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list of symptoms when near microwave gadgets United Kingdom
Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
Author: microwavedetector Created: 20 Jan 2008 Updated: 20 Jan 2008 Viewed: 4538 time(s)
Whether I am near a mobile phone mast, mobile phone, WiFi or a microwave oven these are the symptoms that I get:
Tired 'heavy' eyes, sharp pains in the temples, 'fuzzy' head, forgetful, sad, and if somebody annoys me I can get very cross - not to mention suicidal feelings and disturbed sleep.Thus my home is microwave free and visitors are told to turn mobile phones off - at the risk of my being mocked, which happens often.
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microwavedetector Created: 20 Jan 2008
I can become aware of microwaves to the point where I think I have some sort of detector in my head! Especially if I have not taken a painkiller beforehand. That is what gives me a reasonable normal life - by taking painkillers to go out and do a job.
I am very concerned with what is happening with these microwave technologies; they are used as though they are totally harmless. Some sort of warning ought to be given especially for children and those that already have psychological problems. I think mobile phones etc. would make symptoms worse in these people. And the rise in depression, anger, hyperactivity, stress and memory loss, should make the government take notice.

Newspapers suggest that there must be some sort of environrmental factors which have caused these increases. My suggestion would be to include microwave esposure as part of the list of factors before we begin to solve the problems.
No one is suggesting we reverse to pre-microwave technologies but we can use them with care - limit the amount of time on the phone, keep it for urgent calls, plug in the computer rather than using WiFi, turn the mobile off at night. Because at the moment we are going into self- destruct: misery everywhere. People have verything yet are not satisfied.
Count yourselves lucky those of you who don't get any symptoms - but hey, may be you would be the very ones that could be prone to cancer. Check it out in 30 years' time if we are still around and have not killed each other in the meantime.
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