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Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
Author: Glen Created: 26 Oct 2007 Updated: 26 Oct 2007 Viewed: 5425 time(s)
I have recently become ill from what i beleive to be cell phone tower exposure. Recently i have become listless,sleepy,and have had several severe migraine headaches. I work for a company who has 2 cell site towers and rooms in buildings they own. I have to frequently go on one site to inspect buildings systems . When i reach top of stairs i get dizzy,nauseated. I worked in room for about 45 minutes last friday , i came down with severe headache saturday, and monday morning had headache until monday night. Tuesday while at site again i went in to room for only 8 minutes to check quickly my equipment and became dizzy and nauseated again. After leaving it took several hours to feel somewhat normal. I believe this cell site is releasing dangerous levels of RF/EMF from its equipment. I have asked several other people if they have noticed this feeling in this area when they are there and the havent? Am i just over sensitive to EMF? I cannot go into this area without feeling ill for hours. I have company contacting phone compnay to inspect thier equipment, but i think they will cover it up and say no problem here. Business as usual. This illness was horrible, i had to leave work half day and go lie down and put heat and ice packs on head for hours and hours. I dont want this to develop into something chronic, i need my job.

Any suggestions abut how i can protect my head wheile in this area?
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test test Created: 26 Oct 2007
i am testing this thing, not sure how it works.. i have headaches
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