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Canary in the Coal Mine Japan
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Paul Doyon Created: 21 Sep 2006 Updated: 25 Sep 2006 Viewed: 4206 time(s)
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Cell towers Created: 25 Sep 2006
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 06:23:44 -0807 Subject: Cell towers
From: Cherylsbaby2@ To: mbair1@

Matt, I live in south Carolina, a small farm town. My dad
bought this property 5 yrs ago and we decided that we were
all going to get manufactured homes to put on the property
to live. We did this in 2003. In 2002 my husband had
several heart surgeries and is pacemaker dependent. We had
to get rid of our cell phones after his pacemaker was put
in, he was having severe problems being around cell phones
and cell towers.

He can actually tell you if there is a cell tower present
before we can see it driving down the road. We contacted
our county offices to make sure that no cell products could
go in this area before we got permits to put homes out
here. Well after spending a butt load of money getting the
property ready, sewer systems and well dug, I see people
coming and looking at the vacant lot next to us. They were
from Cingular. They put a tower150 ft from my front door.
The county lied to us, they said at first it had to be 500
ft away from my property, then they said 150 ft. They don't
care about his health. Before they turned the tower on we
got a rental home and moved for almost a year. We did not
have a choice but to move back, we could not keep up 2
homes. We moved back in May of 2005. I started having
really bad headaches as soon as we moved back. I am 41 yrs
old and have always been healthy. I have been to the ER on
God knows how many occasions.

By Dec 26th 2005 after the cell tower generator had been
running, my head hurt so bad I could not see, it kept
getting worse. By Thursday the 29th the whole left side of
my face was paralyzed. I have to go see a neurosurgeon this
Wednesday. There is no doubt in my mind this was caused by
the tower. In the past I could leave the house and the
headache would be almost gone. Come back home, the headache
got worse.

Now I have a tumor. I am not the only one. Needless to say
my husband has constant problems, my Mom has had 3 skin
cancers removed, my Dad (always healthy) now has a memory
problem and is now on medication, and has recently
developed heart problems. Down the road the man with a
pacemaker, he is dead now. The 2 yr old little girl that is
500 ft away from the tower has a brain tumor also. My
sister-in-law that has a pacemaker has problems over here
when she comes and visits. All of this has happened in
just a year. This cannot be a fluke to have so many
medical problems happening on one street. There are 5 homes
that live within 500 ft of this tower. We are the closet,
150 ft. Do you have any advice. Cheryl

(Matt sent Cherylís message to Anne)

I called Cheryl tonight, had the feeling she needed to get
a timely reply from her plea for help.

Typically she is in too much pain (migraine), plus facial
paralysis, but she had taken strong narcotic medication to
go to sleep, so she could speak with me. She goes to see
her neurologist this Wednesday. She hopes it is not
cancerous and can be surgically treated. The tumor is into
the ventricle, so not draining and pressure, she has to
tape her left eye shut at night. She has all the nausea and
dizziness to go along with it. They are too poor to do
anything, and so exhausted. I told her a tent under the
stars would be better. Or her car, but she is afraid her 2
y old son would be taken away. Can't sell the house because
people know the "neighborhood" is sick there.

I mentioned shielding and grounding. She is poor but not
stupid, and still has spitfire attitude. I tried to scare
her to energize herself to get away to save herself, but
tried to end with some comfort that her plea was heard.

Since this time, Cheryl had surgery to remove a brain
tumor. To the doctors amazement, she survived. I sent a
meter to her and the readings of radiation were literally
topping out. The family moved out to a camp ground for the
time being. Later Cheryl told me they found out the city
official had been bribed to allow installation of antennas
too close to homes.

One of the California Fire Stations successfully sued a
wireless provider for making the firefighters sterile by
the cell phone antennas installed on their Fire Station
the Court gagged the firefighters from telling any one
about the law suit and what happened to them.
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