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Its called......... MELTING ! ! ! United Kingdom
Contamination level: Seriously concerned, but little or no symptoms.
Author: not saying ill get mistaken for a nutter :( Created: 19 Sep 2008 Updated: not yet Viewed: 3578 time(s)
it all started a year ago...i got a letter through the post that said...MOBILE PHONE MAST, MY HOUSE, OH NO. i rebelled but they put it up. i herd of the things they can do to you. OH NO, NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
a knock at the door, i opened it, there was man, he told me about the mobile phone mast. I slamed the door. The words filled my head then i came out with IM MELTING HELP ME IM MELTING.THEN I PUT MY SELF TOGETHER.
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