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7 years in a steel framed attic being microwaved by 3 masts! United Kingdom
Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
Author: adw_uk Created: 27 Nov 2007 Updated: 29 Nov 2007 Viewed: 8199 time(s)
Two weeks ago my life changed dramatically, one day I was normal the next I began to develop the main symptoms of 'Electro Hyper Sensitivity' and am now looking at a worst case scenario of becoming unemployable, losing my home, car and health and a best case of coping with the disabilities.
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Good News! Created: 29 Nov 2007
I’ve had some good news at last and am now very hopeful the boss won’t have to sack me, can return to optimum health and actually be better, stronger, and faster than before!

Tonight I popped over to see Vanessa at ‘Spa Equilibrium’ in Dartford after a client had recommended them highly. He did their ‘Rejuvadetox’ programme in January, benefited hugely from it and lost 14lbs in two weeks and hasn’t put it back on because it’s all about detoxing and removing build-up of toxins accumulated over the years by modern living.

She lay me down and ran a monitor over my stomach and chest and instantly started telling me what was wrong and my symptoms. Within a few seconds she said she could see huge amounts of mucus in my gut, (the GP had told me I was getting heavy post nasal drip at night because the nerve cluster behind my mucus membrane was being agitated) then poked, pulled and prodded in joints and muscles (apparently my lymph something or other aren’t working properly) that were very tender and explained why. My whole system is severely underperforming and out of balance.

I’m going on an intense nutritional detox taking in special drinks, vitamins and the like and doing the full ‘Rejuvadetox’ programme (3 months) supplemented by sessions of ‘Kinesiology’ and getting a ‘Q-Link’ to wear.

Kinesiology treats our 4 main areas:

• The Mind
• Bio-Chemistry
• Body
• Life force (our brain works on electrical impulses)

Ailments I have that it will address include:

• Anxiety/Depression
• Acid stomach/bloating
• Chest pains
• Low immune system
• Skin problems
• Tired all the time
• Food insensitivities
• Joint pain
• Back pain/stiff neck and shoulders
• Sinus problems/PND
• Insomnia
• Headaches/Migraines
• Stress/worry

Whilst I still believe the bombardment of microwaves from the three mobile phone masts near our offices and my Wi-Fi router that’s been 3ft from my stomach for 3 years are a large contributing factor, (Vanessa says there are toxic energies that affect our natural energy causing imbalance) and I have to avoid these agitators as much as I can, (I have come up with a plan where I can work below the attic where I have been, be protected, be available to staff, and won’t take much to set up) she laughed at me becoming ‘unemployable’ and is very confident she can sort me out.

When I said one ‘way out’ comment to her I expected a quizzical look but me lying in bed at night and ‘hearing and feeling’ the electro-frequencies from the downstairs fridge did not come as a surprise as lots of sufferers of ‘modern-life’ get attuned but once everything is working as it should this should fade away although probably not as fast as the few days my symptoms suddenly came on.

I have been shocked at how my life has turned round over the last few weeks and at times I’ve thought things looked bleak but now I am going to embrace the programme fully then see what I’m like in 3-6 months, hopefully the change will be as dramatic as I hope.

Here’s a few links for anyone who’s interested.

Kind regards,
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My Tale Of Woe Created: 27 Nov 2007
As an IT and Communications Manager I've worked for 7 years in a converted steel framed attic above normal offices. I have all my servers up there, a big workbench, PC etc and two skylights to enjoy the Summer sun.

Two weeks ago I bought a new 22" Widescreen LCD panel for home, installed it and straight away felt it was giving off too much radiation as I started to get flutterings in my stomach. I swapped it for my old 19" but as the symptoms stayed I started to look for other causes. With a degree of shock I realised my Draytek Vigor 2800G wireless router was installed under my monitor stand with the aeriels spread wide to maximise the signal around the house!

Immediately I moved the router down under my desk but still the symptoms didn't go away, they got worse.

Over the next few days I started getting headaches all the time, not being able to get to sleep then waking up tired, tingling/stabbing sensations in my chest and heart flutterings/palpitations. I purchased an 'Electrosmog' detector for £60 and swept both my home and workplace; the wall I share with one neighbour is alive with noise, I suspect they have DECT phones and a wireless router as the noise goes from noisy to a cacophony of angry sounds and my attic workplace almost blows it up.

Two weeks into 'EHS' I now move from bedroom to bedroom almost nightly trying to get find sleep in the quietest as strong pulsating signal from the walls penetrate my head and make it throb. I can't stay in the kitchen too long, the pulsating is strongest there and the living room has one quiet spot near the patio doors but for how long I don't know as we have new young neighbours and they will probably install DECT phones and WiFi.

At work I have discovered that there are three mobile phones masts in close proximity to the building, (how long they've been there I don't know) bombarding it from three different angles, I've tried moving to a desk on the next level down but it's almost as bad. With my boss of 7 and friend of 12 years I have become a contemptible figure of ridicule and I fear that unless I get better very quickly I will be asked to leave the company.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that I have a plan of attack and it's based around the belief that for 7 years my body has coped with the bombardment then suddenly it failed. If my immune system has been damaged and can no longer protect me I am going to go on a full detox and Kinesiology programme to clean out as many impurities from my body as I possibly can, (my lovely wife fully supports me and will do all this with me) then for the radiation in my body pump it with Vitamin-C, to protect from cancer and get better sleep, Melatonin.

In the last few weeks I have spent so much time researching this illness I feel like an expert already and it's heartbreaking to know that the physical symptoms I and thousands of others are experiencing are not recognised by my Government as they are using a different measure for what is harmful or they know about it (like the Swedish Governmant do and help their people) but can't afford to refund the £18bn they got from the mobile phone operators last year.

With just a few weeks left to Christmas my only concern in life used to be what extra treat I could buy for my wife but now I am concerned about keeping a roof over her head and food in her stomach.

What a difference and few weeks can make to a life.
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