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cell tower built by Verizon 256ft from our home USA
Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
Author: Clint Created: 20 Aug 2009 Updated: 26 Aug 2009 Viewed: 4422 time(s)
Started noticing wierd symptoms after about 3 months of tower being functional.
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Pictures of tower Created: 26 Aug 2009
One picture is of neighbors property/junk collection and illegal burning pile.
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Blind Government Created: 26 Aug 2009
In August of 2008 we started building our new house in a rural small community known as Historic Salisbury,IL(Land of Lincoln) on the way to New Salem(Home of Abe Lincoln). We had purchased the property in 2005 with intentions of building the new house and in 2007 we moved into a mobile home on the property while we prepared to build(keep in mind the neighbor knows this). The end of August comes and survey stakes start popping up in the lot next to us. My son questioned the neighbors grandson and he said his grandpa was putting up a pole barn. This sounds ok until you see a core drilling rig show up three days later. We instantly called the Sangamon County zoning department and they stated that Verizon had applied for a tower permit and it had been approved because the neighbor had old ag zoning. The nice thing about this is no one can dispute this because they don't have a public hearing. We had just spent our savings and financed the rest of our lives to have our American Dream come crashing down because of the neighbors greed. At no point did the neighbor ever mention this plan (while we had a chance to sell or hold off building). We have no rights as neighboring property owners and are being induced to health issues we can't control.
The tower has been online since early January and after about three months I started noticing weird symptoms and others I can't explain. I'm only 39 years old and in average condition no major health issues other than a sore back at times(lifting at work). The symptoms I will try to explain the best I can.
The first and most annoying is constant ringing in my ears when I'm home and this only takes a few minutes to start. The next thing I noticed was restless sleeping,weird dreams(never really dreamed before?that I could remember) and sometimes wake up several times during the night? The problems that are noticed more at home and taper off when I go to work are, nausea or sour stomach, tightness in my chest and sometimes have a small hicup feeling in my heart, short term memory(not really bad,just not right), hard time concentrating when home, always thinking what was I doing next. Mood swings.....wife always ask what I thinking about and I'm usually caught in one of those day dream moments...and I snap at her. That's not like me!!!!!!
We lived in the mobile home almost a year before this and didn't have any of these symptoms. I think sometimes it's just as mental as it is physical abuse by these cell companies for their profit. The cell phone use is voluntary but these towers are forced upon us without our consent. I just wait for the day the Government wakes up to their next epidemic. I hope we can hold the property owners acountable as well someday.
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