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Loose hair when i work with computer USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Lada Created: 20 Aug 2008 Updated: not yet Viewed: 3448 time(s)
Hi,I am Laka Korolenko(i am 25 years old)

it is almost 4 years when i use computers every day,and 3 years ago i started to loose hair after i used the computer,having a rash on my haid where the hair grow,having the great burning aorund my neck and somethings the swolling of my feel(sometimes to 2 times in size)afer using the computer,i went to more then 20 doctors,but no one can tell me what is this,

the strange fact is that only when i use computer this symptoms appearmand when i stop using computer,they dissapear.

So actually i am very lost and abject,couse i can't find anyone who has the same symptoms and someone who can help me,actually i can't even choose a speciality because of this what kind of job i can do in life,

so if someone have the same symptoms and treated it already somehow,please let me know!!!

If you know some scientist that is interested in my symptoms,i am reayd to proove it!

With respect,

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