effects ("bioeffects").
The W.H.O EMF Project As part of its Charter to protect public health and in response to public concern, the World Health Organization (WHO) established the International EMF Project in 1996 to assess the scientific evidence of possible health effects of EMF in the frequency range from 0 to 300 GHz.