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sickness caused by microwaves United Kingdom
Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
Author: D. Andre Created: 15 Aug 2007 Updated: 16 Aug 2007 Viewed: 6294 time(s)
My health problems started about 20 years ago after I bought a microwave oven, but it was after using a mobile phone that I made the connection - the symptoms were similar. When I get near a mast in the neighbourhood and those on the motorway I get bad headaches.
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sickness caused by microwaves Created: 16 Aug 2007
The symptoms worsened after I bought a mobile phone. I was getting more bad tempered, moody, depressed, and had frequent heaches. I especially noticed that I was over-reacting to situations. If I got upset I would react out of all proportion to the cause of upset. I noticed that I became somewhat antisocial and somebody described me as a 'teenager with attitute' - an insult when you are in your thirties.
I kept writing in my diary 'I must try to be happy'. I seemed to have lost the ability to be happy and I did not know why. My marriage was OK, my children were fine and no realy problems to worry about, yet I felt anxious epecially waking up at night feeling 'doomed'.
One day travelling on the motorway and having a piercing headache I looked at the approaching microwave mast and my mobile and made the connection. I suffered the same headache as when I used my mobile phone. The symptoms were due the microwaves emmitted by these technologies.

(It has to be said that I did not use the phone much because I was aware of the headches, but I was told I was imagining things for it was safe.)
Once I began to realise that at least some of the symptoms were due to these technologies, I used the phone strictly for emergencies, and stopped the use of microwave oven, and wireless computer.
Much of this is written in restrospect, as I look back the microwave exposure explains much of the illness. Eventually I found ways to reduce symptoms -
avoid crowded places, have an aspirin before going out, or on long journeys. As for work, I could only work part time because I needed too many aspirins to get by. I also found taking calcium tablets and cod liver oil helped 3 or 4 a week.

I am a teacher and can see many symptoms of microwave 'poisonong' in children yet nothing is being done about it and it is not accepted. We talk about junk food until the cows come home but no one is talking about the microwaves that children are exposed to as making them ill.
I have seen nice children who have changed character after they had a mobile phone. Antisocial behaviour, memory loss and bad temper being the worse symptoms. I also believe that much of the hyperactive cases (ADHD) could be axplained by exposure to microwaves. Certainly the forgetfullness that children suffer from is very worrying and can be compared with senility rather than youth!
And the teachers themselves are affected but most of them don't realise it and trying to say anithing you are labelled as a nutter, so just watch and think "you are not coping because you sit in those microwave clouds all day., but you wouldn't listen to me!" They just take time off work and say it is due to stress.
People are weded to their mobile phone and now, of course, we have the wireless computers to content with and they are indiscriminate as to who comes into contact.
All I can say that the future isn't bright at all for any of us. I wonder where it will all end.
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