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Legal win: Education Health Care Plan awarded UK child with ElectroHypersensitivity
United Kingdom Created: 26 Aug 2022
Parents have now won a 5 year legal battle against 2 local authorities to have their child
accommodated in school for EHS. They won in the Upper Tribunal, thus the ruling is also precedent

We believe this is the first case in the world where a government body is legally mandated
to make low EMF educational provisions to accommodate a child with EHS.

The family wishes to protect the anonymity of their child, however they (and their child) hope that
the ruling may begin to facilitate a better future for other children and adults with EHS:

The parents share, ďGoing through this process has opened our eyes to some shocking truths
regarding the ways in which families can be treated within the current system. We recognised that it
would not be easy to navigate such novel and politically charged territory, but the bar was elevated
to a higher degree than even we anticipated. Our daughter was put through misery that no child
should have to go through. Nonetheless, finally justice has been served and we hope that our
daughter can move forward with her education whilst also being allowed a healthy environment. We
are proud of how optimistic she has remained.

We are aware that currently other children with EHS
in the UK are unable to access school and some of them are profoundly isolated given that even
home schooling groups can be inaccessible to them due to prolific use of Wi-fi and mobile phones in
the community. Legal recognition that some children can be adversely affected by these exposures
in a serious and debilitating way, is the first step to making schools healthier for all pupils in our
digital age and allowing equal opportunities for those who are acutely affectedĒ.

The school girl wanted to share her thoughts with other children who have EHS, ďI am a 13 year old
girl with EHS. I have headaches, insomnia and other symptoms sometimes when exposed to WiFi or
other kinds of EMF (electromagnetic fields). These can become very severe. If you are reading this,
you may experience these symptoms yourself, you may recognise them and are perhaps starting to
think you may have this condition, or maybe you are doubtful it even exists. Maybe I would be too, if
I hadnít felt the effects firsthand. EHS has dramatically affected my life, but maybe not in the ways
you might think. Of course there are places I canít go, or things I donít have, but I live a very
ďnormalĒ life in most ways. I can message my friends through email or Skype on a hardwired system
as long as I donít spend too long and I can go to school now that I have one without Wi-fi and mobile
phones. Some people have more severe EHS and canít do these things that most take for granted.
appreciate how much they suffer, but believe that even those people, can recover in a low EMF
environment. I can feel things and sense things most people canít. This has protected my health, and
I like to think of it as a superpower. Of course sometimes, when I canít sleep, or canít go to school, it
doesnít feel like that, but in my stronger states, I recognise that it is kind of amazing. I have
previously been unable to go to school, as the school I went to put in WiFi, but people fought for me,
comforted me, and welcomed me, despite how weird or crazy our situation may have been. These
people were my family, my friends, teachers and sometimes near strangers, and they didnít just
fight for me, but for anyone and everyone with EHS. They are the people we need more of, those
with open minds and hearts. Thank you, to all of them. If you have EHS, and are struggling to stay in
good health, or canít go to school, or work, donít give up, because everything will get better. People
are becoming more aware of this condition, and even if right now it seems like nothing will ever
change, it already isĒ.

Read the entire press release here:
Click here to view the source article.
Source: PHIRE Medical, 19 Aug 2022

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