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my story, a 27 year old, law student. United Kingdom
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: peter girvan Created: 18 Jun 2008 Updated: 18 Jun 2008 Viewed: 6172 time(s)
How im currently living in a filed to get awawy from the cripperling affect of microwave radiation. unable to return to my flat.
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My hell trying not to commit suicide due to microwave radiation Created: 18 Jun 2008
Peter, 27, law student from Leeds.
My story begins in 2004. I had just bought a new Wi fi router for my family home, rushed in, set it up and marvelled at showing my father the new device that would give us unlimited internet access throughout our home and all without any additional wiring, (If I only knew). Three months later I found myself with constant headaches, fatigue, blurry vision, nosebleeds tingles on my face and a generally unwell feeling all the time, visited the doctors on numerous occasions but after numerous tests couldnít find the cause, it got worse and worse and eventually I started passing out. I spent time in hospital having ct scans to rule out brain tumours and abscesses and test for epilepsy, all of which came back negative, and I returned home. I spent the next few months trying to read case studies and medical journals to try and find out what was happening to me as the doctors and my family had given up and put it down to stress and panic attacks. After attending A & E every week, when I felt as if I was dying or on the verge of collapse, a young doctor suggested having a temporal biopsy to rule out giant cell arteries, I agreed to having a small vein removed from my temple if it would stop the symptoms which were now almost unbearable and taking over my life, the results were negative once more. The following week a programme on BBC 1 highlighting how easily hackers could get into your wi fi system my father dismantled the router, two weeks later my symptoms had all nearly completely vanished and reduced by 90%. Now able to study and work I forgot all about my problems, chalking it down to way too much stress and went to study for my A level, which I passed and then headed off to Uni.
9 months ago I bought a lovely 1st floor flat in a posh part of leeds which I had been saving for for 9 years, started a law degree at leeds met which I had always longed to do, also I started a new job in a nursing home at the weekends as the part time admin/receptionist. everything was going great, I attended all the class's at uni, was getting good grades, made lots of new friends etc etc, after 3 months started to get bad headaches, nose bleeds, felt confused and my skin stated to itch and tingled, all my dreaded symptoms had returned with a vengeance. It got worse and worse, to the point where I started waking up and being violently sick, with chronic headaches and fatigue, unable to study or concentrate for any period of time, or even be in my flat for more than an hour. I searched for an answer, ruling out carbon monoxide poisoning from my boiler and being allergic to anything else including having the water tested by Yorkshire water. In the end I found on the internet that people were experiencing similar symptoms from mobile phone masts and phones which give off a level of radiation as do all wireless technology such as wi fi, digital phones etc and can be thought to be dangerous. I dismissed this at first as I had none of these items in my flat, and only very rarely used my mobile phone. I found esuk who suggested a microwave radiation detector which I bought and detected very high levels in my flat coming from my neighbours wi fi computers, digital phones etc. I have to say that I am a very strong willed person but at this point was seriously contemplating committing suicide I could see no way out and felt so terribly bad. after leaving my flat, moving back in with my parents, missing 2 weeks of work and uni did I finally start to recover, I managed to be able to attend uni for an hour a day which was one lecture and studied hard at home for my exams which I feel confident I will have passed. I spend my days living in a field near a golf course because I could only persuade my parents neighbours to turn off their wi fi and phones at night so can only come home to sleep, and have been accused of being a sheep rustler and a drug dealer, as I explain to the police every time they show up ďwho am I dealing drugs to? The sheep!Ē but the local farmers and residence from the local village often stop and chat to me, and Iíve started telling them as to why Iím really there, often with them borrowing my smog detector to survey their own homes, even the police who stopped me who I expected to whisk me off to a Looney bin told me their radios give off similar levels and they were aware of people who were sensitive to it, and proceeded to leave me alone. This is all well now but I canít spend all day in my car by fields in the winter when itís -5 outside. Iím dreading this, have had to leave my job as there was a digital phone base which I had to work next to. I am now trapped, living in a field because during the days as it is the only place Iíve found in the area which is far enough away from masts to not fry me, I cant stress strongly enough how much this has affected me and feel like many others who have all had to give up work, live off benefits and are prisoners in their own home. I canít go anywhere for more than an hour without almost passing out. With wi fi and digital phones now everywhere, shops, pubs restaurants and with digital TV coming out this year along with wi max I feel sometimes I really wonít be able to cope, unable to work or becoming a hermit or so ill I eventually donít recover like so many others, which is a very sad thing indeed as I was a happy go lucky person who used to love life. I would never of believed in any of this if someone had told me they were being fried by the world around them and probably taken the mickey, only experiencing it firsthand do I realise how real and dreadful this truly is, sometimes itís like being awake in a bad thriller or horror movie and only I and a selection of people know a dreadful secret that everyday people are dying and becoming ill through greedy b****ds who want to make a fortune on the misery of others, the worst part being anyone you try to tell looking at you as if youíre from mars and as I would have probably done myself, taken the mickey. But itís not a movie but real life, which makes it so much more terrifying. I am slowly learning that I have to optimistic and try to join some of the people who I have met who are doing a tremendous job of trying to highlight and campaign on this whole terrible situation, clinging to the hope that one day this will be widely accepted for what it really is. I am going to try to challenge the uk in a national court on the articles of the European treaty relating to environmental issues so they can refer it to the European court of justice as there are some legal avenues I could explore also in the law of tort under public or private nuisances, hopefully finish my law degree taking things one step at a time.
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