The World Health Organization has some explaining to do

10 out of 14 peer-reviewed scientific studies on people exposed to Mobile-Phone mast (cell-tower) radiation show adverse health effects.

Despite the abundance of scientific evidence of harm, the WHO fact sheet #304 about "Base stations and wireless technologies" claims:

"From all evidence accumulated so far, no adverse short- or long-term health effects have been shown to occur from the RF signals produced by base stations.

The above statement from the WHO is simply not true and clearly not based on the available scientific evidence.

A recent independent review of Mobile-Phone mast studies by Prof. Michael Kundi has shown that the studies do conform to the specified WHO / ICNIRP standards of scientific quality, including their assessment criteria of consistency and replication.

For some reason, the rationale behind the WHO fact sheet on Mobile-phone masts did not include any of the studies showing harmful effects. This fact sheet was authored by Mike Repacholi and Emilie van Deventer.

The WHO has ignored all the studies that show harm to health from Mobile-Phone mast radiation.

We want to know why! because:

  • All these studies are published in peer-reviewed journals and are referenced either on the WHO database or on PUBMED.

  • All these studies conform to the WHO and ICNIRP standards of scientific quality, including their assessment criteria of consistency and replication.

  • Several of these studies provide accurate RF exposure measurements.

  • At least three additional epidemiological studies on chronic exposure to mobile phone bases stations with POSITIVE results (showing harm to health) have been published in peer-reviewed journals on animals.

In 2006, Bio-Engineer Jean-Luc Guilmot collected the all then existing Mobile-Phone mast studies and showed that 80% of those studies documented harm to health in people exposed.

Mr. Guilmot wrote a letter to the WHO asking why this was not reflected in the WHO fact sheets. He never received an answer.

In May 2008, head of the WHO EMF project, Dr. Emilie van Deventer spoke at a conference in Copenhagen. At that conference, a representative from Mast-Victims asked her why the WHO fact sheet does not mention the evidence of harm from Mobile-Phone masts (PDF) that is recorded in the WHO's own research database.

Dr. Deventer replied that she was aware of the studies in question, but that they "were not performed according to correct protocol".

This claim by Dr. Deventer is most curious because no one in the scientific community has heard of this alleged WHO acceptance protocol for Mobile-Phone mast studies.

Following the Copenhagen conference, Mast-Victims wrote a series of letters to Dr. Emilie van Deventer, asking for a copy of the mentioned "protocol". We never received an answer.

In September 2008, Dr. Deventer spoke at a Conference in London, where Mast-Victims also attended. Prior to Dr. Deventers talk, we requested that she would publicly explain where the mysterious WHO "protocol" had gone.

Unfortunately, Dr. Deventer suddenly had to leave immediately after her talk so she could not take questions nor explain about the "protocol".

Now the year is 2009 and we want answers!

Mr. Jean-Luc Guilmot has updated his request to the WHO. Read his excellent letter here (PDF) and see his list of Mobile-Phone mast studies here (PDF).

Mast-Victims has also recently sent a letter (PDF) to Dr. Deventer at the WHO, asking why she has never answered our questions about the evidence of harm from Mobile-Phone masts and the "protocol" that supposedly voids it.

We have not received any reply yet.

We urge everyone to write to the World Health Organization and demand that they come clean on the health risks from Mobile-Phone masts!