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A letter from a desperate mum. United Kingdom
Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
Author: Sue Created: 11 Jun 2005 Updated: 11 Jun 2005 Viewed: 4591 time(s)
Well, of course, itís all in the mind.Ē ďNothing to do with the mastsĒ
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Letter from one desperate mum. Created: 11 Jun 2005
This letter was sent to by Dr. Grahme Blackwell of
Dr. Blackwell has obtained an accept from the person to publish her letter on starweave and mast-victims:

Text of the letter:
"We are having horrendous problems with the Vodafone mast.
The feeling of sickness is intolerable, burning sensations in our heads and skin.
The lack of sleep is affecting our health tremendously, the sound invades our heads, there is nothing for rent and we are desperate.

Our little girl keeps being awoken by the noise and wants me to take it away from her cot and I canít.
Now she tells me ďItís in my ears Mum, take it away, take it away, stop it please!Ē, and there is nothing I can do to help to stop it.
Itís all a mad situation, there is no life any more.
The feeling of numbness in our arms and legs, I canít take it any more. I canít cope with this situation any longer itís so traumatic."

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