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update from ireland Ireland
Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
Author: john k. Created: 25 Nov 2006 Updated: 16 Jul 2007 Viewed: 4886 time(s)
worsening quality of life from 3g mast
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an update of my own situation in limerick Created: 25 Nov 2006
since september when the installation of 3g masts was started in limerick. my health has collapsed and have to avoid areas of the town. 100 metres from my home is a mast that causes me nothing but agony. i am tired of the pains in my throat and other parts of my body. the lack of sleep is also a problem.
but the worst feeling is that people think you're mad.

i seem to be the only person in limerick suffering from these 3g masts. it's like being in a horror film, where no believes you that there is a monster in your area. the pain is so bad in north limerick that i cannot even go near the place as i will be violently ill.

this mast has not only effected my health but also prosperity, i cannot work in a office as they now contain DECTs and WIFI. i can't even work in a factory as these masts are placed in industrial estates. i have to now leave limerick and i have no future prospects. my life has been turned upside down
and no one cares, the government, the media no one. all people care about in ireland is money.

july 2007
it will be nearly a year since i first felt sick from the effects of the 3g phone masts that were erected in limerick in late summer 2006, i have moved out of limerick since june and now live in the countryside. no 3g masts but then a broadband company set up a wireless broadband in the village so things are just as bad. i do notice though that the air outside of limerick is cooler and when i come into town my ears pop like when a plane is going up or down! very odd.
i think the reason i am so sensitive to these microwaves is because i suffer from low bone mineral density and anaemia. i read that these microwaves pentrate our cells and cause a immune reaction which uses calcium. for normal people they can make up the daily calcium loss they lose from eating sugar, drinking caffeine and microwave exposure, but some people like me haven't got good levels of minerals in their bodies so cannot cope with these carcinogenic microwaves. it seems as long as the general public feels no discomfort they don't care but they can't ignore things like the disappearence of wasps and bees, creatures that are also very sensitive to radiation. i wonder how long the wireless industry can get away with this?
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