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The Hellish Hum/Vibration in Brandon/Riverview Florida USA
Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
Author: Resonator Created: 6 Sep 2009 Updated: 7 Jun 2012 Viewed: 19757 time(s)
Late July 2008, awful vibrations started. Assumed some sort of factory. Late December 2008, awful very low frequency sound added/alternated (determined general direction/area, North Brandon) August 2008 (sound direction changed completely 180 degrees (!), determined to be Riverview towers, South of Brandon, NOT mechanical sound!)
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Since Memorial Day 2012 (May 28), the hum/rumble/drone has been going practically all day in BRANDON, FLORIDA Created: 7 Jun 2012
It used to stop mid-morning (and I'd get some relief from this HELL), but now it just keeps going and going through the middle of the afternoon. The people that perpetrate this noise have a screw loose, and it's the part of the brain that controls HUMAN COMPASSION. They have the advantage that sufferers are in the minority, and they can flash a tin badge and question a victim's credibility. Most people will fall for this FALLACY, and not view the evidence independently (especially if they are not even bothered by it!) If someone that cannot even hear it, has the proper equipment (such as a sensitive recorder like the Zoom H4n) then they can directly verify this phenomenon, if the meter registers sound when it appears silent to you, it is not silent!

Don't fall for the Ad Hominem Fallacy, and judge the claims independent of the messenger. I will certainly admit that this noise TORTURE has worn me down and I have been pretty angry about a terrible INJUSTICE, and I don't appear as credible as I would have before (bags under the eyes etc). And no, I don't think ANYONE has the right to destroy the silence!!!!

Don't fall for the Argument From Authority Fallacy either, sometimes people with credentials don't tell the complete truth to protect the interests of corporations, government institutions. They have the advantage for the time being, but the tide will turn.
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A point I failed to make on this site, I believe the Hum IS connected to the electrosensitivity! Created: 12 Apr 2012
When I first felt the vibration, it was July 30, 2008.When I first felt a TREMENDOUS amount of energy in the air (not the jabs and pin-pricks, but the full-body/joint aching and eye pain), it was August 1, 2010, almost exactly two years to the day.
I believe that this is no coincidence.
For every person that believes the propaganda that this phenomena is "all in our heads", and we (as in, "we" the sufferers) should be all wearing tinfoil hats all the time, I have no animosity.
It is the people that are smart engineers but close-minded with regard to human physiology that deserve condemnation.
It is the clever psychologists that use their knowledge to "hack" the general public, rather than keep them informed about media literacy and psychological manipulation that deserve no respect.
It is the "bought" doctors that believe the propaganda (or don't believe it but create corporate/government self-serving studies when the price is right) that deserve no respect.
So the "tinfoil hat" meme is used repeatedly, and the schills keep posting that "it must be tinitus". #1 I've recorded it with my High fidelity recorder, when I play it back I cannot hear it UNTIL I speed up the recording. #2 Cell Tower Hum seems illogical (no moving parts), but does a piezoelectric buzzer have mechanical moving parts? #3 The High Power Cellular Signals ARE affecting the wiring, and ARE re-radiated when metal is nearby. During a recent power outage I felt the cellular signal in the middle of the night, I don't think Dirty Electricity OR Smart Meters are safe, but this confirmed the high strength of the cellular signal, because my power line was physically disconnected. The copper wiring and household metals still re-radiated the signal, even though it was disconnected. I am nowhere near a tower (miles away) and I am suffering, the hum/rumble it is like being punched in the head every night, and the energy (not every night, but getting more frequent) is like being kicked in the gut on top of it.
Cell Tower Hum/Rumble is Unconstitutional, UnAmerican Sonic Torture. "Life, Liberty, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS."
Cell Tower Energy is Unconstitutional, UnAmerican Physical Torture and a health threat. "LIFE, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Great truths are sometimes met with great resistance (and a lot of avoidable suffering), especially when money is involved.

Thanks to all the researchers like Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Devra Davis, Dr. Samuel Milham, Dr. Robert O. Becker, film-makerTalal Jabari (and everyone else who's doing the unpopular research) for giving me hope when I am in pain and it seems like the Earth is inhabited solely by gullible idiots.

In my heart, I'm not mad at the people who do not understand what I am going through, even though I can be deeply frustrated with the middle-of-the-night-involuntary-insominia. Cell phones and Towers are here to stay, but I know there are smart people out there who will figure a path out of this EMF mess and scientific truth/critical mass will eventually be reached. Let's just hope it's long before there's an mind-numbingly-and-obviously avoidable epidemic.

Michael Rossa Brandon Florida
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3 1/2 years, no sign of letting up... Created: 30 Jan 2012
On January 30 will be be approximately 3 1/2 years since his HELL started. If it's not the CELL TOWER HUM, it's the CELL TOWER ENERGY, or BOTH!. I am electro-sensitive, and my Grahm-Stetzer meter VERIFIES this fact. When I cannot feel it, I plug in the meter and the reading is low (less than 50), when I feel the energy making my eyes/body ache, I plug in the meter and the reading is 200+.
The cellular signal becomes more intense when in contact with METAL (such as metal roofing, bed springs, or even HOUSEHOLD WIRING) [And Household Wiring + Cellular Signal = Dirty Electricity VERY UNHEALTHY, Especially for OLDER people.>:( ]
When the signal is strong, it becomes less intense when I am away from anything metal. I sleep on a bed with NO springs. I will even admit to TRYING a tinfoil hat because my eyes hurt so much (I attempted to shield my eyes), it has the opposite of the intended effect, it makes me hurt MORE! The sound is still unbearable, I try to coordinate my sleep so that I just sleep through it, but on the weekends it is all day long.

At this point, so much money is being made by the purveyors of this garbage technology, for how long will little kids and adults will suffer needlessly?!
U.S. Citizens: if you thought SOPA was primarily about piracy, YOU ARE WRONG. It was ALWAYS ABOUT CENSORSHIP. IT IS A TROJAN HORSE.
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I've CONFIRMED 4 different sources in Brandon FL, ALL CELL TOWERS that make HARMFUL low freq noise and (?)!!!! Created: 13 Dec 2009
Since my previous entries, I have CONFIRMED 4 different sources (of many) in Brandon FL, ALL CELL TOWERS that make HARMFUL low freq noise (2 SBA, two others), all under 5 miles away!

I have been to these towers, they are making very low frequency noise from the top of the mast in ALL directions!
Also, I believe that the UNSAFE microwave radiation (at home) has heightened my sensitivity to the sound, AND created the "pin prick" pains that I am sometime experiencing.
It is definitely part sound, I am able to pinpoint their locations just by listening from different positions and triangulating the source!
As I write, the air feels "electric" at all points of my body, especially my head and limbs, and my ears are beginning to hurt from the sound, It is quite possibly this tower at the current moment (10:43 PM Saturday Dec 12, 2009):
2704 Lithia Pinecrest
owned by: SBA towers II

Here are the other three that I have verified:
803 W Bloomingdale (or 3411 S. Kings Avenue, same SW corner)
owned by: T-Mobile South LLC

601 N. Valrico Rd
owned by: SBA towers II
(This is most likely the tower that I originally experienced as a vibration, then a sound, from a constant direction from July 2008 to Aug 2009)

And I stumbled onto this next one, farther away (I am sure that I
don't hear this one at home, but I was there in the middle of the
night, and it was very noisy!!):
6429 Causeway Blvd 100% sure
owned by: American Towers Inc

The previous experiences I had must have occurred farther away most likely caused by OTHER cell towers, because the phenomenon I experienced was very similar, I do not believe now that it was the larger TV towers (unless they have cell transmitters installed on them.) Because I am working from just the sound/sensations that I am experiencing, there was a certain amount of trial/error to finding the sources.
Currently, the sounds are changing direction more than once a day, the sound can be completely UNBEARABLE AND UNBLOCKABLE! (I used earplugs, industrial earmuffs, AND a thick pillow, and I still could NOT block the low frequency sound/ awful pain last night! And that has been occurring more and more frequently, they MUST be boosting the power!!)

There are MORE guilty towers, I just have not been at the sites at the appropriate times!

This is an absolute OUTRAGE, companies creating UNSAFE/UNTESTED signals that affect the surrounding environment FOR MILES, even if everybody doesn't feel it, IT IS REAL AND IT IS TORTURE!

When I first started this INVOLUNTARY quest, I believed it was water pipes vibrating, then maybe a factory making sounds, NEVER would I have believed this was UNSAFE CELL TOWERS if I didn't witness the awful phenomenon first-hand and up close!
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I forgot to mention, many times, the vibration/sound is accompanied by jabs of pain, like someone is jabbing me with a needle! Created: 6 Sep 2009
It is very weird, out of the blue, JAB!, in my thigh, arm, wherever (could be anywhere), and then the sound/vibration starts!
It is a very strange sensation!
And this whole problem shows no signs of letting up!
My sleep has been OBLITERATED.
I feel completely unrested, even those nights when I fall asleep.
This phenomena is unnatural and heartless. :-(
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The day after posting my Riverview towers result, the sound changed back Northward! Created: 6 Sep 2009
This I do not have an explanation for, I posted my results to Yahoo´s hum forum on Sept 2, then on Sept 3, the sound changed back Northward!
And it seems even more intense now!
What is going on?
It MUST be radio signals turning into sound!

I am not taking it personally, this it NOT directed at me, but it is VERY UNHEALTHY TECHNOLOGY!!!
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As a result of the data I gathered, I determined the location of the Riverview hum/vibration!! Created: 6 Sep 2009
(Note: I was not biased against the towers, that is the direction of the awful vibration/sound, like I previously noted, I thought it was water pumps, I thought it was a factory, the drastic change in direction was the big clue! That is why I was determined to find the sound source! VERY loud factories do not move overnight!)

27°50'56.11"N 82°15'48.23"W
(TIITF = Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund)

27°50'51.56"N 82°15'49.48"W

(On Google Earth, Towers 1 and 2 are labelled WUSF-FM, WUSF-TV, and WEDU)

27°50'32.83"N 82°15'45.02"W

27°50'26.33"N 82°15'46.83"W

(On Google Earth, Tower 3 is labelled WTTA-TV, WFLA-TV, WFTS-TV, WFTT-DT
Tower 4 is not labeled.)
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Phenomena changes direction (!!) August 2009 to September 2 2009 Created: 6 Sep 2009
This is a list of all the measurements I have made in Brandon FL, the "evidence"
points strongly to the TV towers in Riverview. I believe that something changed
there in early August there to create all of this awful mind-rattling low
frequency noise.

Jolted awake (AGAIN) Aug 31, 2009 at 2:20 AM, so I jumped out of bed to do some
more readings. It rumbles most of the day/night when I am
home, and hurts my ears a great deal of the time!
These are some of the locations that I have taken readings, always in the middle
of the night/early morning, because the sound is masked by the sounds of

Sample Location 01 (church parking lot near intersection of Bell Shoals and
Brooker Road)
27°54'32.61"N 82°16'9.92"W
190 degrees South-Southwest

Sample Location 02 (Brooker Rd, halfway between Lithia Pinecrest Road and
Valrico, on side of road)
27°54'29.33"N 82°15'16.11"W
195 degrees South-Southwest

Sample Location 03 (Intersection of Lithia Pinecrest Road & Valrico Road)
(I went to this location because I suspected a nearby cell tower, but at the
time I checked, the sound was definitely coming from the south-southwest, not
the nearby tower, although the nearby tower did make a subtle humming noise)
27°54'14.52"N 82°15'10.26"W
205 degrees South-Southwest

Aforementioned cell tower near Lithia Pinecrest Road and Valrico Rd
(I will mention this later too)
27°54'19.12"N 82°15'18.09"W
owner: HILBRANDS WILLIAM H AND BEA C, probably leases tower land to cell phone

Sample Location 04 (Past towers on Boyette Road)
27°50'7.56"N 82°15'3.76"W
310 degrees North-Northwest

Sample Location 05 (intersection of Fishhawk Boulevard & an unfinished road,
between Boyette Rd and Osprey Ridge Drive)
27°51'12.09"N 82°15'26.48"W
245 degrees West-Southwest
(I can see the towers from here, but the sound appears slightly to the right of
them! I believe it is bouncing off a building under construction)

Sample Location 06 (Insurance Agent Parking lot corner of Bryan and Bloomingdale
27°53'39.03"N 82°16'39.78"W
180 degrees due South

(I believe that the very low frequency sound bounces off/around the surrounding
trees and terrain, skewing the sound direction perception.
But as long as I followed the "trend", I found it.
Sadly, I think that the signal strength has increased, further allowing me to
follow the trail.)
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Original phenomena entry (Late July 2008 to August 2009) Created: 6 Sep 2009
Previous Location (North Brandon) (near I-4 & McIntosh Road)
I never heard the directional quality sound but I could feel it up here!
When I first felt it, I thought that it was water pumps pushing water down the road through a water main.
Then when the sound started in December, I thought it was a factory!

(Some sort of relatively ower power transmission tests maybe, up until December when it acquired a sound!)

Below are suspected sources, but since they are (relatively) quiet now (UPDATE: read further entries), I do not
know for sure.

northern celltower 01 (near MacIntosh & I-4)
28° 2'2.30"N 82°14'43.74"W

6 radio towers
(These towers are labelled WLCC-AM (by Wikipedia), does AM radio use more than
one antenna?_
28° 1'30.85"N 82°16'59.82"W

northern cell tower 02
28° 1'28.03"N 82°15'18.44"W
owner: HICKMAN MERLE L, probably leases tower land to cell phone company.

northern cell tower 03
28° 1'28.72"N 82°16'23.30"W
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