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headaches from microwave mast United Kingdom
Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
Author: Tes Created: 18 Sep 2007 Updated: 18 Sep 2007 Viewed: 4326 time(s)
Ever since I moved to this house I have been suffering from headaches and get dippressed and angry.
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headaches and depression and even anger Created: 18 Sep 2007
I knew I was getting ill from use of mobile phone and when I moved house I made sure that there were no microwave masts near the house. However I did not realise there was one some distance away, about on mile, that would matter. Every morning I wake up with a headache and feel weary and depressed, even weepy. If something upsets me I overeact and fly off the handle. I have stopped using a mobile phone some years ago.
I am rather concerned since I have been reading this website that some people get extremely ill, but then if they live closer to a mast I can understand that will happen. I though I would add my story because it is not so extreme but many more people may identify with the symptoms.
Recently I put a peice of cardboard with aluminium foil either side of the bed to shield my head and the headaches are reduced, because I was getting to the point when I could not do my job. We have wireless computers at work that still affect me but a I get "relief" at night I seem to cope better.
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