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Studies suggest the harm of wireless radiation
USA Created: 14 Jan 2019
American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents reduce their children’s exposure.

We all know that smoking is harmful to our health. Even smokers understand the risks.

But there was a time when smoking was glamorous and recommended for healthy social pleasures.

Then in 1964, the Surgeon General shocked Americans with a landmark report revealing smoking cigarettes was linked with lung cancer and heart disease.

We've come a long way in understanding how a once-simple pleasure actually kills people.

Some now believe that cellphones, wireless devices and smart meters are the modern-day equivalent of cigarettes.

Everyone uses them, but very few consumers recognize any potential health risks.

Apple iPhone users might be surprised that the manufacturer posts a warning right on the device.

But it's not obvious; it's buried deep within the phone. To find it, select “settings,” then “general” and then “about.” Next, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “legal” and then “RF Exposure.”

The almost too-hidden warning basically recommends users not hold the phone next to their head, but opt for hands-free options to reduce exposure to radio frequency, or RF, energy.
Dangers of exposure

Mark Proudfoot, Wyomissing, is passionate about spreading the message of the dangers of exposure to radio frequencies, especially for children. He has publicly addressed the Wyomissing School Board several times with his concerns.

“Schools have been dodging the issue, waiting for clear-cut proof that wireless is damaging to heath,” Proudfoot said. “The proof is in, but there is no interest in action to protect our children without government regulations to force it.”

Proudfoot predicts that there will be a tragedy in the next decade with thousands being mortally sick from wireless exposure.

“The data is in, and it is clear that wireless causes cancer, premature aging, sleep disorders, infertility, concentration problems, DNA damage and is quite possibly a significant contributor to the autism explosion,” he said. “The mechanisms for damage have been proven, and FCC guidelines do not even consider these risks.”

“Theresa,” 52, Oley Township, has not been able to live in her home for the past month because of electro-hyper sensitivity and the mandated installation of a smart meter on her house.

Theresa did not wish to be identified with her real name in order to protect her family.

“I was fortunate that my doctor at the Cleveland Clinic educated me on the importance of reducing exposures,” Theresa said. “I am very grateful as that helped me have a better long-term outcome. I cannot live in my house right now for reasons outside of my control.”
Reduce exposure

Theresa is a pediatric physical therapist and functional medicine health coach who educates parents in wellness strategies, including recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics that parents reduce their children's wireless exposure.

“This recommendation was made after the release of the National Toxicology Program study results,” Theresa said. “This was a large study on (the link between) cellphones and cancer.”

Theresa said she has found when parents reduce their children's wireless exposures, infants and toddlers progress better in therapy.

Annmarie Cantrell, 48, Union Township, said she too has significant sensitivity when being around wireless devices.

“I began to notice brain fog, an increase in anxiety, heart palpitations and nausea, and started to notice a pattern of symptoms in front of computers or in stores which offer wireless.”

“Shelly,” 55, Reading, who also did not wish to use her real name, said when she is in certain environments, within hours she can experience nausea, headaches, sweats, dizziness, heart palpitations and the inability to concentrate.

“I began to notice patterns and realized it happened when I was around wireless,” Shelly said. “There are thousands of studies which have not been spoken about in the media. People don't want to believe this because they feel they need their gadgets: It's a factor of addiction.”

In the first three seasons of the Netflix original series “Better Call Saul,” a main character played by Michael McKeon is afflicted with electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
Portrayed as mental illness

But much of his affliction is portrayed as being a mental illness.

Marsha Green, a professor of psychology at Albright College, said that is often the diagnosis, but an unfair assessment, of people afflicted with the symptoms.

“I want to make it clear that people with symptoms are not imagining this,” Green said. “There is pretty clear evidence that microwave frequencies definitely have an effect on the nervous system.

“Electrosensitivity is classified as a disability, but there is so much resistance from this multibillion-dollar industry,” she said. “People are addicted to technology and don't want to hear this.”

A Dec. 19 press release issued by Pennsylvanians for Safe Technology states that the “plight of Pennsylvanians with disabilities requires the immediate action of the Pennsylvania legislature or the Public Utility Commission.

“These cases demonstrate the harm done to vulnerable Pennsylvanians by the Public Utilities Commission and electric utilities, the lack of consumer protections and lack of accommodations for ADA accepted diagnoses of disability,” the press release states. “Pennsylvania stands alone as the only state with a PUC which refuses to acknowledge the issue of smart meter harm to residential customers. Every other state utility commission has granted accommodations to their customers with disabilities.”
Neuropathy risk

Dr. Sharon Goldberg, who had a private medical practice in Miami and is now establishing one in Santa Fe, New Mexico, said that in 2014 she experienced neuropathy when holding a cellphone.

“That's when I got interested in wireless radiation and started reading research and networking with other physicians,” Goldberg said. “The real problem here is that there is no informed consent. No one tells you what the potential risks are with this technology.”

Goldberg said there is sufficient evidence to prove there are very serious health risks with wireless technology, but many doctors do not address it because they are being kept in the dark.

“Doctors do what they are paid to do and often do not have time to read the studies,” she said. “There has been a lot of false information put out by the wireless industry. If physicians take time to read the studies, they would all come to the same solution that remediation in the home is a way to improve patients' overall health.”

Proudfoot said no one is opposed to technology, but that there are solutions to drastically reduce exposure.

Shelly said you should turn off cellular data and turn off all routers in your home during the night.

Theresa recommended hard-wiring devices.

“I feel we are lucky because we know about this and mitigate our exposures,” Theresa said.

“Another thing is that you should never put your phone next to your body,” Proudfoot said. “I always keep it 3 or 4 feet away from me.”

Peter Beck, 70, who lives near Robesonia, is a concerned citizen trying to make people aware of the dangers.

He recommends purchasing an RF meter, available for about $150 on Amazon, to keep you aware of when the frequencies become unsafe.

“RF meters make those invisible things in your home visible,” Beck said.
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Source: Reading Eagle, David A. Kostival, 04 Jan 2019

Warning issued over mobile phone mast that could be situated near Cambuslang school
United Kingdom Created: 14 Jan 2019
The council has demanded that Hastie Bakery be removed from a list of eight possible mast sites in the town until an investigation is carried out into the impact such a mast would have on children at nearby St Bride’s Primary School.

Greenlees Road must be removed from a list of potential sites for a mobile phone mast, Cambuslang Community Council has warned.

Vodafone UK and Telefonica UK confirmed in December that a number of locations were being considered to install a telephone mast after previous plans to erect one at the junction of East Greenlees Road and Murdoch Avenue fell through.

John Bachtler, chairman of Cambuslang Community Council, said a directive from the UK Government states schools and parents have a right to know the level of radiation which pupils are currently, or could later be exposed to.

In a letter to Mono consultants, the firm surveying potential sites for the mast on behalf of the phone companies, Mr Bachtler said: “Our concern relates to the very close proximity of one of the proposed base stations to St Bride’s Primary School in Tabernacle Street just off Greenlees Road.

“We would be grateful if you would kindly provide us with the details of any audit that may have been done of radiation from that base station, in particular radiation levels that are likely to be experienced at St Bride’s Primary School. If no such audit has been undertaken, could you advise us on when this will be done.

“In the absence of such an audit, we object to any proposal for the siting of a base station in the area, and especially in the vicinity of St Bride’s Primary School, being taken forward.”

Mr Bachtler also urged Telefonica and Vodafone to host a public meeting and further consult the community before submitting a planning application for any of the eight sites currently under consideration.

This includes: Hillhouse Industrial Estate, Atlas Industrial Estate, Cambuslang Rangers, The Brae Public House, South West Paint Suppliers Ltd, Hastie Bakery, Bute Tower and Benmore Tower.

A spokesman for Mono Consultants said the mast was needed to improve 3G and 4G coverage in the area.

He said: “All Vodafone and Telefónica installations are designed to be fully compliant with the public exposure guidelines established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These guidelines have the support of UK Government, the European Union and they also have the formal backing of the World Health Organisation. A certificate of ICNIRP compliance will be included within the planning submissions.”

Telefonica and Vodafone UK first announced plans to erect a mobile phone mast in the Cambuslang area in the spring of 2017.

However, it later emerged that the land on which they hoped to build the mast was not actually owned by the person with whom they had struck an agreement.

The news followed weeks of opposition from local residents and a petition which garnered hundreds of signatures.

Residents stated they had concerns about the impact radiation would have on their physical and mental health.
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Source: Daily Record, Edel Kenealy, 10 Jan 2019

Your child’s smartphone is doing him more harm than good
Pakistan Created: 14 Jan 2019
The potential harm is from microwave radiations given off by cell phones and other wireless devices, particularly for unborn babies.

Children’s growing minds and bodies make them uniquely vulnerable to the effects of the environment around them, including all types of radiations generated by mobile phones, iPads, tablets, smartphones and all other kinds of wireless devices. Because in the new era, technology is being adopted by children at younger ages than ever before.

There are different types of radiations generated by mobile phones and wireless devices, microwave radiations, ionising and non-ionising radiations. Ionising radiation for example X-rays, radon, ultra violet rays in sunlight all are high frequency and high energy. Non-ionising is low frequency and low energy radiation. Cell phones have non-ionising radiations. Mobile phones send radio frequency waves from its transmitting unit or antenna to nearby cell towers. When we make or receive a call, text, or use data, our phone receives radio frequency waves to its antenna from cell towers.

The potential harm is from microwave radiations given off by cell phones and other wireless devices, particularly for children and unborn babies. Many researches proved that children and unborn babies do face a greater risk for bodily damage that results from microwave radiations given off by wireless devices. The rate of microwave radiations absorption is higher in children than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller. Foetuses are particularly more vulnerable, because microwave radiations exposure can lead to degeneration of the protective sheath that surrounds brain neurons.

The brain tissue of children absorbs two times more microwave radiations than that of adults and the bone marrow of children absorbs 10 times more microwave radiations than that of adults. Belgium, France, Germany and other technologically sophisticated governments are passing laws or issuing warnings about children’s use of wireless devices

According to a recent research, the brain tissue of children absorbed about two times more microwave radiations than that of adults and other studies have reported that the bone marrow of children absorbs 10 times more microwave radiations than that of adults. Belgium, France, Germany and other technologically sophisticated governments are passing laws or issuing warnings about children’s use of wireless devices. They also legislated that smartphone makers specify the minimum distance from the body that their products must be kept so that legal limits for exposure to microwave radiations are not exceeded. For iPads, laptop computers and tablets, the minimum distance from the device to body is 20 centimetres.

There are many potential health risks to mental and physical well-being related to the overuse of cell phones, especially low IQ and improper mental growth in children, sleep deprivation, brain tumours and psychiatric diseases are hot-button issues. I admit still that studies related to radiations generated by mobile phones have been inconsistent and results have been conflicting. These wireless devices are now part of our everyday life, but they can be used in a manner that is safe enough? The most important point is the distance, holding a cell phone few inches away from our ear provides a 1,000 times reduction in risk.

Unless a cell phone is turned off, it’s always radiating, so when not in use, it shouldn’t be kept on the body. The best place to keep a cell phone is somewhere like a pouch, purse, bag or a backpack. These devices should be kept away from a pregnant woman’s abdomen and a mother should not use a cell phone while breastfeeding and nursing and baby monitors should not be placed in an infant’s crib. Children and teenagers need to know how to use mobile phones and wireless devices safely. Cell phones should not be permitted in children’s bedrooms at all.

Can cell phones cause cancer? In fact, there are solid grounds to believe it really is so. The cause for that is radiofrequency of electromagnetic fields given off by wireless and mobile devices. They have an adverse effect on our body, especially on the growing skulls of children, toddlers and teenagers, so it can trigger the development of brain cancer in future. According to a recent research conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, excessive use of mobile phones may lead to the formation of such brain tumours as glioma and acoustic neuroma. First and foremost, this is an issue for those adults and children who are virtually glued to their cell phones.

The Pew Research Centre reported that 75 percent of preteens and early teens keep their cell phones in their front pockets all day long, which is way harmful for their reproductive health. Boys should not keep their cell phone in their front pockets. There is a potential harm to sperms, and girls should not place their cell phones in their upper undergarment. This recommendation was based on a case study of four young women with a history of keeping their cell phones in or near their upper undergarment and who developed breast cancer.

It’s obvious, that more radiations are absorbed with more hours of use, so children should be taught to use their mobile phone as little as possible. Landlines, Skype and computer phone services when connected to the Internet with a cable, don’t give off radiations, so parents should encourage their children to use those. Moreover, WiFi routers at home should be placed away from where people, particularly children, spend most of their time.

Good health is above wealth, but a majority of us undermine their personal health and become more careless about their children’s mental and physical state, caused by excessive usage of cell phones. A recent survey found that 92 percent of world population have mobile phones today. A total of 31 percent of them admit they never turn off their mobile phones. More than 90 percent of parents provide their children cell phones, so they can easily keep in touch whenever they want to. All of this gives sufficient ground to talk about cell phone addiction, especially about the possible dangers of cell phones on children’s health.

Cell phone overuse has many serious effects on children’s health primarily and on adult’s health generally. We strive to be constantly connected and available. This makes us feel tired, nervous and absent-minded. We hardly realise that a cause for our tiredness and fatigue is hidden in our pocket. It’s high time to determine some more about the negative influence of mobile phones and other wireless technologies.

From time to time, many children and some adults have a feeling that their cell phone is vibrating in their pockets when actually it’s not. They check it immediately and see that it was a false alarm. This situation is called a Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome. A study done by Dr Michelle Drouin found that 89 percent of teenagers had experienced this type of sensation.

This especially relates to the teenagers and undergraduates having a social media addiction. They are more anxious and nervous. Missing another text message feels like a real tragedy to them.

When texting someone or reading an article on the Internet, we all have to stare at a small-sized screen of our cell phone. That can put a lot of strain on the child’s eyes as they can dry out and hurt when blinking. Eventually, this may result in visual deterioration.

To maintain a clear sight, they need to keep the device at least 12 to 16 inches away from the face. When talking about cell phones and health, we cannot ignore their influence on sleeping habits. Most of us and some of our children even get used to setting the alarm and put a cell phone somewhere not far from the head or even under their pillow. In fact, it’s a bad idea.

As we’ve mentioned before, microwave radiation transmitted by a cell phone is harmful to a brain specially a child’s brain. Having a mobile device at hand can also end with insomnia in children. They’ll feel tempted to check it at night. They won’t be able to sleep properly because of its vibrating and beeping. It can cause sleep deprivation, which can lead to serious mental health problems in children less than 19 years of age.

A healthy spine is one of the key factors of well-being during growth. When our children slouch over a cell phone for endless hours, they ruin their neck and back muscles. So, no wonder they feel a nagging pain in these parts of their bodies. But wait, there’s more.

Pain, strain and aching neck muscles can cause a severe headache to make things worse. So eventually, they’ll feel like a wreck. To keep our children’s health, it’s time to decide, that we should not allow them to overuse cell phones and other wireless devices.

The writer is a qualified doctor currently practising in Saudi Arabia. He can be reached at drfaisalkhanarticle {-at-}
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Source: Daily Times, Dr Faisal Khan, 12 Jan 2019

Agnes, founder of has passed away
United Kingdom Created: 24 Dec 2018
She lost the battle against microwave radiation sickness and finally, cancer.

Click this link to read this obituary in its original layout:

Despite her health problems, Agnes brought people together for the cause. She tracked down EHS sufferers, EMF activists, scientists and researchers and made sure people got connected across the world. Tirelessly, the Icelandic lady worked full-time in the family business at day and helped people fight the global wireless industry blitz at night.

In 2003 my parents were poisoned by microwave radiation from a mobile-phone mast installed only 28 meters from their home. The main-beam of radiation was pointed straight into the house. A full-on assault that devastated their health. By the flick of a switch they went from virtually never having a sick-day, to having severe health problems and becoming highly sensitized to the radiation.

We sued the Telecom and in 2005 the case went to High Court. It was proven that the Telecom had lied and falsified evidence — to the point of "editing" their own expert witness's statement (highly illegal) — and somehow, the Judge still ruled in their favor. With the nationwide rollout of "3G" beginning we realized that this had gone all the way to the top and that our case was slaughtered for political reasons. Death of Justice. Now we face an onslaught of "5G".

Reports of similar cases of injustice worldwide spurred the birth of Mast-Victims — dedicated to the victims of people who seemingly wield injustice as a tool towards their self-serving goals.

Agnes was hit hardest by the radiation exposure. She never regained her health. It just kept declining no matter what, making clear that wireless radiation can damage the immune-system beyond repair.

Goodbye mom! We miss you so desperately!

Please honor Agnes' memory by continuing the fight against the radiation pollution of the wireless industry and Governments. Don't give up! Unite. We are so close to winning.

If you wish to be notified of the funeral and where to send your condolences, please send an email with subject-line: "Agnes" to Thank you.
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Source: Henrik Eiriksson, Mast-Victims, 24 Dec 2018

LiFi is a paradigm-shifting 5G technology (2017)
United Kingdom Created: 23 Dec 2018
Abstract: In this paper we will first explain what Light-Fidelity (LiFi) is and argue that it is a 5th Generation (5G) technology. Peak transmission speeds of 8 Gbps from a single light source have been demonstrated, and complete cellular networks based on LiFi have been created. We will discuss numerous misconceptions and illustrate the potential impact this technology can have across a number of existing and emerging industries. We also discuss new applications which LiFi can unlock in the future.


LiFi is a wireless communication technology that uses the infrared and visible light spectrum for high speed data communication. LiFi, first coined in [1] extends the concept of visible light communication (VLC) to achieve high speed, secure, bi-directional and fully networked wireless communications [2]. It is important to note that LiFi supports user mobility and multiuser access. The size of the infrared and visible light spectrum together is approximately 2600 times the size of the entire radio frequency spectrum of 300 GHz

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Source: Science Direct, Harald Haas, 27 Oct 2017

Weisse Zone – wie Elektrosensible leben (2015)
Germany Created: 23 Dec 2018
Schmerzen, Müdigkeit, akute Hautreaktionen, Verdauungsstörungen – die Symptome der Elektrosensiblen sind diffus und über ihre effektive Ursache besteht einstweilen kein Konsens. Für die Betroffenen allerdings ist das Leiden manifest genug, um sie zu einem Leben fern der Gesellschaft zu nötigen. Der Schweizer Fotograf Jean Revillard ist einigen von ihnen in ihr Reduit gefolgt.

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Source: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Jean Revillard, 06 Jul 2015

Tigo, MTN Could Lose Millions in Electromagnetic Poisoning Cases (2016)
Ghana Created: 18 Dec 2018
It is very difficult to hold a normal conversation in Gatoki village in remote Gisagara district- You have to shout loud to be heard by the person you are talking to.

Telecom companies built transmitter masts in the village, but to keep them operational through day and night, massive generators were installed at the site. The generators produce alot of noise which makes life of residents difficult.

According to area residents, the generators belong to both MTN and Tigo telecommunication companies – but the two have denied ownership.

“Whenever electricity is off, these generators start running. I only sleep when my brain is tired of sitting throughout the night as a result of noise” Pierre Rushigajiki.

The affected residents, who live in the vicinities of the masts, say that the noise is too much that they cannot even afford to alert other community members in case of any emergency.

About ten families are affected and the residents want the government to relocate them to another area.

Some of the residents say that they have petitioned Tigo about the matter but nothing has been done.

Sunny Ntayombya, Tigo’s corporate communication and government relations manager told Kigali Today that the affected residents have not informed them about this issue, “except hearing it from the media.”

According to Tigo technicians the generators produce noise equivalent to 62 Decibels per meter meaning that the residents receive approximately 310 decibels in five meters with the houses just in the vicinity of the generators.

Punishment for noise pollution

Subject to the provisions of Article 600 of the Penal Code, any person found guilty of making noise in a way that troubles people, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of between eight days and two months or a fine ranging from Rwf50,000 to Rwf1 million, or both.

Several restaurants, churches and bars in Kigali city were disbanded, rounded up and closed as a result of noise pollution, when police mounted operations to effect compliance of this law in 2012.

In 2015 alone over 20 premises were closed down and music and sound equipment confiscated by police. Since then there have been few reported cases of noise pollution.

The guidelines by Rwanda Utility and Regulation Agency (RURA) require that the site area of the base station shall be a minimum of 200 square meters for self-support towers.

The problem of noise pollution in the area is also extended to residents living close to MTN mast.

Joseph Ndabakenga, lives one meter away from the MTN mast and is the only person too close and the only one complaining in Gatoki cell.

He claims that doctors have diagnosed him with high levels ‘Electro-Magnetic Radiation’ and is said to be thinking of suing the company for ‘electromagnetic poisoning’.

Doctors asked if I own a phone, I said “Yes” and inquired if I own a computer I said “Never” but told them that I stay near telecom mast. They said that this could be the cause of the high levels of radiation.

He has since sued MTN in courts of law for noise pollution and was compensated with Rwf3.5million but says that the company hasn’t done anything to resolve the matter at hand.

Teta Mpyisi, the MTN Senior Manager, Brand and Sponsorship told KigaliToday that the court ruling to halt the noise pollution at Ndabakenga’s place has been implemented and the victim signed papers of consent on the matter in 2013.

“He (Ndabakenga) sued us and won the case. We have since removed the generator replacing it with a battery and compensated him for the damages of which he signed papers to confirm this was done,” Mpyisi said.

Mpyisi’s argument is however contested by Ndabakenga who says that MTN didn’t respect the court agreement between the two parties.

“They (MTN) had two generators. They removed one of them replacing it with a battery, but in six months both generators were up and running as before” Ndabakenga said.

Local leaders in Gisagara are not aware of the current situation but Jerome Rutaburingoga, the District Mayor says that they will follow up the case as soon as possible.

Parliament summoned Jean Philbert Nsengimana, the Minister of Youth and ICT, in 2015, to give an expert and informed point of view of the increasing concerns and worries about possibilities of citizens suffering from either radiation poisoning.

The minister stated in Parliament that there was no need to worry since the Rwanda Utility and Regulation Agency (RURA) tests all telecommunication equipment after being imported to assess standards.
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Source: KT Press, Daniel Sabiiti, 08 Dec 2016

BREAKING: South African Judge orders Mast powered down on health reasons
South Africa Created: 17 Dec 2018
From James Lech in South Africa:
The positive and negative health effects from non-native electromagnetic field (nnEMF) effects are real. This includes cell towers. The data has been published, numerous Nobel Prize Awards to explain it, however, the understanding of nnEMF and health in medicine is a cross-pollinating exercise between disciplines in connecting the dots. Most allopathic medicine lacks training in dealing with mitochondrial-related diseases. nnEMF diseases for medical practitioners have several problems. Firstly, they don’t understand the linkage between their pathology and biochemistry books, to what is seen clinically in the world today. Secondly, if one tries to understand the nnEMF issue purely from a biological platform, doctors will be wholly unsuccessful. Physicians need to approach from a biophysics angle. Unfortunately, most allopathic doctors do not have a big physics background.

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Source: SuperDads, James Lech, 16 Dec 2018

5G radiation can cause thermal effects even by short exposures, ICNIRP needs urgent revision
Australia Created: 8 Dec 2018
From Cindy Sage: A newly released paper by Esra Neufeld and Niels Kuster identifies serious compliance problems for the 5G millimeter wave rollout and says existing IEEE and ICNIRP safety guidelines urgently need to be revised.

SYSTEMATIC DERIVATION OF SAFETY LIMITS FOR TIME-VARYING 5G RADIOFREQUENCY EXPOSURE BASED ON ANALYTICAL MODELS AND THERMAL DOSE. Health Physics, December 2018, Volume 115, Number 6 Esra Neufeld and Niels Kuster Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society (IT’IS),

The paper says is that permanent tissue damage from heating may occur even after short exposures to 5G millimeter wave pulse trains (where repetitive pulses can cause rapid, localized heating). It says there is an urgent need for new thermal safety standards to address the kind of health risks possible with this new technology.

*SNIP*... read the entire article via the source link below...
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Source: EMFacts, Don Maisch, 08 Dec 2018

City Hall: Feds say health concerns not valid reason to stand in the way of 5G internet
USA Created: 6 Dec 2018
Questions about the health impacts of placing small cell towers throughout Sioux Falls have been raised as the nation's top telecommunication companies aggressively push for fifth generation wireless internet speeds known as 5G.

But, according to federal rules, health concerns about radiation and radio frequency emissions aren't a valid reason for local governments to stand in the way of the expansion of 5G technology.

5G health impacts get brought up during public input at City Council meetings, the topic litters the email inboxes of city and media leaders, and Mayor Paul TenHaken even raised the question earlier this year during a U.S. Senate Field Hearing on the new technology.

The Federal Communications Commission, though, says early indications are the technology poses no risk to the public, though there are no definitive studies due to 5G being in its infancy.

And while claims that 5G technology is unsafe don't ring true for TenHaken, his deputy chief of staff T.J. Nelson said even if they did the city couldn't prohibit 5G expansion if it wanted.

"Part of 1996 Telecommunications Act ... preempts local government from regulating wireless communications on the basis of environmental effects of radio frequency emissions," he said.

Nelson is referring to a decades-old law that says no state or local government authority can stand in the way of expanded "personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions" as long as those wireless providers are meeting the FCC's own emissions regulations.

Nelson said the FCC also dictates how much local governments can charge for processing 5G applications.

"Other cities are trying to profit off of it, which is why the FCC has intervened," he said. "We don't want to price gouge, but we still have soft expenses with staff time and we need to be sure we cover our expenses."

That's why City Hall is moving ahead with an ordinance proposal to establish licensing and fee requirements for companies like Verizon Wireless that want to install 5G towers in public right of ways that are in line with FCC guidelines.
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Source: Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Joe Sneve, 28 Nov 2018

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