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Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Sparks Created: 18 Jun 2007 Updated: 18 Jun 2007 Viewed: 4610 time(s)
A mysterious debilitating illness and symptoms traced to the proximity of five cell phone towers has left me feeling tired and in constant pain...
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First off, I want to express my gratitude to the owner of this site for creating this forum for the victims of this "CELLULAR HOLOCAUST." It is good to know that I am not alone and that there are many of us (here on this site and elsewhere) whose lives have been severely impacted by this world-wide electromagnetic network.

I moved into my current residence in September, 2005, and since that time I have noticed many subtle changes in my health which have now evolved to some rather serious situations. I am a double-boarded naturopath and nutritionist and as I have practiced what I preached, I have maintained a high degree of health and fitness - until I moved into my current house (which I will be out of my the end of this month - I am currently staying with a friend) and noticed that bit by bit, I was losing my energy and ability to think and respond clearly.

Over that period of time, I began to notice a change in my sleep pattern, then waking up at about 2 o'clock in the morning, bathed in sweat, and with a splitting headache. I began to notice little lesions around my eyes and nose and even in one ear, along with dry eyes. But the worst symptom of all was the lethargy and my inability to do simple tasks and mental work. I began to think I was losing my mental capabilities and going into Alzheimer's... I had no energy... and no desire to do anything. I knew through my medical training that there had to be an explanation... what was going on here? I have lived a very healthful lifestyle, good nutrition, exercise, all of that - yet I couldn't function, and in my heart of hearts, I knew there must be something terribly wrong - but what?

I started researching all sorts of things on the web and one day I got a newsletter from someone in my field which mentioned CELL TOWERS - and their possible health hazards and symptoms - the very same symptoms I was having... so, I dragged myself to my car and started driving around my neighborhood... within minutes I had located two cell towers within 1/2 mile of my home... all done up as palm trees and one even placed in a group of real palm trees, how clever!. So back to the computer where I entered 'cell towers' - came up with a website called 'AntennaSearch' and lo and behold, there were three more close by. After getting a brief education about their harmful effects, I started interviewing my neighbors. A nurse, four houses down the street, told me that she lived on aspirin because of the headaches; others told me that they were tired all the time and had headaches. I visited another neighbor who has hundreds of rose bushes and other flowers and she said she was too tired to take care of her garden and that she usually had a lot of bees, and there weren't any this year, and she seldom saw birds anymore even though she had feeders.

I have done lots and lots more research, and I have to tell you that I am shocked at what I have learned that municipalities in this country (USA) have no local power to refuse to site these towers in their jurisdictions. Moreover, I am equally dismayed that our politicians gave the communications industry carte blanche in the de-regulation legislation which occurred in 1996. And so many of our scientists have 'sold out' to the technology people and they are merely echoing the party line about there being no conclusive evidence of any health problems attributable to the tremendous proliferations of cell towers in the USA (now almost up to 2 Million according to www.AntennaSearch).

It only stands to reason that anyone with the ability to read and having any common sense would deduce that we are nuking ourselves out of existence and it is no mystery that the bee colonies have disappeared, the bird populations are dwindling, AND that people are dying from cancer and other diseases associated with EMF. As for 'global warming' - the world is enmeshed in a microwave web!

My thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone of you - whether you are a 'believer' or not - because we are all in this together.

Doctor Sparks

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