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I have to abandon my home for my family´s and my health USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Cathy Created: 7 Dec 2006 Updated: 7 Dec 2006 Viewed: 4184 time(s)
I live about 20 miles away from 2 huge nuclear power plants.
The power company are adding a third.
The huge wires go over our property
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The power lines carry at least 8 million volts over our home and grounds Created: 7 Dec 2006
I live about 20 miles away from 2 huge nuclear power plants.
They are adding a third.
My husband is not home right now, but to my knowledge he estimates the power lines on the five acre lot I purchased carry at least 8 million volts.
I will doublecheck when he comes home.
He helped me fix up a house I was in when we began dating.
I sold it for a nice profit.
I bought outright 5 acres of land and a brand new manufactured home for my 2 children and I to live and ride dirtbikes on.
I am 38.
My dirtbike gathers dust.
I ache like I never have.
I lay in bed.
I have chronic fatigue.
My husband is a victim of chronic pain, he was a mechanic and was crushed by an automobile.
But, his pain levels are elevated here so bad, along with me who doesn't even usually have pain.
We are thinking of going back to where we lived and renting and trying to sell this.
I can't even afford last and first months for an apartment or house.
I have sunk every dime into this house and land.
I am now on disability so I am home all day long with these huge wires over our property.
I have symptoms and so has my husband.
I have nothing left financially.
I have to abandon my house for my health.
I can't even afford to do what I am thinking of doing.
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